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the astrologer's stone

"axiom of truth"

© 2001-2019 John J. Falone

having contemplated the "Great Shift" and the nature of empires in the previous essays, let us now venture deeper into astrology as a life-process rather than a nebulous speculation. In order to approach this level of understanding, we must dismiss the programmed dialectic of our educational system, designed to artificially compartmentalize knowledge into the stone-cells within the body-politic.

When the mind is once again opened to perceive the interconnections of life as a holistic reality, a new vista of knowledge dawns upon the horizon of the once crippled intellect. To the liberated metaphysician, the philosophical cornerstone that supports and forms a true understanding of the structure of reality is the Hermetic axiom, "as-above-so-below."

Thus, the notion that science and religion are utterly separate and at odds in a battle to the death is anathema to true progress and an abomination of Truth to Conscious-Mind. And this applies equally to the internal struggles of scientific specialists who are brainwashed into believing all fields of study are separate and competing for survival. For such is the means by which even they are manipulated by their enslavers to labor with compartmentalized blinders under an institutionalized "need-to-know" contract of legal oaths and unspoken coercion.

The point here is that the veracity of astrological knowledge is not only artificially separated from its sister-sciences of astronomy and astrophysics, but all are separated from other fields of knowledge, as well. It is through such separation that knowledge is controlled and its related tasks are compartmentalized into linear assembly-lines of research, then into pyramidal pecking-orders serving the invisible command and control capstone of a counterfeit-hierarchy, the head of which is unknown to the majority of its members.

Having said that, let us open our minds and disarm the artificial intellect of false-logic in order to utilize the "cornerstone" of the metaphysicians credo, "as-above-so-below." Here, the mind, not to be confused with one's intellect (a program), is empowered to make connections rather than distinctions, integration rather than separation, and scalable concepts rather than the fragmented, myopic language of specialists. Here, the reality of a connected universe unfolds to reveal greater depths of the miracle of life.

resonant stones

it is crucial to first free one's mind from the superficial interpretation of words in order to perceive the reality of life's interconnected, symbiotic, interactive, self-informed, and mutually-supportive nature. For example, if we use the word-concept "astronomy" or "astrophysics" to describe a solar/planetary/galactic reality, we gain one understanding. Yet if we use the word-concept of astrology to describe the same, we not only gain a different understanding, but we also encounter mountains of disinformation contaminating the true nature of these supportive, interactive life-system concepts.

in order to break free of this semantic game of thrones, let us begin our contemplation by substituting the above words with "resonance," which, after all, is a universal principle, suddenly, a new gestalt of understanding is opened. Of course, those who remain shackled to the superficial academic stricture of language will argue that "resonance" is a "scientific" term, and, on a superficial level, that argument would enjoy a modicum of merit. However, we are not speaking of the most common "use" of the word, but rather its actual conceptual meaning, its essence.

Thus, the essence of the word "resonance" is not only universal, but timeless as a conceptual facet and function of a holistic reality—the only true reality there can be. For example, could any thinking being actually argue that other great civilizations who used universal geometric proportions to construct massive structures, and who harnessed sonic forces to cut and move stones, knew nothing of the concept of resonance, simply because they did not use that exact word as it is found in our current language?

Of course, the above method of freeing the mind from the shackles of the intellect also works with many other words other than resonance. For example, we can speak of our local life-system in terms of gravitational, electro-gravitational, or simply electrical forces of attraction and repulsion. Or even more revealing, we could use the word/concepts related to plasma fields to explain the various effects of planetary movements (charged bodies), and their relative geometric positions in their systematic oscillations through a charged field otherwise termed empty space!—same reality, different languages, yields a different understanding.

Again, when we perceive reality through the axiomatic lens of the metaphysician, "as-above-so-below," it becomes clear that it is quite impossible for these interactive concepts to be known as separate realities. Therefore, "resonance" is a universal principle integral with plasma fields, electrical fields, astral fields, psychic fields, and so forth. One could go on: electron valency, pole-shifts, velocity and mass, time/space, weak and strong atomic forces, psychic intuition, intersecting time-waves, entropy, centropy, and so forth, are all connected and interactive. Clearly, universal concepts are not separate, isolated events; rather, they are interactive processes.

in order to facilitate this exposition, we shall choose "resonance" as the focus of our unifying concept of astrology, simply for the reason that its meaning, function, and conceptual understanding is more available to greater numbers of entities than many of the other concepts used in the current culture of science—the language of our times. Clearly, most everyone is familiar with the ability of sound to vibrate objects (action at a distance). Ironically, this undisputed universal function of our reality is artificially segregated into sub-classifications of physics and further constrained within specialized applications.

regardless such specialized applications, it is quite possible to explain the material universe only in terms of resonance and still see the "big picture." Moreover, the same can be used to explain atomic forces and also be correct, because all truth is embedded, scalable, and interactive within and without all levels of reality. However, due to the predatory philosophy of the so-called scientific elite, each competing branch of science is forbidden to truly interact with the others to form a holistic vision of life.

Therefore, astrology requires the multi-disciplined mind of a metaphysician, and it deals with all concepts of physics, astrophysics, astronomy, psychology, archetypes, psychological behavior, psychic-fields, astral-dimensions, predictive cycles on local and galactic scales, and so forth and so on. Yet, due to the fragmentation of institutional science stated above, the contributions of astrology to human understanding are discredited and attacked by the weaponized languages of the counterfeit-hierarchy.

