A n d  W h y  N o w ?

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Astrology has always been a part of our lives and has profoundly affected the fate of individuals, countries and existing power structures upon earth for thousands of years. So it is not to say that we have done without it all this time.

What we have done without is the input from the best minds of the times who invariably found themselves in positions of power and in the employ of powerful rulers who dared not share their advantage with their enemy, much less the working class.

If there were no advantage to possessing the council of the best astrologer in the land, they most certainly would not entrust their private matters to some mindless stargazer. For a King, Queen, Monarch, Dictator, President, Corporate CEO or the countless other influential people to consult an astrologer is serious business. Power brokers and dictators do not play games. It either works or it doesn't. 

The Bible itself relates one of the most important stories of all times and the Magi were among the top cast of characters, who were, of course, astrologers - and good ones at that. There are many other astrological references in the Bible, such as the "Signs" given "in the heavens," and "the times to every purpose under heaven." There are also the "appointed times," in which to carry out important and even unimportant matters.

Agricultural societies, the foundation of our current civilization, would not have survived without the so-called "folk wisdom" of the Farmers Almanac, which is nothing more the applied astrology of growing crops. In fact, Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of this great country was a self acknowledged astrologer, and an excellent one at that. The declaration of Independence was not signed on July 4, 1776 by accident. The US chart shows more of the most powerful astrological aspects than any country on the planet.

The point here is that if astrology was indispensable in the above historical accounts and for the most powerful world and spiritual leaders, for good or bad, then how is it that the so-called average man has no use of it. So who needs astrology? WE DO! What exactly are we waiting for?

Well, for one, we have been waiting for the tools to expand our knowledge of this ancient science and to prove its veracity on scientific grounds. This has been accomplished. Not only has it been accomplished, but it is now open for all of us to advantage ourselves, not just the ruling elite. That game is over. That is the secret power structure that the Aquarian Age is dismantling. We now have the tools, you and I. We now have the computers to make what used to take months to calculate in a few moments, a blink of an eye.

The secrets of the ages are now ours to use. It is now up to each of us to avail ourselves of this knowledge. For those who choose not to take up that which has been given will surely perish by the chains of ignorance.

It is you and I who need this knowledge. Meditate and contemplate upon this message and in a time not long from now, we will once again be masters of our fate. As it was once long before shall it be again.

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