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Most people think that no one knows them better than themselves. Such claims are highly doubtful given the phenomenal growth of psychological counseling. It is a tragic fact that generations come and go without the slightest attempt to educate the entity regarding its purpose, destiny and its psychological makeup. Most of us are at the ready when it comes to expressing our desires and dislikes.

However, you can see how shallow such descriptions are. As a rule we make much of such things as "I like, baseball not hockey." To be sure, every like and dislike is telling of some facet of the personality. But consider that the core, the essence of soul is much deeper. It is this essence of our beingness that forms the magnetism of our fundamental field effect. What is termed personality is merely the garment, the mask, the overlay upon that mysterious soul essence.

The personality is comprised of polarized components of attraction and repulsion. Thus, the most conspicuous aspect of our persona is actually the end result of many action/reaction equations that push and pull us into or away from circumstance made up of people, places and things in the objective world. Herein lies the confusion, the lack of a deeper, meaningful understanding of our true natures.

In The Genius FrequencyTM, there are lengthy contemplation of the reasons for our lack of understanding of our deeper being. For example, keep pen and paper handy one day and jot down every time you say the word "I." You will be astounded at the sheer number of proclamations such as, "I am a mother, I am a manager, I am a friend, I am an enemy," and hundreds of other such distinctions.

Eventually, one realizes that there are conflicts between these "I Am's," because they are merely roles that one plays. If one identifies with each role, one will become disoriented quickly and live life in a general state of neurosis, if you are normal and worse if you really lose your balance.

The problem with personality analysis is that it is composed of behavior patterns that accumulate over time. These patterns are rarely generated by the entity. That is, they are rarely original. Hence, our personalities are a conglomerate of environmental impacts we encounter in the world. What sticks, as it were, are the patterns that are attracted to the polarized, plus and minus magnetic fields of the human bioenergetic field. Some call this the morphogenic field. What ever you call it, the behavior patterns stick in layers to form the psychology of the personality.

The personality, therefore, is a behavioral representation of the sensory bias of the body developed over the years by repeated environmental impacts including all influences, relationships and circumstances. If you ever played with a magnet or pulled one out of your junk drawer, you will know that it does not discriminate between a rusty nail and a paper clip. It will collect any object attracted to its field effect. After a while you cannot see the magnet, the source of the field. All you see is what it collects. That collection of stuff is the personality.

The source of the field is deeply buried beneath the many likes and dislikes of the individual. It is from such appearances that most entities desperately try to define who they are. Is this not what the high paid psychologists and psychiatrists do? They start with the surface collection and dig and dig and dig, hoping to find the core of the personality. But like the atom, the more you break it down the more there is inside of it. This is a very futile, expensive and time consuming way to try to get to your essence. Few ever succeed by such tedious and crude techniques. In most cases, the entity merely forms another pattern addiction to the therapy.

So who are you? Are you Sarah? No, that is your name. Are you a carpenter? No, that is what you do for a living. Are you tall or short, brown eyes or blue? No, that is a description of your body. Are you French or Indian? No, that is your nationality origin. Are you a creation of God? Well, that is a more useful question but the answer will still not explain what your purpose is for being. Perhaps we need to ask a different question. What are you? Now, that seems intriguing. You are what you think. You are what you eat. You are what you do. As you can see, we answer most every question from the standpoint of surface, of body, of personality, not essence.

So where are the mysterious clues to our internal psychology's, our deep essence close to our souls. Look up! It has always been there for you to see. Look Up! You are given "Signs," markers, symbols, a map of your soul written in the only language God uses, the Language of Light. Many are awakening to our inseparable connection to every atom in the universe. The planets that spin their tales of human drama give us a map of our essence. There are generalities, to be sure, such as Sun signs. But there are also specifics, unique to your personal quest upon this plane.

The deep predilections instilled, magnetically imprinted upon the soul as it emerges into this realm from other dimensions, are discernible by means of the snapshot of time on the day of a birth. As yet, we have not acquired all the knowledge necessary to see the genetic detail of the entity born on earth, but we are learning more every day.

Suffice it to say, that what we can learn from a star chart of a birth far exceeds the wildest dreams of contemporary psychology and psychiatry. And unlike the laborious, even torturous methods of these academic pursuits, astrology can give you more information about your inner makeup in one day of analysis than years of current therapies.

There is far more to our personal sagas here on earth than our astro-psychology's. Astrologers have known for hundreds of years, that there also signs in a birth chart that give very strong indications of past lives. Such information is a reflection of patterns that have not been resolved. Thus, the soul calculates a time of arrival, so to speak that serves two very important purposes. One is to resolve the previous unbalanced patterns and the second is to give the soul the tools, the talents, the psychology and the perceptual apparatus needed to accomplish the progressive spiral into the higher dimensions.

Upon entering this sphere of density again, the soul is required to synchronize the frequencies of its past awareness patterns and future probable destiny with the quantum time fields of this dimension. Thus, the pattern set by the celestial signs are connected to the soul's past as well as the soul's future. Our lives are lived in a perpetual state of being through becoming.

Perhaps now it can be better understood the purpose free will within a destiny. As discussed in the previous chapter, we must not confuse this with PRE destiny. There is no such thing as predestiny. There is only free will destiny. In other words, we choose every moment of every day with every thought and intent with every action and non-action to move toward our freedom or toward our limitation.

Without a doubt, the most difficult challenge, the greatest mountain to climb is that of memory; to remember where we have been and where we are going are the prerequisites to freedom from the tyranny of limitation and karmic return. Why do we lose our memories? Because of a veil applied by the fallen forces in order to reduce the possibility of a soul discovering its sovereign power to break the chains of karma, the time locks into which the soul is imprisoned. That is also why the science of astrology has been ruthlessly attacked by those who desire not for us to escape the food chain of their power games. This last point is covered in great depth in The Genius Frequency.

So much of knowing thyself concerns memory. Lose your memory and you wander indefinitely in the quantum fields of cause/effect worlds within chaotic flux. Gain your memory and you gain immense power. That is why we look to the stars. For there we have a record that can be seen from earth in this dimension. One does not need to risk one's sanity playing astral travel games to remember the purpose of our journey. There is a much safer and a much saner way. The picture of your past and future are captured in that cosmic Kodak moment in your chart.

"Know thyself," is key to centering our beings through remembering our purpose and direction, and "As Above So Below," is the magic axiom that allows us to look to the heavens where the indelible celestial signs await our discovery. Through the utilization of the gifts of God's message written in the stars, we may begin to captain our true destinies, the one that ultimately liberates us from karmic repetition.

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