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transcendent astrology

"beyond the archetypes "

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Before any meaningful understanding of astrology can be brought to the Light of transcendental mind, we must first consider the word itself. The fact is that the word "astrology"  is as ubiquitous as almost any word in the human lexicon. The problem is that everyone has some notion of what it means, and few understand what it truly represents.

To some, it is a kind of occult power to be used to nefarious ends. To others, it is a fearful master enslaving one to the ball and chain of a predetermined fate to be experienced without a semblance of sovereign volition. Yet, to others, it is a superstition, an unproven theory, a religious cult, a pseudoscience, a tool of divination, and so forth. For most, it is a mixture of all of these; indeed, its perceived meaning is as varied and opinionated as the numbers of individuals who espouse their opinions, whether informed or speculative.

once upon a time

There was a time, in the original Adamic Human creation, when there was no perceived difference between the inner and outer worlds. Therefore, the idea of astrology as some exterior force that is independent of one's mind/body/spirit complex was inconceivable. There was no "word" for astrology, per se, nor was it considered a "subject" to be studied. Its effects were simply an obvious part of life, like the wind, or humidity, and its function in one's life was just as natural as breathing, or walking.

clearly, historical archives are replete with versions of a time-cycle demarcating the shift from such an integrated consciousness into a self-canceling descent into polarized knowledge, or the so-called knowledge of good/evil, light/dark inner/outer, objective/subjective, positive/ negative, and so forth. While the reasons for such a "descent" are beyond the scope of this contemplation, the fact is that our current cognition of the nature of life in this dimension is nothing short of a schizophrenic, or a bipolar condition that consumes the mind and pits one "body" against another.

the important point to consider, here, is that the local influences within our solar "atom," nested within its galactic position, have degenerated into a struggle of an existence out of context with its greater conscious-body. In other words, the so-called intellect is synonymous with the illusion of isolated local events and near infinite influences.To such an intellect, all facts are relative, and knowledge is a lifeless receptacle for sterile opinions, void of the true light of a living wisdom.

astrology defined

in its core essence, astrology can be defined as an observable reflection of one's inner body/mind dynamic in the celestial matrix of cyclical movements. The key word is "reflection," which implies that the same knowledge and insights about one's psycho-resonant makeup, observable in the celestial cycles, is also found in other systems. In other words, since we are fractal replicas of scalar unfolding cycles in space/time, the same reflections of one's being can be discovered in every system of knowledge.

Thus, one may study chemistry, the Tarot Cards, nuclear physics, astrology, mathematics, biology, yet there is nothing that may be revealed that is not already inherent within all systems. For all life-systems are fractal, recursive, and self-reflective. The apparent differences in these seeming diverse perceptual understandings is actually the language developed for each branch of study, not the essence of the observed pattern, which is shared across all systems.

Therefore, a cellular biologist may study the nature of cell division in the body and believe that such form, function, and laws of its processes are unique to that level of perception; yet an astrophysicist will inevitably observe the same form, function, laws, processes, etc., in the observable universe. Their respective differences of opinion or perception are only distinguished by the unique language each has developed to articulate its collective research methodology.

this all applies to the study of astrology, as well, since we are simply using a different language to ascertain the same fractal forms and functions of this dimension of life in a time-world. So, the language of astrology has become a synthetic mix of other languages, essentially, that of astronomy and what may be termed the 12 primary psychological archetypes. These archetypes represent the gamut of human behavior, perceptual biases, emotional makeup, and psychological patterns of expression, otherwise termed a "personality."

this language of astrology was originally based upon the personification of archetypes with mythic, universal recognition. Thus, in astrology, every planetary body and celestial zone, is an energetic field, bearing an anthropomorphic relationship to human behavior. Clearly, we all sense the difference in personalities from one entity to the next, or shared attributes between them. We may say that astrology is a language and methodology used to define a system of archetypal influences reflected in the dynamic permutations of cyclic patterns in the sky that directly correlate to the common behavioral trends or predilections of a life-form at a given time in its life-cycle.

universal order

historically, we find that all belief systems in ancient cultures recognized the fundamental order of the universe and all systems within it. Therefore, there is nothing unusual, mystical, occult, or illogical about the ubiquitous Hermetic axiom, "as-above, so-below." It is only in our contemporary intellectual diaspora that the universe is presumed to be chaos, from which order is spontaneous, accidental, and coincidental to the formation of systems. It is for this reason that astrology is often derided as a mere projection of human qualities into a chaotic system, much like one "imagines" life-forms in the clouds—a purely subjective exercise with no "objective" value in "reality."

