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When the cosmic winds are blowing, who guides your psychic ship through the oceans of time? Unfor-tunately, the vast majority of souls are like ships without a rudder, at the mercy of invisible forces that act upon them.

Clearly, we all have good, bad, and uneventful periods in our lives. For most, the ego takes credit for the good ones, and blames everything and everyone for the bad ones. Inexplicably, these periods may persist for days, weeks, months and even years. But why? What is really going on?

The fact is that we are cast upon the oceans of time without a compass, a rudder, or the knowledge of the psychic weather, dynamically affecting our lives, 24-7. Yet, deep down, we know there is something going on that we just can't put our finger on, as it were. In truth, we merely react to invisible forces within us, instead of pro-actively navigating their constantly shifting winds and currents.

If you suggested to an airline pilot, a captain of a ship, or an astronaut that there is no need to know the weather forecast in order to be successful in their endeavors, they would laugh at such ignorant musings. Yet, we stumble through our lives in just such an ignorant state of mind, while only pretending to be in control of our vehicles.

No responsible pilot, captain, engineer, architect, entrepreneur, parent, artist, or serious professional would dream of attempting to achieve their goals without the necessary tools. Why should we regard this potent tool of astrology as any less important to our ultimate success as navigators of our lives?

This type of reading will not only reveal those in-visible psychic weather patterns, but it will teach you how to pro-actively and intelligently navigate them. With your Dynamic Transit Forecast in hand, you will have the power of foresight; you will have the tools you need to successfully launch your plans, or post-pone them during inclement weather, just as re-sponsible and successful navigators.

Now, you can have such a powerful forecasting tool to give you the knowledge you need to be successful in your life. The Astro-Delux Transit Analysis is like a compass, a weather forecast, and an instruction manual for your life's ship. With approx. one hun-dred pages of accurate forecasts spanning months, years, and even decades into the future, you will hold the keys to successfully navigating your life.

Give yourself the tools you need to be successful in life and cease to be a victim of the invisible forces acting upon your psychic reality. This reading will not only provide invaluable information regarding your financial success, but it also includes forecasts and instructions for your relationships, as well!

The comprehensive full-color charts, color-coded key-words, and a powerful Table Of Contents, will enable you to easily see every significant influence by date and time. You will have in your hands a compendium of future influences that will enable you to make intelligent decisions about how and when to act on the circumstances in your life.

Perhaps, for the first time in your life, you will know in advance the psychic weather forecast for the most significant influences. With that knowledge, you will know the best times to act, or to batten down the hatches, and wait-out the storm. And if you must sail into the storm, you will know the best way to negotiate its winds and currents. Such knowledge dramatically increases one's chances for success in any endeavor.

Please Note: The Transit Analysis is NOT a substitute for a Destiny Reading. Therefore, it is highly recommended as a follow-up study for those who have received and studied their Destiny Reading. In other words, a transit analysis will not explain why you are here. Nevertheless, this reading is a stand-alone work that anyone may use to great advantage. jjf

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