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No One Has A Bad Chart

© 2001-2019 John J. Falone

Science by its very definition is a dynamic system. As a new or higher truth is revealed, perceived reality is immediately adjusted to incorporate the new understanding; Well, in a perfect world, perhaps. In this world we are far from such perfection. Like all sciences, the altered-ego has had it way, attempting to control, restrict and withhold new truth. The science of astrology has not been immune to the scourge of the altered-ego. Many power trips have developed, laying hold upon that which controls others at the expense of the advancement and unification of an expanding body of truth for the benefit of all.

It is not surprising then, that over the centuries, astrological spin-offs have crystallized into pockets of erroneous concepts. One such concept is the notion that a soul can inherit a "bad chart." Much of this erroneous information stems from the confusion of terms. Popular cultural idioms spring up from such astrological misinformation forming crippling thought-forms such as "born under a bad sign."

Such notions have discouraged people from delving into the message of the stars. Many are afraid to receive such a pronouncement. It is ironic that such a fear is born of ignorance of their true natures. One looks at one's life, sees that it is wanting compared to someone else and, in fact pronounces judgment upon self. This self judgment has been compounded by astrologers, many of which continue to look at certain aspects and shudder.

The confusion centers around the type of chart that is being used. There are many such charts, one for the moment of your birth, one for the creation of a significant day such as a wedding, a chart of each day of your life and how it interacts with your birth chart (transits). There are relationship charts where the planets are combined into one chart. There are charts that predict the development lines of the individual soul (progressed charts), and charts where the sun is the center of the chart rather than the earth (heliocentric).

Now, what do all the above chart types have to do with our discussion? As you have seen in my previous articles, I mention the "New" astrology and there will be much more on that in my next book. Suffice it to say, the latest research has uncovered significant new discoveries. We are quite certain that the birth chart, or what is termed a "natal" chart by astrologers is an exception to the general and well founded principles that indicate trouble and turmoil in the life of any entity.

Every entity knows that there are difficult times and wonderful times in any given life cycle. Astrologers astutely and correctly have seen and meticulously documented recurring patterns of certain planetary associations and star fields during both good and not so good times. It seemed reasonable for many astrologers over the years to assume that a tumultuous aspect they know to be a fact applies to all chart for all purposes. The new research, however, does not support this gross generalization.

Let us be clear about the many types of charts or "readings" given above. For example, a difficult aspect such as a "square" angle of two planets can be problematic in every respect and in every type of chart EXCEPT ONE!! The Natal Chart! It is truly a revelation for astrology that, it is statistically proven that there is really no "bad" or evil chart. The same aspects are not predisposed from birth to take a certain direction. The reason for this is the Law of ONE, or of free will. Any and every birth chart is Biased toward Victory. The gifts are there, the free will is built into our souls. NO Natal chart predicts failure. Period.

Well, you say, explain Hitler, if you will! The explanation is not in the least technical or even profound. It is certainly not a mystery that power can be used for destructive or constructive ends. Behavioral predilections can be guided into any type of activity. Therefore, astrology cannot judge a soul. It can, however, predict lines of probabilities. In a birth chart you see potential and even problematic aspects in the chart do NOT predict failure or evil. You may be astounded to know that Hitler's natal chart indicated a powerful predisposition toward athletics, even dance!!

Yes, this is a fact. Hitler had the same type of aspects in the natal chart as famous and accomplished athletes and dancers. The Mars and Venus aspects were incredibly powerful, inducing an obsessive compulsion for action and physical prowess involving large audiences on a world scale. Almost every famous sports figure or dancer has similar aspects. But a persons life is made up of thousands upon thousands of decisions, chosen through the power of free will as given by God to mankind. The diabolical, fiendish insanity of Hitler's ultimate madness was distorted by drugs and the company of those who chose to lose their souls to darkness in a bid for world power rather than personal expression of their God-given gifts.

Thus, the effects of one's personal decisions are cumulative, each building one upon the other, each self suggestive of the next step. Ignorance of one's gifts, more often than not, lead to destructive decision making, setting a course of entropy, a downward spiral into the finality of death on many levels. Ultimately, over many cycles, at the Omega Point, this leads to the loss of one's soul. 

Perhaps, you can better understand that no birth chart is negative or evil. In fact, research in over fifty thousand birth charts conclusively proves that human free will is the ultimate determinant of the outcome of natal influences. This has never been proven before. Most astrologers attempt to back engineer a person's life. They analyze the birth chart of the likes of a Jeffrey Dommer and knowing the outcome of the heinous, cold blooded murder, they give undue weight to the negative aspects. But research has shown that many people have such aspects as Hitler and Dommer, yet they made different decisions.

Every soul is endowed with a star pattern that is Bias For Victory over limitation of the imprisonment of the soul. Every entity has the power of free will, of choice of decision making. No one is born under a bad sign. There are no bad signs in a birth chart. There are difficult times and transitions and tests along the way after we begin a new journey on earth, but such times are reflected in different charts. We are speaking hear of a birth chart or Natal chart. The destiny of every entity is Biased toward freedom from the shackles of three dimensional, sensory awareness. The proper use of astrology gives us the power to see into the depths of life's cycles.

In "The Genius Frequency™," the subtitle for the chapter on Astrology is "Cosmic Weather." Here we can gain a valuable perspective on the cycles of time into which we enter into our time machines called bodies. Plunging into the depths of time, we experience material worlds. Each entity enters the wheel of time at a different point. The science of astrology has documented, and now tested, such cycles and patterns. Therefore, it serves as the ONLY means to determine what the entity might face at each stage of their lives. But no one can EVER say what choice the entity will make.

Just as the captain of a ship uses the observable sky, the stars and instruments to calculate the weather, we have such tools to use to navigate our journey here. We would all agree that the captain who sets sail with no means of navigation is foolish and stupid. Yet we live our lives in this haphazard, "come what may" attitude and call it "fate!" Why?

The fact is that we DO have the tools to assist us in navigating this realm. But we must use them and we must teach others to use them. Such knowledge must be an integral part of our educational system. And it will. For the energy of Aquarius will open the gates of the long held secrets of old and new so that we can all benefit; so we can all improve our lives. 

The primary reason for the suffering of mankind is the ignorance of the higher order of its own soul. When we know what our gifts are, what our personal, God-given powers are, when we know that each soul is Biased for Victory over the material world, then we can begin to wake up, to set a course of action that fits our true nature, not some random, haphazard, accidental Darwinian destiny of consumption. We do have a purpose and a destiny of transcendence. 

We all have the gifts to succeed. Every chart shows a gift, a progressive set of energies, a matrix of intelligent transcendence waiting to be discovered. Each of us was given a Treasure Map, a birth chart, and each may find the Treasure of freedom more precious than all the jewels and power in the earth realm. To think we may find the treasure by accident is the height of human folly. Each of us has a map of Victory embedded within our soul's purpose to use during our journey.

For, to everything there is a time and a purpose under heaven. Let us not squander our gifts. Let us, rather, look at our maps and intelligently chart our course to the best of our abilities. When we do, we will have taken a major step toward mastery of this realm.

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