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Astrology & The Archetypes

© 2001-2019 John J. Falone

A cursory study of this subject will reveal the connection between the symbolism used to illustrate the constellations in the 12 sectors of the sky, and the 10 planets, with that of the 22 archetypes, the substrate of the human psyche as reflected in the 22 Tarot cards of the major arcana.

Various portrayals of the archetypes are found in the mythologies around the world. Libraries abound with works describing and analyzing the mythological tapestries woven in contextual dramas so rich, vivid and powerful as to penetrate the very foundation of life while spanning millennia by the mere flip of a page.

Indeed, even contemporary psychology finds its very foundations built upon the so-called fanciful musings of primordial cultures. Such things are considered part and parcel of the psychological tools of the trade. 

The ubiquitous archetypal symbols are indelibly etched, painted and sculpted into contemporary as well as ancient architecture. Like astrology, such primal connections are timeless. They serve as a perpetual connection to the foundational personification of an intelligent energy matrix which supports all forms of life in this dimensional sector of the galaxy, a set of fixed points in the deep space of mind within a shared psyche of understanding.

In whatever form one might find them, the archetypes serve to power the myths which form the vehicles of transmission of wisdom through the labyrinth of time's passage. Where even the stones of earth prove to be transitory effects of a dynamic creation, the archetypes are transmitted via word of mouth, mind to mind, imagination to imagination, from countless generations, each to the next. So too, does the Tarot serve as an expedient means to guarantee transmission, continuity of life's multifarious meaning through perpetuity.

Cycles may be interrupted. Catastrophes may prevail. Yet the archetypes surface again to re-seed the mind of man with meanings, with clues to the more immediate mysteries of temporal as well as spiritual structures underlying life.

The Tarot is a fine example of the Marshall McLuhan media doctrine stating: "The medium IS the message."-- for the archetypes captured in the Tarot are a product of, a result of the invention of the printing press. Suddenly, the opportunity manifested to pocket a vast database of archetypal knowledge in a mass reproducible deck of cards. The medium adapted quite efficiently to the message, the ever present meaning of the archetypes of life on earth.

What the relatively perishable paper cards lacked in longevity, they well made up for in their sheer numbers. Like the blade of grass springing forth from a concrete crack, the archetypes triumphed in finding yet another avenue to surface from the subconscious architecture of the human psyche.

It is amazingly synchronistic that the mass production of the Tarot via the printing press found such prolific offspring through this happy marriage. For the word archetype means an original template or pattern from which copies are made! Clearly, the medium and the message are mirrored as functionality and meaning.

Since true artists are not wont to pass on a new medium, many stepped up to the "plates" with powerful imagery from a timeless past and the decks rolled off the assembly lines. The Tarot became available everywhere almost at once, in historical time, and the archetypes began an infiltration into all classes of society.

The impact of this event was vastly understated by most historical accounts. The medium of the Tarot lend itself perfectly to the ancient forms of pattern reading of the subconscious. Adding to the well used and highly valued "reading" systems of I-Ching coin tossing, styx, tea leaves, oil floating and hundreds of other such types of divination, the human psyche continued its passion to know the meaning of life.

Even those possessed of nothing more than the superficial passion for gambling adapted and transformed the Tarot Deck into hundreds of card games using the numbers and suits as a hierarchy of winners and losers to be "dealt" through supposed chance. Soon, every manner of charlatan and trickster entered the fray to complete the transformation of the first long shadows of the Aquarian Age.

Yet the more serious student of the mystery schools found in the Tarot a powerful and portable vehicle with which to glean deep understandings of an individual human psyche. Various methodologies were developed for displaying the "randomly" selected cards.

The ancient symbols of the cross and variations of it contained a fixed number of selections from which the trained practitioner could interpret the archetypes in the familiar timeline of past/future events or circumstances etc.

At this juncture, it might be useful to cover my personal views and understandings of the Tarot in my work. I am responding here to occasional emails I receive regarding the Astro-Tarot reading I developed to augment the life readings. There are some respondents who are convinced of the veracity and the usefulness of a Destiny Reading, but express doubt about the efficacy of the Tarot.

In short, some people are afraid of a Tarot reading. No doubt such a view is based upon media propaganda incessantly portraying sinister hustlers, predator types who fleece the gullible of their life savings and the like. This is true, however of every profession.

The deeper issue surrounding the use of the Tarot is the association of all manner of occult practices designed to take control of someone's mind. Notwithstanding that such things happen in everyday life -- the advertising industry is a perfect example of this type of modern sorcery. A "greasy" used car salesman is an archetypal hustler intent upon using psychological profiles to dupe the intended victim into fatal investments. There is no end to the examples of fraud and manipulation.

Contemporary psychologists and psychiatrists have become quite wealthy as their trusting clients shell out hourly charges of $200 for some person, sitting in a $2,000 a month office, to probe the secrets of their psyche. The irony is that, in the field of psychology, the understanding and use of the archetypes are part and parcel of the training needed for such work. Understanding the archetypes are the tools of the trade.

