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In the world of astrology, there are dozens of astrological disciplines, each consisting of dozens more interdisciplinary techniques. Generally, every culture has developed its own particular system, such as Chinese, Vedic, Mayan, Arabic, American, and so forth. And amongst those various systems, you will find dozens of chart configurations, such as Pacidus, Koch, Porphyry, Topocentric, to name a few. Obviously, it is a subject to fill many hundreds of books.

Needless to say, endless discussions about these systems are embroiled in mind-numbing technical nuance, and raging debates about the efficacy of each are never-ending. All of them, however, share the same physics of astronomy, since they all deal with the orbital planetary positions in the sky for a given date. Their differences are rooted in their respective cosmologies dominating the culture in which their systems must fit in order to stay on somewhat familiar territory.

In the final analysis, an astrological system and the techniques used within each is only as good as its interpretive power. Given that astrology, as a whole, may be classified as a meta-science, its veracity hinges upon accurate observation. And just like any collective observation, pattern recognition leads to the ability to predict an outcome to varying degrees.

Here, most astrologers and followers alike fall into the trap of "fortune-telling" as the primary purpose for astrology. Such a view is most unfortunate for many reasons, not the least of which is that human decisions in any given moment plant the seeds for future outcomes. As you shall see later in this essay, there is a profound difference between fortune-telling, which is another word for "fate," and astro-psychology, which implies a Destiny, that is, a "destin"-ation or goal chosen by each soul incarnating into this dimension — the purpose of one's life.

For obvious reasons, this essay focuses primarily on the types of techniques used by the author and to what benefit each addresses your needs. Suffice it to say, in over two decades of work, certain systems have proven themselves to be the most powerful, practical, accurate or cutting edge. These techniques assure the client of a potent analysis on every level of one's being, from the everyday circumstances of finances and relationships, to the profound understanding of one's past-lives and subsequent purpose in this lifetime.

Having said that, the following is a very brief outline of the readings available on this site, as well as others not listed, which are available by request, depending on one's specific needs.

the Destiny Reading

While most people use the terms "fate" and "destiny" interchangeably, there is a profound distinction made in this work between the two, as described above. Here, "fate" is derived from the word fatal or fatality, something that is pre-destined and for which each soul is entrapped in an outcome beyond any consideration of freedom to govern one's choices, and ultimately the outcome of one's journey through time.

In the view of this astrologer, the concept of "fate" is an egregious violation of the premise of life, which is that each of us are navigators of our journeys, not slaves to the ancient archetypal gods. Moreover, the extremely important distinction is made between "fortune-telling" and true, predictive forecasting. Clearly, the former is the subject of superstitious speculation, and the latter is the result of true, unbiased, observational power of astrology as a roadmap for the soul.

For these, and many more reasons, this astrologer has developed what is termed here as the Destiny Reading. It is a multi-disciplinary, hybrid astrological work, using the most powerful systems and techniques gleaned over two decades of work and research. The insights gained from this work are deep, revelatory, empowering, and ultimately liberating. It is a tool of discovery, equivalent to the most powerful telescope and microscope, all in one comprehensive work.

With that said, the Destiny Reading is, far and away, the most profound, practical, useful, and instructive compilation of self-knowledge. In that regard, it is totally unique and, in its totality, can be found nowhere else. It is a lifetime reading, a reference work that can be used as a guide throughout one's life in this incarnate round of existence.

As the title implies, it is all about each soul's self-chosen Destin-ation in this life, the psychic architecture underlying one's present physical vehicle (the ship), and instructions on how to use this knowledge to attain the true purpose chosen by the soul upon incarnating into this event-horizon, this time-cycle of reality in this dimension.

In no uncertain terms, The Destiny Reading answers the question, , "whither I come?" "why am I here?" and"where should I go?" As such, it is a navigational tool, a sextant by which the soul can negotiate the "waters of the deep," the conscious and subconscious terrain uniquely embodied by each entity on earth.

Transit Readings

For an in-depth understanding of how transits work, you may refer to the essay on this site devoted to this type of technique. In short, it is a compilation of techniques by which trends in one's life are accurately forecasted, much like a weather forecast for the psyche.

A transit analysis is recommended as a follow up to the Destiny Reading, which is a pivotal work. In other words, although a transit reading is a stand-alone work, forecasting trends out of context with one's Chosen Destiny will not yield the depth of understanding one would otherwise have after studying one's "In-Space Architecture" and the soul's purpose in this life.

Still, a transit reading will yield important trends and is most useful as a guide to the dynamic influences created by the constantly shifting angles formed by the real-time planetary movements from day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year, and so forth.

Thus, a transit reading is a perfect "psychic weather forecast" with which to intelligently execute one's plans. With this knowledge, it becomes clear that there are certain times, i.e. date-ranges, during which to initiate something important. Conversely, a transit reading will also indicate the date-ranges during which one would be foolish to "sail into a psychic storm," as it were.

The transit reading provides accurate trends projected weeks, months and years into the future and becomes an indispensable reference work to consult going forward. At a glance, the table of contents in this work lists each type of influence, is color coded to instantly see if it is positive or negative, and is collated by time. Thus, you can scan the list, see the type of influences that are coming, how long they will last and what type of energy dynamic make up that influence. Then, simply turn to the page indicated and instantly see the influence for that date-range and, most importantly, instructions as to how to deal with it.

Relationship Readings

Again, the Destiny Reading is the key component to understand before other readings are utilized. Clearly, if one does not know the inner construction of one's soul and purpose in this life, a relationship reading will not yield maximum results. Even so, it is a stand-alone work that will explain the dynamic forces between two people with extremely accurate prognosis for the likelihood of success or turmoil.

