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If you read the Introduction, you might realize that, despite vicious and Herculean attempts to eradicate astrology from the mass mind of man, astrology has refused to die. In surveys taken in these times, over seventy percent of Americans read the astrology columns in newspapers and magazines every day.

This is a very telling statistic, for even without the slightest bit of scientific proof, the human soul clings tenaciously to the belief in this ancient system of knowledge. Even more revealing are such statistics for countries across the globe. It is rather evident that mankind simply refuses to give up the belief in this bedrock of collective knowledge spanning all of recorded history.

Although these facts speak of subconscious, archetypal and even cellular memory, we must come to grips with why, if astrology is so deep and powerful, is it only accepted on a mass scale along side newspaper comic strips, Hollywood magazines and the calendars advertising hardware stores. Why then is astrology not taught in our schools as it was for hundreds of years in all major universities? Why indeed.

Part of the answer is because the established order, comprised of the body politic, i.e. governmental/scientific/religious organizations, through massive propaganda campaigns have positioned the ancient science just exactly where they want it - in the psychological realm of fantasy. With intellectual mega- media bulldozers they pile all manner of disinformation onto the collective subconscious archives of man. Why? Simply because it is too dangerous for all to have and use this power - to dangerous, that is, for the current ruling elite.

The giveaway is how much time, effort and money is expended to keep such beliefs at bay. Obviously, there must be an exceedingly important reason for so many to have come against this timeless contribution of our ancestors. But now, the New Astrology stands poised to square off with the dictators and manipulators of science and religion. It is time to prepare the great dish of crow for the debunkers to eat. New astrological research has already amassed enough data to plant its feet upon solid ground - every bit as real and as provable as genetics, with the latest computational methods of verification.

There is hardly anything empowering about the scientific view of genetics. It is simply another means to prove to us that we are helpless, chained, forever bound to our weaknesses, our frailties, OUR GENES, and our demise via accidental and deliberate mutations from countless toxic assaults. And after the scientific high priests pronounce us dead, they hold the carrot of technological hope before our waning will to live and we hope and PAY, hope and PAY, hope and PAY.

This is the state of our world view lorded over by science and supported by all established power structures. They have their reasons. We should ask, then, is the new, scientifically provable astrology destined for the same fatalistic sentence of hopelessness? The answer is an emphatic NO! 

As you read your "horoscope" for the day in the back of a magazine or newspaper, along with hundreds of millions of others who suspect there is something to it all, know this: There are very serious researchers who, over the last several hundred years have persisted in breaking the star codes of ancient astrology.

Then, finally, The Magical Age of Aquarius began to introduce the mental constructs that resulted in the now ubiquitous computer. For once in hundreds of years a serious scientific tool became affordable to those who have been kept in the slums of academia by the monopolization of high technology so expensive that only governments could afford them.

You should begin to look into this matter in earnest because it holds a promise for you that you have been waiting for so long in your ancient lives. Through the increased awareness of 
The Genius FrequencyTM the carrier wave of the Aquarian energies, the New Astrology is now poised to enter our lives in a significant way.

It is now up to all of us to begin examining this new information, to immerse ourselves in the terminology, concepts and language structure so that it becomes part of our daily awareness. It will be an integral part of our education as souls on the brink of being the masters of our fate instead of the victims of a happenstance reality designed to trap us in limitation.

Look up! For to look up is to look within; the two are the same. It is of the utmost importance in your spiritual evolution to examine what is before you. Take advantage of the serious teachers, practitioners and researchers who are dedicating their lives to this new, restructuring of the ruins of our ancestral knowledge infused with new tools, viewpoints and understandings.

The truth only comes to those who desire it with their Heart Of Hearts in the Dawning of this Age of Aquarius and the realization of the true Genius within all. Their are "Signs" given us to guide our way, not prescribe a fate. All of us were given gifts that we not yet know, but will soon embrace as facts of an existence as co-creators with THE ONE.

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