It is quite ironic that, in the case of mainstream psychological analysis, the archetypes in the context of their myth are used covertly as they are secretly referenced in thick books and rarely, if ever, discussed in the open. Most assuredly, one will never see the Tarot deck appear on the psychologists desk. Such direct access to the archetypes, in open view, would "ruin their credibility."

In this context, one might see far more "hocus pocus" than in the far more direct and honest approach of one simply engaging in the interaction and interpretation of a Tarot card analysis for a client. There is so much hypocrisy shrouding mainstream psychology that nothing less than a large book would do it justice.

With that said, let us move on to more productive ground and address the question of how the use of the archetypes via the medium of randomly selected cards, can yield highly instructive insights into circumstances of life and conditions of the mind.

There is not sufficient space in this essay to adequately treat this vast subject. Suffice it to say that consciousness is a quantum event, one that spans the subconscious/conscious interconnections with the event horizon of every energy matrix. In other words our minds are not located and isolated between the ears, as it were. 

The dimension of mind is not subject to material barriers. This subject is addressed in great depth in "The Genius Frequency™ e-book experience™." While events from the quantum field of mind are "localized" in space/time, the conditions for them are not. That is why we can run but we cannot hide from our psychic conditions.

In other words we manifest realities based upon our conscious/subconscious field effects wherever we may be localized in space time. For example, similar chance meetings in a certain place in time will manifest in other places and times as well. One can, therefore, move to anywhere on earth and manifest a similar event.

One might argue that a chance meeting of Fred and Barbara that occurred in England could never happen in Alaska. This argument, however, is based only upon the dense, physical body animated by a soul with a similar condition.

Remembering the definition of an archetype, one may quickly understand that we are engaging in quantum manifestations whereby a "copy" or similar archetype will answer the call to manifest anywhere and anytime conditions are met. This is accomplished through the universality of the archetype.

Therefore, the psy-energy matrix grid of each person is non-localized. It exists independent of space/time coordinates until the the conditions are met for a fulfillment of the current archetypal combinations by the entity. Such manifestations occur on an event horizon, a local space/time coordinate.

So the archetypes, by their very timeless definitions are universal conditions existing outside temporal boundaries. This is a very short explanation of how a so-called random selection of the cards bearing the archetypes are, in fact, not random at all. They are preconditions existing in a quantum field of potentialities. This explains how a person can shuffle and pick a set of cards which reveal preconditions awaiting manifestation. Moreover, it explains how one may use the cards remotely, on behalf of another person.

This last point is important to consider. People have asked how a Tarot reading for them can be accomplished when they are not even present. The answer is that many hours of focusing on the archetypal symbology of their natal charts brings their current archetypal quantum field into the space/time of the astrologer.

Only after scores of hours of intense focus, the Tarot is used to gain access to the quantum archetype of the person in question, thus yielding important information as to the current conditions from which useful insights and advice my be offered.

In my work, there is no need whatever for any type of sorcery or any so-called occult practices. When one understands the universal field of the archetypes of nature in which we are currently immersed, such ritualistic histrionics are unnecessary. A reading is quite straight forward and only requires the unbroken concentration of the astrologer to yield successful and useful results. The relevancy of this approach continues to amaze me in every reading.

In summation, an astrology chart is nothing more that the arrangement of archetypes upon a sequential substrate reflecting the growth cycles of each unique life. It forms an archetypal schematic of the event horizon, the moment of birth, in which a soul enters the wheel of life. The use of the Tarot is simply a "real-time" glimpse of current psychic, mind/body conditions through the juxtapositioning of the same archetypes which exist outside space/time and inside time/space.

Such a methodology has nothing to do with popular notions of "fortune telling." For those who expect and ask for such fanciful and fatalistic predictions, no readings shall be forthcoming from this astrologer.

From a quantum perspective of consciousness/mind/body relevancy, there is nothing unscientific about using the Tarot as an additional archetypal vehicle of discovery. Used in conjunction with well proven astrological principles, the overall results can rival the most sophisticated contemporary psychological methodologies.

In my work, I simply merge the housing substrate of the Zodiac with the Tarot archetypes which supplant the planets to yield a relevant psychological terrain. Such a methodology continues with the theme of the chart and yields an accurate picture of how far and in what ways the soul has progressed in time with its particular gifts and challenges.

The psychological value of the archetypes is immense and rich in meaning. Because they are universally imbedded within the psychic field of all life, they serve as preeminent tools of psychology from which we may regain our orientation in the ever changing flux fields of consciousness within our current dimension, otherwise known as life on earth.

The Tarot is yet another tool available to use in this regard. It is simply another lens by which the invisible forces affecting our lives is resolved. In photography, a lens has a resolution; that is, it has the ability to resolve great and small distances beyond the range of normal vision.

The Tarot, like astrology serves as telescope and microscope to show us worlds within worlds by which we may better understand the mysteries of who we are.

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