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Client responses to this work:

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Hi John: I have been studying my Destiny Reading and listening to the CDs.

I am awed by your accuracy and just wanted to thank you so much. I wish I had had this many many years ago. However better now than never. If only children received one of these as soon as they were old enough to understand I think it would change the world.

With much love,
EA: Glendale, CA


John, Just a quick note to let you know that I have listened to some of the CD's and I am loving every minute of it. I feel like Keuana Reeves in The Matrix when they are down loading all the information to him.

You may receive some emails from people in my area wanting a Destiny Reading of their own. Talk to you soon.
Love and light
LL: Los Angeles, CA.


Dear John: I cherish my Destiny Reading. It has opened new doors of understanding in my life as never before. I have decided to order one for my daughter, as well. This knowledge is so important that I feel it might be the greatest gift I could ever give to her. Thank you for all that you do.

Sincerely, AR: Charlotte, NC


Hello John, The eagle has landed! 
Thank you so much - wow!  I have scanned the report and there is a wealth of information and insight.  Your packaging is beautiful, and so is your work!  It is my best Christmas present ever! I can see that this work will benefit be for many years to come.

I have read enough to see that there are many reasons why I have had so many challenges, yet, as you point out there are ample energies and Intelligent Design elements to balance that.  Rightly so, it puts me in the driver seat, which is where I have been all along.  Victim-hood has never been one of my strong suits, thank God, but I have lost the bubble here a bit and have fallen into just that.  So it is clearly time to step back to view the big picture -- and get my wires untangled and my sights clear.  I have been wondering for some time if I was burning karma for both me and my family (if that is even possible), and maybe it was just rationalizing what challenges and obstacles were in my face all the time.

I found the timing of things quite fascinating for the next few years.  It appears that I will have completed my masters degree just as several energies come into play.  I clearly have much work to do.

I am very excited about the information and insight in my new report and will be digging in.  A million thank-you's to you again.  I am most appreciative of your work!

Many blessings,
MF: Kingston, NY


Hi John, Thank you so much, this is helping me a lot! I love your work because it realigns me, I feel centered. I think right now the topic would be around my destiny and getting through some of the hurdles in dealing with people. You have done so much for me and I really can’t thank you enough.

GS: Portland, OR


Dear John, You have done an incredible work for me. This year launched me into the stratosphere, but your book, messages, readings, music, and of course your clear energy in which I was submerged, put me on the right orbit. I have a new vision of my life for the first time.

God bless you and your love ones,
BB: Romania


Hello John, My Destiny Reading is quite amazing, much more than I expected. As my medical practice employs a staff, it occured to me that a Destiny Reading would make excellent gifts. So I will be ordering three more for them next week. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you for thios remarkable work.
DA: Los Angeles, CA


John, Just a quick note to let you know that I have listened to some of the CD's and I am loving every minute of it. I feel like Keuana Reeves in The Matrix when they are down loading all the information to him.

You may receive some emails from people in my area wanting a Destiny Reading of their own. Talk to you soon.
Love and light
LL: Los Angeles, CA.


Dear John, I received the materials on Thursday.I first read the written material that day and on Friday listened to all of the audio commentary.I am amazed and awestuck...and these are only my initial impressions; I look forward to the days,weeks and years as I assimilate the insights which you have provided me. For the next several weeks I will be studying the reading very intently. In the meantime I be ordering a Destiny Reading for both of my daughters.
Thank you for this powerful work.
DE: New York, NY


Hi John, I received your package friday afternoon and I have been devouring about half of the set of reports so far. Very very interesting and enlightening so far. I've had many insights and confirmations so far. It's so amazing, the more I study the Reading, the more questions leap into my mind and as I continue to study the questions are answered. Thank you.
JG: Cary, NC


Dear jjf, I received my Destiny Report this a.m. How exquisite! I see I will be busy for awhile in the reading and studying of this information. To say, thank you, seems so small in comparison to all of the effort made by you. I will do my best to encourage others to call upon you for this wonderful service. Blessings and pece
KM: Orlando, FL


HI Dr. Falone, I just wanted to let you know that I received my destiny reading. Firstly, the package/folder, etc., is so beautiful! Also, I started skimming through it and it is so great! I started reading it last night, I couldn't stop - stayed way up past my bed time - ha! I am so excited about it, can't wait to get into it some more!

(cont)...I am having so much fun with your report! I read about my past lives last night and they really "hit home'. I had told my husband several months ago that I knew I had been a warrior in the past. This report is coming just at the right time, when I felt a little "stuck" in my spiritual progression wondering exactly "which way to go", since there is so much I want to accomplish with my own spirituality and to help others with this part of their lives. This is so great and I can't wait to share it with some of my spiritually-related friends, Thanks again so much,
CB: Dalas, TX


Hi John, I had the pleasure of having my Destiny Reading done by you about 18 months ago. The report and CDs came to the top of my sorting pile here, and so I reviewed my report and listened again to your CDs of my report this past weekend. Eighteen months later and I'm again so impressed with the quality and amount of info and insight provided...wowee thank you again! Many Blessings,
MF: Kingston, NY


Dear John, Thanks so much for taking the time to explain this, and to work on this question. That was very kind of you. What you are explaining makes perfect sense. As it turns out, the particular property we were looking at had multiple offers on it and we haven't heard anything further about it. We were thinking we would just put off buying a property. Perhaps we were feeling the negative influences you discuss and the universe gave us the sign by making that property unavailable. We decided to wait until the electional business dates are determined, and use those, in a general sense, if we do buy a property. Anyway, looking forward to the electional business date report whenever that is done! Thanks again for your excellent work!
DA: Los Angeles, CA

Dove Of Peace

May the Light of Peace fill your hearts with desire for a new world based on laws of Light for ourselves, our children, and collectively, in the Heart of THE ONE.

"We Are Children Of The Stars;
and by them we shall find our way home" jjf


John J. Falone
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