clearly, this proves to be a concerted, deliberate conspiracy to wrest from the human psyche its natural, innate self-knowledge that endows every sovereign human with natural powers to be a creative force within its domain. It is for this reason that compartmentalized mind is the prerequisite for participation in a segregated, fragmented, system of knowledge, which is defended with deadly force.

it is for this reason that astrology is the constant target of such bureaucratic monstrosities, since it represents a system of knowledge that emphasizes, not only the inherent order of the universe, but our inherent connection to it as a creative force unto itself. For astrology represents a holistic understanding of life, one that integrates the subjective and objective reality in our experience of this dimension. Such integration is anathema to so-called scientific institutions, since its fanatical objectivity is a virtual house of cards, always on the brink of deconstruction via its own reductionist methodology.

the point of all this is to understand the current blocks to a transcendent realization of astrology that has suffered a bipolar, schizophrenic alteration to its Divine Endowment as Masters of this realm. For it is not possible to transcend something without understanding that which defines its limitations. Thus, even in our age, astrology remains a window to the soul, because its fundamental premise is that we are micro-replicas of the local system we currently inhabit as a material manifestation of archetypal influences.

archetypal matrix

at this point in our analysis of astrology in the context of historical and contemporary relevance, we encounter the primary stumbling block that is antithetical to the true purpose and understanding of such an integrated perception of life. Notwithstanding the political agendas of both science and religious institutions, some find it difficult to reconcile knowledge of an archetypal system of nature with the idea of freedom, freewill, and/or spiritual enlightenment.

however, the most difficult aspect of this understanding, the greatest stumbling block, is what has come to be the cult of personality in our contemporary culture. Here, the personality is celebrated as the essence of one's power, appeal, influence, and self-worth in a society modeled after a counterfeit trinity of competition, acquisition and consumption. Such a model embraces and worships the most extreme manifestations of personality expression. And the most extreme personality is none other than the exaggeration of one of the 12 pure archetypes, otherwise personified as the ancient "gods." This is the premise for the counterfeit hierarchy, since the greater human population is a mixture of personality archetypes, and, therefore, less extreme, less radical, and less noticeable as a singular force among the extreme manifestations of same.

perhaps, you grasp the profound irony in this perversion of Divine Intent; for the true purpose of astrology is to teach us that we are NOT our personalities, but a far greater being, who only uses such local, archetypal constructs as part of a temporary vehicle with which to learn, to create,  and to enrich our experiences in this life-zone. Since the archetypal constructs are actually the templates for every existing kingdom on this plane, i.e., mineral, plant, and animal, it becomes clear as to why they assume the status of "rulership" over certain areas of life.

Therefore, we have, what is otherwise a set of local templates, known as the archetypes, that are elevated to godlike status, i.e., the personification of a local ruler presiding over its subsidiary domains most closely related to its template. In other words, if Leo is the pure archetype of a dominant central figurehead, and its opposite extreme of Aquarius is the pure archetype of decentralized power, the cult of personality dictates that the most extreme manifestation of that archetype in the human population will become a god of that influence, action, or representative group in society.

this unfortunate system has become what we might term an astrological matrix of powers by which all entities—those who are enslaved to their rulership, as well as those who are enslaved to their rulers—are psychically locked into the archetypal matrix of personality cults. It is for this reason that astrology is often regarded as a fait accompli, a system of enslavement, rather than a bridge to enlightenment and a return to our pre historical roots as Masters of a local system of kingdoms.

ultimate goals

in light of the above understanding, rather than exhausting our precious life-force on the ignorant and juvenile arguments of whether astrology is "scientific" or "sanctioned" by one religion or another, we must reiterate the question: What is the true purpose of astrology as a path to transcendence? The answer to that question is far more relevant to our lives than we currently experience in this dimension, and within the domains of the archetypal matrix of this local system of life-forms.

now, the analogy of the "navigator" on the oceans of conscious-awareness, and the various tools used to assist in that navigation, such as the sextant, compass, etc., is found all through this work. Another apt analogy is the idea of "psychic weather," the subtle internal forces within one's earthly vehicle that trigger certain perceptual biases in the course of our decisions in life. While these are all profoundly useful concepts in understanding the "uses" of astrology, the greater question involves returning to our heritage as Masters of this realm. Only then can we gain a useful understanding, regarding our ultimate goal.

first, let us dispense with that which is NOT the ultimate goal and purpose of astrology—notice, it is stated the "ultimate" goal. Obviously, astrology is profoundly useful as a definitive psychological construct by which to understand all human behavioral biases. It is equally obvious that astrology is a profoundly important predictive tool of world events and auspicious times to initiate a particular action in the cycles of time.

