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Transit dynamics

"angular momentum "

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The biggest stumbling block encountered in understanding the dynamic aspects of our local life-system is twofold. One, is the tiring denial that planetary arrangements have no effect on the life-systems upon Earth. Such denial is addressed in several other essays on this website, so there is no need to repeat those specific points here.

The second stumbling block, although similar in principle, involves the dynamic aspects of astrology. In other words, in addition to the concepts of a natal chart as a snapshot, or imprint, of the orbiting planets that bias an entity's perceptions of its life, we must consider how such biases are further modified, or influenced, by the real-time movements of those celestial bodies.

As always, we must first clear the slate and reopen the doors to perception to accommodate the far-reaching realities of metaphysics in general before we penetrate the deeper significance of a particular branch therein. In other words, metaphysics is not exclusive of existing principles and laws gleaned by its materialistic orphans, which include all the so-called physical sciences.

Thus, since our current incarnate beings are products of the earthly elements, and the earth itself is a product of the solar system, then, it is a foregone conclusion that every facet of our lives is duly influenced by the dynamic forces within those systems.

The gigantic fly in the ointment of truth is the absurd, stubborn, and ignorant refusal to recognize the cross-disciplinary realities of not only scientific, but religious bodies of knowledge. Such compartmentalization is the prison in which the human mind is held captive so that the few may use them all to their advantage at the expense of all who share this incarnate experience on this earth and in this dimension.

So let us leave the sordid details of such manipulative adventures for another time, and focus on the subject at hand; the dynamic influences of the transiting planets and how various techniques are used by astrologers to great benefit. That is not to say that all techniques, or all astrologers, for that matter, are equal to a task at hand. We are speaking here of the potential to liberate humankind from the shackles of ignorance and suffering.

angular relationships

In terms of physics, which includes architecture, chemistry, astrophysics, bio-physics, and so on and so forth, we see certain operative principles common to all disciplines. While there are many such principles, the one we shall use here, which serves as the most universal, is angular velocity.

The principle of angular velocity, or momentum, is universal because it is the primary determining factor, functioning in everything from the photon to rocks to solar power, and planetary orbits — the list goes on. For example, it is the angular velocity, or tilt, of the photon that is responsible for the perception of color. Another example is that chemical structures are all a product of the angular momentum of the molecular structures which differentiate them.

Another example of angular velocity relates to the heat we experience from the Sun. Here, the "nuclear furnace" theory is a fallacy; for changes in earth temperatures have nothing to do with the proximity of the earth and sun, and everything to do with the angle of its relationship. In other words, the summer heat is a result of the northern hemisphere nearing a 90 angle to the sun. This also applies to why the earth's equatorial regions are the hottest. It is all about the angular relationship of the energy fields.

Of course, angular relationships are crucial to architecture so that different angles have different load-bearing properties. Here, the triangle, or Trine is superior in strength to other angular relationships, such as the square, and so forth. It is for all these reasons that Sacred Geometry is a primary field of study in metaphysics.

Transiting Dynamics

All of the above principles apply to astrology, as well, regardless the techniques used. It is the angular velocities of the orbiting bodies that create the dynamic changes in energetic field-effects at any given moment in our lives.

 Therefore, when a chart is cast for any given moment, the planetary bodies are plotted upon their relative positions on the wheel, or Zodiac. This wheel is also dynamic in that each 30 degree sector forming the twelve houses, is also turning, which represents the earth's rotation and orbit around the sun.

Thus, over thousands of years of observation, the various angular relationships of each planetary body have proven to yield different qualities of combined energy. That is, the qualities of each body dynamically mix with another one as angles are formed.

However, the angles themselves impart an additional quality to both. Here, a square, or 90 degree angle, that dynamically forms relative to one or more astro-bodies creates an interference pattern. Whereas, a 120 degree, or Trine angle creates empowering harmonics, and a 180 degree opposition induces conflict, and so on and so forth.

Therefore, just as the qualities of individuals mix as they interact with each other, so too do the energetic field-effects of the planetary bodies. And just as some people work well together and others do not, so too do planetary relationships. However, unlike the static representation of the planetary relationships in a birth-chart, the transiting planets are constantly and dynamically exerting various effects upon that original arrangement.

Dynamic Geometry

Obviously, when we speak of angular velocity or momentum, we are also speaking of geometry, so that at certain times in their respective cycles, the planetary bodies can form very complex geometric arrangements.

Now, whereas, the geometry formed in a natal chart is fixed as a lifetime influence, the transiting planets are constantly building, forming, deforming, and reforming different shapes, or angles in the heavens. This is simply a result of the different orbital velocities of each planet.

Thus, we can plot the planetary positions on the wheel of life for any given day, so that we have a chart of that day. Such a chart serves as an indicator of current influences. It follows that any significant event occurring on that day will have imprinted upon it those energetic forces — it will have a birth-chart.

If we use our analogy of relationships, we can apply it to what is termed a transit chart. In other words, we end up with two charts, one is the natal chart of a person, company, or event "born" on a specific day, and the other is the chart of any subsequent day. The result is a dual chart, whereby two complete sets of planetary arrangements are superimposed one upon the other.

At this point, things become quite complex, as you might guess, since the number of angles formed by two sets of astro-bodies can represent a rather mind-boggling array of geometric relationships. In all cases, we have effectively taken two snapshots, combined them, and applied our knowledge of the interactions between the planets as governed by their angular arrangements.

However, in a transit analysis, we still factor in the dynamic nature of these relationships by using what is termed an "orb." The orb is simply the degree that one sets to be the maximum or minimum allowable for a given angle to be effective. Thus, the angular effects of two or more planets become stronger as they become more exact and weaker as they separate and cease to be effective.

How Transits Are Used

Now that you have a basic understanding of how transits work, the following are a few examples of how we can use this meta-science to improve our lives. Using a simple "weather" analogy, we can use transits to ascertain future trends, current events, or past influences.

Understanding transiting influences enable us to plan ahead to take advantage of certain beneficial energies, and to avoid the challenging ones. Thus, we can choose time-frames in which to maximize our goals and to minimize complications from ill-timed, or simply wrong decisions.

Knowledge of transits is also valuable in helping us to get through challenging circumstances by showing us what type of influences are affecting us at any given moment in our lives. Understanding the types of energetic fields we are experiencing at any given time can help us to navigate, as it were, the various forces so that we do not get lost, or make matters worse than they would be otherwise.

Perhaps, the most important advantage of analyzing transits for current events is knowing when their respective influences will end. Of course, when times are good, we would rather they did not end. However, when it seems like our lives are falling apart, and we are facing challenges that seem more than we can bear, knowing exactly when such a "storm" will pass is a welcome gift, to be sure.

In other examples, we use real-time transits to choose the most beneficial day for any significant event, such as marriage, launching a product or a business, taking long trips, purchasing or selling things, making investments, and so on and so forth. The list is quite extensive, and only limited by one's imagination and skills to utilize this knowledge.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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