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The astrology of relationships is largely responsible for the popularization of the ancient science. It is unfortunate that the media phenomena responsible for this sensational exposure has only trivialized a very deep, complex and important area of serious research. This vast area of research has been reduced to the intrigue of Hollywood romance. In the process, the lowest common denominator has severely limited our greater understanding of what the astrology of relationships has to offer.

In order to properly understand this area of astrology, we must first redefine our terms by stating a two part universal principle. The first principle is that every form of life everywhere and at all times is in a relationship with every other life form. The second principle is that all relationships are reflected within self on all levels of being. Therefore, one relates to all other beings in the same manner that one relates to self.

Relationship to self is further defined by the areas of life in which a relationship accumulates special meaning. Thus, in childhood, the father/mother within the child encounters parental roles acted out by two beings each of which are a father/mother within their natures. The symbiotic relationship formed by such unions manifest in the resonant field effect generated by cosmic forces. Therefore each being interprets and reacts to the same field effect in different ways.

The accumulation of such interactions through the periodicity of time marked by the forming and dissolution of planetary angles is what the astrology of relationships is about. Now, this may seem far too esoteric for most people and I will not proceed further into this awesome subject. Such discussions are treated in depth in my book The Genius FrequencyTM. I wanted to offer this definition briefly to at least give pause for thought and to broaden the scope of our definition before proceeding with the subject of this article.

We have all heard the phrase, "I'm not in a relationship right now." Even an entity in solitary confinement has a relationship with the captors. Enough, you say, my love life doesn't exist. Given the above definitions, one of the problems we have in attracting a healthy and joyous relationship with a "mate" often stems from the sum total of all other relationships.

Consider first that we have relationships with our parents, siblings, employers, employees, friends, acquaintances, associates, colleagues, "chance" encounters, neighbors, clubs, teams, societies and, of course, self. Now ask yourself how much your romantic relationship is exclusive of this list. Is a romantic relationship really that different? You might begin to consider that the answer is no.

What does this all have to do with astrology? Plenty. Because every person has a birth chart. In fact every first MEETING that forms a relationship of any kind has a birth chart! Yes, the day you meet is the day that you combine your chart with the chart of the other, as well as subsequent events that I will explain later in this essay. Your birth chart, your harmonic code imbedded within you is written in the stars and planets. Therefore, two become three because your star codes mix with the other persons star codes and the day you meet has a star code that comes into play.

To properly ascertain the big picture, there are four charts to consider: (1) The day of "commencement" of the relationship, which indicates the general tone of the relationship within the star matrix of forces; (2) the combined natal charts of the two people in question, forming a double chart with two sets of planets forming resonant geometry; (3&4) the charts of each individual affected independently by the transits of the day in question.

In order to grasp every possible means of delineation, one must also include the Heliocentric (Sun centered) charts of all of the above. This produces eight charts from which the astrologer can begin finding recurring themes that characterize the relationship, imparting its own dynamic beyond the individual considerations. Moreover, Progressed charts can also yield important long range predictions. This can easily result in a dozen or more charts to analyze. As you can see, the depth of information is truly amazing and quite revealing, as well.

Again, a relationship is "born" into a matrix of forces just as a child. Therefore, astrologers have a tremendous advantage in understanding the unseen dynamics of relationships, of every type. A skilled astrologer can "see" in the planetary relationships the dynamics of each separate individual, the combined dynamics of both, and the direction that the relationship as a whole will travel, so to speak, through time.

The latter is accomplished by considering the birthday of the relationship. It is very important, therefore, to use great care in ascertaining correct dates. In my work, the time and place is very useful, but it is not crucial to the reading. Now, few people remember the date of their first meeting, which can often be quite casual and within the context of the bustle of daily activities. Do not be dismayed if you do not remember the date of your first meeting for the following reasons.

The date of your meeting is superseded by the next stage of your relationship. I term this phenomenon, the principle of "Sequential Priority" of events. In other words, the chart of the day of your first kiss, or love making, or a formal commitment, like an engagement, or anything that advances the depth of the commitment such as signing a lease together, etc., creates a new chart.