It is for the above reasons that a true study of astrology can only be realized through a multi-disciplinary approach of a metaphysician using the Hermetic Axiom "As-Above-So-Below" as the astrologer's stone, as it were. For only then can the conceptual connections be made to form an accurate "big picture," a holistic understanding of our life-zone where material reality is a byproduct of interactive components, assembled around structural thought-forms, and modified by local energy matrices generated within our greater solar/galactic fields of intelligent energy.

Energy Templates

Continuing with the above premise of resonance as our primary focus, it is rather obvious that our solar system is, for all intents and purpose, an interactive atomic structure of resonating energy. It is literally an atom in its own right. Thus, to a metaphysician, it comes as absolutely no surprise that the first model of the atom was a reflection of the inherent structure of the solar system—as-above-so-below.

And for this same reason, it should be expected that the core principles of physics should be similar overall and even exact on most levels of understanding. Of course, the mathematical metrics used to measure and calculate the forces of each harmonic are different by virtue of their scalable interactions, but not the essence of their interactive functions. This is true for the simple reason that mathematics is a language that condenses large gestalts of thought-constructs into yet another symbolic language that represents observed, and, by extrapolation, theoretical behavior of matter and energy.

However, you may have noticed that any such hybrid abstract symbolic language must be translated back and forth, from one language construct to another, in order to convey a through-form structure as an energy template, envisioned by the group of entities focusing on a facet of reality. Thus, a language does not reality make. For only the essence of the construct is real, and, once apprehended, can be explained using any language rooted in a holistic reality—Truth.

The point is that all energy-systems share certain principles or laws which govern and influence their structures on one level of density or another. Such principles and laws are, therefore, universal and are recognized as such by metaphysicians, like legendary Philosopher's Stone. It is for this reason that the word/symbol "resonance" is used in this contemplation as one such universal process common to all other energy-constructs, or more precisely stated, energy-templates.

Here, such energy-templates are precursors to all their manifest resonant constructs. In other words that which is generally referred to as "matter," is essentially a resonant construct and therefore interacts with all other such constructs. From that perspective, the entire solar system (as every atom) is a resonant field-effect forming vast, oceanic, resonant energy fields, each interacting with the other through their harmonic nodes. Each, therefore, has a modifying effect on the other in a symbiotic, spiraling, asymmetrical matrix of harmonics, and all of which are in an infinite, perpetual state of harmonic rebalancing.

Clearly, this premise renders the theory of "empty" space as misleading at best, and absurd misinformation at worst. Thus, we can model the solar system as a massive resonant field, and every planet, asteroid, meteor, or, any other harmonic node within it, as an interacting component of that field. In this way, the presence of every resonant object and resonant energy field connecting each to the other forms an interactive field that IN-FORMS itself as a self-aware energy construct—a definition of communication as a precursor to intelligence

Now, given that every resonating field is in flux, (in motion) the field-effect is constantly shifting or morphing into new energy patters that act as macro and micro energy-templates for as long as that resonant frequency prevails, and in proportion to the harmonics of the individual fields comprising its geometric (angular) relationships. Thus, all matter-energy constructs are connected and communicating by resonance on one level or another, which astrology describes in psychological terms through the archetypes. Here, astrology translates the language of resonance in terms of human influences and behavioral biases. Why? Because all is connected—as-above-so-below.

Thus, the repeating, yet variant resonant energy patterns generated by the harmonic rebalancing of all geomagnetic-moments in the greater celestial energy fields are modulators of scalar energy from the macro/solar to the micro/cellular level. In other words, the repeating dynamics of orbiting bodies is only exact in proportion to the scale of the wave measured.

Therefore, within its own local system, a planetary cycle is relative to itself; yet due to the spiraling nature of time-waves on a galactic scale, the same time-wave phase-shifts into another harmonic after a mathematically requisite number and proportion of harmonic cycles is completed.

Here, the constantly changing angular momentum of all astro-bodies form a geometric energy field at any given moment in time that is termed here as a 'resonant-template.' Thus, the veracity of astrology is not the product of wild, speculative superstitions, but of the internal dynamics of the solar system as a replicating cell, or an atom, or an energy matrix of resonance. Thus, in human terms, such replication appears within the local life-forms as an archetype.

As such every cell and molecule within that field is informed, in real time, of the quantitative and qualitative values of the resonant matrix in which it exists. It is for this reason that the archetypal portrayals of those repeating values are recognizable as specie-relevant to a planetary life-zone. Therefore the universal principles of resonance are just one of many ways by which we can understand the internal workings of astrological influences in our life-zone.

Thus, when we connect the dots between dimensions and open our minds to the holistic nature of reality, we become empowered as masters of our domains, rather than slaves to an enforced ignorance. For in the final analysis metaphysics is the perfect alchemical blend of spirituality and science, and one without the other can only lead to ignorance of one's sovereign mastery and tyranny over a collective hive-mind.

Clearly, in a world free of the artificial compartmentalization of knowledge by a cabal of counterfeit-gods who use its social effects of dumbing-down the greater number of souls in order to elevate their counterfeit control and stature, human knowledge will blossom again like a great cosmic Lotus Flower in the heavens.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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