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Much of what you need to know about astrology was discussed in the previous articles on this site. In other words, at this stage of sketchy and general knowledge about this ancient subject, you need to understand the importance of this field of work, its ancient roots, its new scientific validity. You should know that new tools and techniques have and are being developed to bring astrology up to speed, as it were, with other areas of knowledge in the computer age.

The modernization of astrology is long over due, but we are making great strides to improve its accuracy and depth of insight. The Age of Aquarius demands that we make such progress. Once you realize the true power and promise that the New Astrology is opening to all of us, the greatest hurdle will be overcome - the hurdle of false programming and disinformation instilled for hundreds of years for the express purpose of suppressing such knowledge from the so-called common man.

The bottom line is that one need not be an engineer in order to drive one's car or use a computer. The body of astrological knowledge forms the vehicle that one may use to arrive at one's destination where such a journey may not be feasible without it. Why try to swim across the ocean of life when the cruise ship is available. 

Therefore, knowing that behind the tabloid/newspaper/magazine - one size fits all - association, astrology is alive, well and stronger than ever. Are we really to believe that Nancy Reagan, the most influential First Lady ever, working behind the scenes, consulted an astrologer for cheap entertainment? Hardly. First of all the astrologer she used charged fees commensurate with the largest corporate consulting firms in the country. It is documented that every Queen and King of the British empire has consulted an astrologer before making some of the most historic decisions on earth. And it Worked!

So you must know, if astrology is respected by the most powerful and influential people on the planet, why is it that we are told that it is all silly superstition and Hollywood fantasy? The answer is false programming. Again I say, the entrenched order of power does not want you to know the secrets or use the power of astrology any more than they want you to have your own free energy device in your backyard.

What you need to be is INFORMED! The information is out there waiting for you. When I desire to know what is happening in the world of science, I do not read Time magazine. I buy the science journals such as "Nature." Of course much of the obtuse language is useless to me. However, one becomes an expert in reading between the lines. The point is that you inform yourself in a serious way as real astrologers would also do. Professional astrologers do not read People's magazine to advance their understanding.

You need to know that you are being insulted by the superficial games of entertainment/media conglomerates who keep the secrets for themselves and pass on to you worthless information. They use the stars to give them a tremendous edge to make billions of dollars. Do you really think they want you to know about that?

Most people study and research when purchasing even small items like a toaster. People agonize over a computer purchase, reading all the serious research and comparing it to other products. They take the time to learn the terminology, the technical concepts related to the product or service. People obsess over car purchases. They study, compare, read. After all, the safety of your family is at stake. People research because they know the item will be very useful, perhaps indispensable and they want the best they can afford - they believe they need what they shop for!

The prerequisite to such informed purchases, however, is the firm conviction that you need it, it works, and it will help or improve your life or perhaps just make you happy. The requisite motive based on so-called reality is the forte of high powered advertising. Oh, I might mention that many of those high powered advertising firms secretly use astrology.

So you see, what you need to know first is that the power of astrology can improve your life in significant ways and give you an edge that will empower your decisions with the invaluable knowledge of good timing so that your efforts in any area of your life are maximized. Indeed, there are better times to purchase a car than others. There are better times to get married, to meet the in-laws, to start a new project, sign an important document, meet with a prospective client.

Thus astrology should be, and will, become part of our everyday decision making process. What you should know is how very important it is to synchronize with the many patterns and cycles that invisibly influence our decisions. In other words, if you do not see something as important in your life, you will not take the time to examine the facts and become informed.

The most important thing for you to know is that astrology works! It has always worked. It works better now than ever. It is available to you, now. Serious, professional astrologers are increasing in numbers. Is it confusing? Are there too many choices to make? Are there inferior services mixed with excellent ones? Of course! 

Once you realize how important this tool is to you, there is no doubt that you will begin to educate yourself about the subject and the people who provide the specialty services of which you may avail yourself.

We have been in denial for far too long. The Aquarian Age is transferring the secrets of astrological power from the elite and handing it to us for the first time in thousands of years. Take this gift and USE IT! Benefit from it. Take charge of your life and stop being a victim of invisible forces and cycles of time. We do not plant our flowers in the dead of winter. Why then do we attempt to plant our ideas and implement our desires at all the wrong times. Then we shed the victim tears of fatalism and hopelessness.

Begin to look into this subject in earnest. Discuss it with friends and family who resonate with its timeless message. Use your Aquarian mind. Do not throw the gift away. There are messages and clues for us to use to navigate our cosmic weather. They are God's message written in the heavens under which all things have their proper time.

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