For example, if you are engaged to be married, you do not need to know the date that you first met. But you do need to know, of course, the exact date of your engagement. By the same criteria, your wedding day supersedes both your engagement day and the day you first met. Even marrying the same person again will create a new chart and the old chart will cease to be a factor. Another example would be the date of your job interview, which will create a chart which will be replaced by a new chart on the day that you are hired.

Now all this might seem a little overwhelming, but the principle is simple. We are only looking for the most significant date. Suffice it to say, that when two people commence upon a joint venture on a good day, they enter a wave of energy that tends to be self-perpetuating, meaning that the odds are far greater for long term success and happiness. Sometimes we do this intuitively, sometimes through blind, stupid, luck, and other times consciously. The latter, imparts us with knowledge of what we can realistically expect to encounter as a result of the combined energies of both parties.

Having an understanding of the interrelatedness of all of these views, like the facets of a diamond, we can simplify this complex issue by stating that much information can be gleaned from a single facet or date. In other words, even if we do not know the birthday of our potential boss at the interview, or that special someone we desire, or a team member that will help us win the championship, we can "know the day." This is known as "electional" astrology.

Thus, using the criteria explained above, we can actually pick the most potent day in advance for any union, business deal or any endeavor. Most people need this knowledge, after the fact, to make sense of what is happening in their lives. However, it should be clear that consciously and intelligently picking a day to commence upon an important journey is using this knowledge to its maximum effect.

How is this possible? Because the science of astrology is the recognition of patterns forming the unbroken fabric of life's symbiotic energy relationships. Each being is a field effect existing within other field effects. Science, as an institution, is still searching for a formula that represents and predicts many orders of magnitude. They call it the hunt for the "theory of everything!" In a very real way, astrologers have had an actual working theory of everything that could not be refuted for over four thousand years. The institution of science has enjoyed no such longevity regarding their short-lived theories.

In the prior articles you learned that, thanks to the Aquarian energies and the use of the ubiquitous personal computer, astrologers now have scientific proof via sophisticated statistical models, that astrology is a science. To those who have always known the depth and power of astrology, this is an ironic validation, to be sure.

But unlike a scientific proof that predicts the exact repeatable outcome to every experiment, astrology incorporates the more esoteric laws of quantum physics. The latter can be proven, but only in terms of probabilities. This fits perfectly with the law of free will to affect the effect, as it were.

In The Genius Frequency, there is a lengthy examination of such quantum realities in human consciousness and stresses the power of Genius inherent in all. The point is that though we live in and are affected by forces that persist to influence us, we have the God-given power to change. Inevitable events only happen to those who are not aware of the subtle forces creating unknown impulses.

What all this means to the astrology of relationships is the awesome knowledge that can give us new powers of observation to base our decisions upon. Knowing the best days to meet the best person, knowing the strengths and weaknesses in your current relationships and when they will be tested, knowing that getting married on a certain day can actually make or break the long term success of a union and hundreds of other advantages are now ours to use.

Unless we begin to use this knowledge to help guide us, how can we navigate the depths of life on earth. Happiness will continually elude us until we learn how to use the powers of good fortune to amplify our successes and the foreknowledge of challenging times so we may minimize suffering and hardship.

The astrology of relationships will pave the way to a dramatic increase of successful unions, stable and long lasting marriages. Our current situation is tragic. The divorce rate is staggering. The joy and beauty of a loving family is the foundation of civilization. Without the family as a foundation, we are doomed to the satanic designs of statecraft in place of love and compassion.

We have the tools. We have the knowledge and knowledge is power to be free from limitations. We are given the signs, but they are useless until we incorporate this knowledge in our mainstream consciousness. 

The Signs are there for us, marking a time for all seasons. The Signs are a gift to humanity and a precious gift it is. The knowledge we need is shining down upon us, waiting for us to use this divine celestial love letter of hope. Astrology is the study of God's Message written in the stars.

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