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A Professional Astrologer?

© 2001-2019 John J. Falone


At this stage of public awareness regarding the viability of astrology as a mainstream educational paradigm for the ultimate improvement of the individual and society at large, the need for qualified astrologers is far greater than the current numbers with active practices.

It is no accident that astrology is cheapened and trivialized by mass media campaigns. Such persistent views attract a host of astrologers who cater to such low grade entertainment at the expense of honorable and valuable services. This is not to say that astrologers who might fit this description are all charlatans. In fact, most are dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable and qualified to advise. They have chosen astrology as a career and, as such, they must cater to the public views if they are to survive.

The lack of support by our so-called responsible leaders, have forced astrology underground where they prefer it. However, as discussed in previous articles on this site, the Aquarian energies will not tolerate such an abomination and suppression of knowledge. The point of this is to understand that the need to consult astrologers is out of proportion with what should be public knowledge.

For example, for most people, consulting a professional mathematician would be a rare and specialized need. This is simply because most of us have sufficient knowledge of the math basics to serve us. We can balance our checkbooks, calculate percentages, compare weights and measures, pricing and the like. Math is mandatory in every school so we generally consult a professional only for special problems. Not so with astrology.

There is widespread misunderstanding about the principles of astrology and until public understanding of this indispensable knowledge is sufficiently elevated, the need to consult a professional will be great indeed. Thus our need to consult is directly proportional to the amount of personal investigation and self education by the individual.

Now that we have qualified the question of "when do need an astrologer," we can realistically answer it with a focus upon two main areas: education and personal assistance. Among the professional services offered, most astrologers cater to the latter. This is unfortunate for the following reason. Although the client may receive expert advice, little is really learned about the principles involved. The client is fairly overwhelmed by strange terminology, much like the incomprehensible prescriptions that doctors scribble on paper.

In my view, it is the duty of a professional astrologer to educate first and then advise. For if the client does not comprehend the "why" of it all, following the advice becomes sheer blind faith. In my view, this is much to great a leap to make. In addition, it invites astrologers to take liberties based upon the client's disadvantaged position. As for the "when" of it, NOW is the answer.

For now, I can only encourage you to take any and every opportunity to avail yourself of those dedicated astrologers who provide such services. If you have never had a chart drawn or you, do so now. There are many astrologers on the web offering free charts. Once you have a chart, you have the map of your nature and you can then find a wealth of books and web sites that you may use to educate yourself.

The need for professional astrologers for specific purposes such as, life crises and major commitments in every area of life has and will always be the domain of qualified astrologers. As the overall consciousness of this knowledge is assimilated into our mainstream values, the need to consult a professional astrologer will balance itself. That is, the more knowledge we have available and use in our main stream educational process, the deeper will professional astrologers be able to plumb the depths of our consciousness.

The more you learn about the intricate, tapestry of energies in which we have our being, the more valuable will be the professional astrologers who provide their services. As you read this, astrology is silently positioning itself in our society as a real, useful, accurate and practical source of indispensable knowledge
for the benefit of one and all.

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