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© 2001-2019 John J. Falone

For far too long, astrologers have been caught up in the veracity game. Too much effort has been devoted to proving that astrology works in terms demanded by scientific gangs ill equipped to pass judgment upon the ancient science. Proving that astrology works is a colossal waste of time and resources; for it cannot be proven to those who seek not the truth. Nor is the language of science suitable to contain the true dynamic context of life.

Once astrologers and the general populace ask the far more productive question of: "What is the highest purpose of astrology," and "how might the individual and society at large benefit from its extensive psychological database," a useful and rewarding philosophy will emerge. Only then may we proceed to incorporate astrology as a sane and powerful tool of consciousness.

Consider the amount of time, energy and consciousness resources devoted to establishing a case for what astrology is and how it works compared to the amount of time devoted to its proper use. This is due in large part to engaging in the mock struggle imposed by academic mainstream paradigm of science and its ever-looming mantra of "prove it." It is a game, of course, invented by the high priests of academia as a front for the public at large.

It is unfortunate that so many astrologers struggle with the absurd challenges and meaningless non sequitur that the scientific community espouses as a rebuttal to the obvious a priori' evidence. Cheap computer power has long since lain waste to such empty arguments on proclaimed "scientific grounds." Yet astrologers still live in the shadow of the artificial stigma imposed by the naysayers. All of these struggles serve to distract from the important task of creating the proper philosophical framework. 

Without a solid philosophical foundation upon which to qualify the already proven precepts and principles, astrology will continue to flounder in the hinterlands of human consciousness, trivialized and ridiculed by those who seek to perpetuate ignorance for personal gain at the expense, even death of others. The lack of a coherent philosophy has thus far retarded the proper use and general acceptance of this tremendous gift of Light marking the signposts in the space of God's Mind. 

A philosophy grows, quite of its own accord, within the collective implied meanings of all action and thought. It is mistakenly believed by many that if a philosophy is not declared it does not exist. This is deception by design, of course; based on this notion that philosophy is an object that one may or may not possess. However, it is impossible not to have a philosophy.

The educational system is cranking out mindless drones who actually believe that they have escaped any philosophical moniker, or attendant responsibility, by claiming that there is no inherent meaning to life, nor to their actions — that-IS-a-philosophy. They are utterly deluded and brainwashed by a system that screams a philosophy of annihilation, death, meaningless and purposeless spontaneous accidents for which no explanation need be given.

Yet, that very description is the philosophy of the educational system as it has devolved to the present. If one claims and lives the statement that there is no meaning to life and therefore no philosophy, that-is-their-philosophy . It is quite impossible not to have one. One's very existence is a philosophy. Philosophy is the individual and collective motivation behind action, thought and deed.

When we contemplate a natal chart, we are seeing a philosophy of potential life waiting to be shaped by the entity's consciousness. In the act of living life, one begins to add weight to one's philosophy by choosing thought and action. Therefore, a chart is not only a philosophy unto itself, but it forms the soil from which the entity may evolve another philosophy, either grander or more degenerate than the original premise.

One may amass sufficient motivation to construct or acquire an astrological chart for a chosen moment on the ever moving cross of space and time. Yet, as one gazes at the symbols and contemplates the archetypal relationships represented by the chart, the purpose for doing so is implied, oftentimes without any conscious thought as to the philosophical purpose supporting the action.

In other words, the purpose for which the chart is used affects the philosophy of astrology for that entity. One cannot escape this reality. Again, the philosophy of astrology is inherent within the intended use of the chart. It makes not one wit of difference if one does not overtly declare a philosophy. It is inherent in the motivation, the intent of the entity who uses the knowledge.

Consider also that every system of astrology has a philosophy as does every astrologer who practices and studies the art/science. Now things get very interesting. The reason most entities choose to avoid talking in philosophical terms is that their motives are quickly revealed. A propaganda campaign is nothing more than one entity attempting to interpret its own actions and thoughts, with the intent of instilling a philosophy in the minds of witnesses, subjects and victims for the purpose of accepting the actions and thoughts of the perpetrator on false terms.

Understanding what philosophy is and its significance as a primal causative factor is even more important than understanding astrology. Since it is rather impossible to not have a philosophy, we would be wise to partake in the creation of one for our astrological pursuits; our very survival is a stake.

Philosophy is not something found on dusty shelves of libraries. It is a living dynamic, shaped and reshaped every moment of one's life. Astrological predictions are philosophical projections because one may see predilections of meaning in a chart and reference a few hundred or thousand previous "cases," to determine the majority of outcomes in those cases. The astrologer simply reiterates the scenario using the client's name.

This is a very old and tiring method of "divination" which serves little purpose other than to glorify the astrologer who cloaks the mundane in some theatrical setting: "I see in your stars that you will marry."

We see in this example the philosophy of the astrologer. The philosophy is that the astrologer has the power to see a future without choice; when, in fact, it is the past which is projected into the client's view, reinforcing a predilection. This is not conducive to freedom and truth. It does nothing to raise consciousness one wit. Thus, it is a philosophy of self-aggrandizement, fatalism, hopelessness, and endless repetition of forces known only to the astrologer.

What is needed, then, is a philosophy of human sovereignty, which will lead one to the proper measurement and understanding of the breadth, depth and heights of consciousness as the whole of life is considered within the context of The ONE. Clearly, the same set of "facts," the same information is simply the brick work applied to the design yet to be manifest. A philosophy is the blueprint from which a consciousness edifice is constructed. The same bricks, as it were, can be used in any way whatever.

Yet, without a sound and enduring philosophy based upon the highest frequency principles, faulty structures are created that cannot endure. Worse, they shall collapse upon those who seek refuge within their flawed structural design. The bricks are not at fault. The facts remain the facts. Yet the construction of the elements into the soul's context is based exclusively upon the philosophy used to fashion its inherent design.

Clearly, if we contemplate a philosophy of astrology that truly serves the highest purpose of human dignity, joy, peace and individual sovereignty as a manifestation of a Greater Plan -- one quite beyond the limited scope of current possibilities -- a philosophy of Life will emerge, one that is indistinguishable from our philosophical formula. How could it be otherwise?

Moreover, such a philosophy has profound implications for the society at large. When individual transcendence is a primary objective, a healthy collective is the result. For society is merely a reflection of the individuals which compose its ranks.

In the final analysis, astrology can only be as strong as its philosophy. A philosophy that does not explicitly serve personal, social and spiritual transcendence is a useless endeavor and, in the wrong hands, a dangerous one. Precious time and resources are expended in nonproductive pursuits such as proving that astrology works, that it is a science, that it is "for real." Science does not know what causes gravity, yet the apples keep falling from the trees. When the results are so obvious, its effect becomes a principle a priori' and one can go about the business of harnessing its power to produce a higher quality of life.


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