It is important to know that this work will not pass judgment on a relationship. Clearly, there are no perfect charts in this realm, so every relationship reading is biased toward the benefit of doubt. In other words, where clashes, conflicts, and control issues are extreme between two people, advice is given on how to deal with such dynamics. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship dynamic can be an indispensable tool of understanding in order to maximize the potential for success and long-term growth.

Therefore, relationship readings can be used to accurately assess the potential of a new relationship as well as an ongoing one, such as a marriage or engagement.

However, relationship dynamics are not limited to romantic interactions. Clearly, we have a 'relationship' with everyone in our lives: children, employers, employees, friends, co-workers, roommates or any type of partnership formed for any reason. Therefore, this type of reading will yield important insights into the psychological dynamics between any two people.

Tarot Readings

A Tarot Reading is like taking a snapshot of one's psychic terrain at any given moment in one's life. While it does not reveal one's life purpose, as does the Destiny Reading, it is most often used as a point of departure for consultation, or simply as a tool to gain insights into the subconscious structures that have formed by one's experiences and choices made in life.

A Tarot Reading can yield equally potent insights either directly or remotely. In other words, many readings are real-time, live conversations, yet just as many are performed remotely. This is possible due to the quantum nature of the psychic field of every living being. A name and birth data are all that is needed to connect client and astrologer, and the results are recorded in a live session, as if the client were present (which is actually the reality or a quantum communication).

As you might guess , there are many dozens of techniques used by various practitioners, but the author has developed a unique and comprehensive process that yields important information in all twelve areas of one's life. Therefore, a Tarot Reading can be used to address very specific questions. Surprisingly, the majority of clients requesting a Tarot Reading do not have specific questions. Rather, general insights into one's current circumstances and guidance are needed.

The quantum nature of a Tarot Reading can yield unique insights that may not be revealed by other types of readings. It is for this reason that every Destiny Reading includes a Tarot Reading as part of the work in a recorded, audio format.

It is important to understand that the Tarot Cards do not exist outside oneself, as some sort of magical artifact. Each card symbolically represents the same archetypes used in astrology. In that sense, it is actually part of the same system of self-knowledge.

Again, while the vast majority of practitioners use the cards for what they believe to be "fortune-telling," such is not the case for any reading performed by this author. Indeed, trends can be visualized through the cards, however, such trends can be altered at any time through our actions, intent and desires. Therefore, a Tarot Reading, when used for its highest purpose, will reveal the subconscious constructs that each of us creates as the navigator of our life.

Electional Astrology

Given that astrology is a tool by which we may "see" influences within us that are otherwise invisible to our sensory-cognition, it can be used in almost unlimited ways to gain important insights into another level of reality. Thus, another use for this profound tool is what is termed "electional" astrology, meaning a day one "elects" to initiate an action, event or commitment.

In truth, everything has a birth-chart!. In other words, when any formal, legal, or binding resolution is consummated, the day that such an activity is initiated has a chart. Therefore, on the day of one's marriage, a job hiring, even an interview for a job, forming a partnership, launching a new business, restructuring an existing one, launching a new product, breaking ground for a new building, a first date, anything of any import has a birth-chart.

This is all quite profound when you think about it, because we are dealing with multiple time-waves that create dynamic forces from one moment to the next. Thus, when a new project is officially initiated, a contract signed, or an agreement made, it is done in the midst of multiple time-waves that are in effect going forward.

Another way of understanding this is that any activity begun at any given moment is embedded within multiple time-waves represented by planetary positions. Therefore, the activity will encounter predictable trends in the same way as an individual, since the agreements made for any such endeavor are comprised of individuals which must act within those time-waves.

Given that all future planetary positions are predictable in advance for any future time-wave, this type of astrological technique scans for date-ranges that either should be avoided or utilized. In this type of analysis, we see that a good day to natalize (initiate a formal activity) one type of endeavor is not necessarily beneficial for another. In other words, a good day to launch a movie is not necessarily a good day to launch a new home-health business, etc.

Therefore, some preliminary communication is required in order to ascertain the type of endeavor to be formalized and natalized. For example, a prospectus, mission statement, and the exact type of product, business or service must be evaluated in order to choose the most auspicious date. For these reasons, the electional astrology  readings are not listed on the site as a package. Requests for this type of reading is initiated by email and arrangements are formulated in response.

Post Script

Many astrologers have falsely stated that a viable, personal reading cannot be done without a documented, accurate birth-time to the minute. Such an idea is based upon the misguided theory that the "Rising" sign is the single, most important calculation in casting a chart. Some astrological associations adhere to this theory so strictly that they actually ban members who give personal readings without documented birth times.

If you are one of those persons who does not know the exact minute or even the hour of birth you can still be assured of an accurate and powerful reading. The techniques used in the Destiny Reading and other readings using this author's work does not require an accurate time. If one is supplied it will certainly be factored in, however, it will not be the focus of your reading.

The reason for not giving weight to birth-times is simply, due to the fact that there really are no guarantees of accuracy. Even major hospitals make clerical errors, since an accurate birth-time is simply not important and the time can be added to the paperwork from a nurse or doctor's memory hours or days later.

Of course, astrology is all about dates, so it is important to be as accurate as possible when conveying your information. In fact, when ordering a reading, you would be wise to double and triple check the birth data you submit. As you might imagine, producing an expensive reading that requires a month of work based upon a typo can be a rude shock, to say the least. Of course, the astrologer cannot accept liability for basing a reading on faulty data supplied by a client.

Hopefully, this small synopsis has shed light on this profound meta-science and answered some questions that you may have been pondering. Please contact the author for further clarification or to discuss your personal needs.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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