however profound are the above listed viable "uses" of astrology, none of them qualify as the "ultimate" goal and "purpose" of astrology. In this regard, we can eliminate the goal of becoming a "master astrologer." Clearly, such a goal is another trap of intellectual compartmentalization that creates separation of knowledge within the greater holistic wisdom of a sovereign being.

thus, it is important to understand (remember) that, in contemporary western civilization, the knowledge of astrology has been actively repressed in order to disempower the individual as an effective co-creator of life in this realm. It would seem, then, that the ultimate goal would be to reassert astrology as the viable discipline and body of knowledge it once was to the greater benefit of humanity.

so what is the "ultimate" goal of astrology? The answer is that it should eventually disappear as a separate, compartmentalized, system of knowledge! While this might come as a shock to many, it is important to read the opening statements in this contemplation. However, before some might take offense, and others celebrate this statement, the point is applied equally to all branches of science and religion—all fragmented knowledge systems that prevent us from regaining the original Mastery of a local life-system, as was the case before the psyche of human kind was divided against itself in the great deception.

masters of the realm

therefore, transcending astrology is no different than transcending any of the other compartmentalized branches of knowledge that divide our awareness-mind into competing, conflicting, and babbling tongues that ultimately prevent us from returning to a state of Mastery of this and other realms of personal experience.

in terms of astrology, it is most important to use it as a feedback system of knowledge. For example, the use of various sensing devices to measure brainwave fluctuations have proven to be a powerful teaching tool, whereby one can visualize on a screen said fluctuations. Thus, one can immediately see the correlation between one's thoughts and feelings and the electrical charge states of the body.

thus the study of astrology is just such a feedback tool, whereby one can visualize charts of planetary and house patterns that correlate to one's long-term personal biases, as well as the changing dynamics of one's perceptual biases through time. Here, reflecting on one's past experiences, i.e. correlating them to charts cast in those particular time-cycles, are powerful teaching aids that reveal how one was influenced by the influences represented by the archetypal patterns, angles, houses, etc.

this type of feedback is also possible in realtime, if we follow the transits from day to day in a transit chart. However, the most powerful of the archetypal influences are only found in the movements of the slower moving planets. Even so, the slower moving planets still have windows of greatest power in the few days or weeks leading up to their "exact" angular geometry. Therefore, if we are honest in our self-analysis, we will discover that such moments in our lives were, indeed, influenced by those archetypal confluences.

This is true for any discipline, be it brick laying, farming, the culinary arts, etc. Therefore, astrology is not an endgame; it is a means to an end and that "end" is the beginning of Mastery, just as originally intended by our Divine Bestowal before the great corruption. In other words, it is quite pointless to learn anything in this life if we are led to believe it is separate from the greater context of a total life-system.

therefore, a farmer may well use astrology to successfully sow and reap a bumper crop. Yet, after the cycles are properly understood and internalized, no system of externalized knowledge is required. In fact, internal self-knowledge is far more potent, accurate, and liberating than any form of academic dogma, which more often than not, is designed to disconnect one's essence from the reality of one's life and the forces within the current realm of experiences.

Obviously, when we truly understand that the purpose of astrology is to ultimately transcend it, then we will have a great advantaged. In fact, we will be fast on the path to recreating the innate Mastery of this realm. In the course of our daily lives, as we learn how the archetypal patterns work within us, we will gain an understanding of life that transcends academic astrology. We will develop the internal sensitivity of our conscious-awareness so that we will recognize the "signs," not in the heavens, but revealed in myriad indications, both within our inner-most thoughts, feelings and emotions, and equally without, as perceived in nature, our friends, loved-ones, and the general behavior of the world at large.

the patterns in nature are ever-changing, and the human response to them are also dynamic, yet the greater part of those patterns are repetitious. So, it is a great truth that "those who do not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it." When we transcend astrology, we will no longer have to consult an abstract chart and struggle with how it correlates with our real-world, real-time, experiences. We will sense within a certain feeling, an intuition, and we will know that the day is being influenced by Jupiter, Mercury, or Saturn.

in fact, we will perceive the archetypal influence everywhere in life, and from that self-knowledge, we will know how to act from our higher mind and know what decisions to make that will most benefit ourselves as well as everyone who might be affected by our decisions. That is the true purpose and use of astrology. And when we transcend astrology, we will no longer perceive the planetary and celestial influences as separate from our journeys in this realm. Instead, we will know exactly where they are at any given moment, their combined influences, and their effects on us and those around us—because then, we will truly KNOW SELF.

But far more than this; transcendent astrology can release us from the ball and chain of believing that we are our bodies, or that we are our personalities. Indeed, we are In The World, But Not OF The World.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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