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personality defined

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false assumptions

Ask most anyone, what is a personality? You will likely get a glazed stare and perhaps some obscure answer like, it's "how someone acts." You might just as well ask: what is life about? The answer is simply to "big" to be taken seriously.

There is little doubt that the single most abused, confusing, illusive, misleading, and misunderstood aspects of human psychology and astrology alike is the concept of the personality. And like so many other "big" concepts in life, its truth is hidden in plain sight, precisely because it appears to be so obvious, that its presumed meaning remains unquestioned.

Everyone speaks of personality as a given value to explain certain behavioral complexes. It all seems obvious enough; certain people act in certain ways that distinguish them from others who act in different ways. Ironically, that same criteria used to distinguish individuals is also used to categorize them into groups (not individuals), otherwise known as personality types. In fact, entire institutions are constructed to analyze, manipulate, or promote various personalty traits or profiles for entertainment, profit, and even control.

the cult of personality

At this point in our collective journeys through this local life zone in time, most everyone has become aware of the term "personality cult," or "the cult of personality," and so forth. Such cults form around exaggerated behavioral exhibitions by movie stars, politicians, businessmen, religious leaders, and artists. In our daily lives, we are influenced by them, identify with them, follow them, aspire to be like them, believe in them, and compare ourselves to them.

From that perspective, however, we see that there is absolutely nothing regarding the so-called cult of personality that is in any way peculiar to our times, our age, as it were. Historically, we see that the cult of personality has dominated the collective perceptions of all societies for countless thousands of years. In fact, the farther back we go in our timeline, the more prominant are these personality types, to the extent that they appear as gods in the mythological accounts of human history.

Regardless the various names ascribed to these mythological personages by each culture, we see by their actions, their behavior, and their attitudes, that they all share similar traits. And those traits are invariably the same basic "personality types" that constitute the ancient gods and goddesses who personify the personalities of the warrior, magician, hero, heroin, protagonist, antagonist, pharos, savior, guru, king, queen, etc. Given the nature of time, all ancient archival mind is synonymous with the subconscious mind.

Therefore, rooted in the mythological constructs of the subconscious are the hyper-extreme personality profiles that make our own pale by comparison. And it is for precisely that reason we succumb to every manner of false worship of those entities who exhibit the most rarified and extreme versions of ourselves. Such is the cult of personality, which is simply the projection of self into another self. It is the reason that kings, queens, and every manner of dictator, psychopath, as well as beneficent leaders are followed to the ends of the earth.

Regardless the age you choose to analyze, the cult of personality dominates the scene as an obvious, inescapable and ubiquitous behavioral model through which personal power is sacrificed in exchange for a vicarious association with what appears to be an invincible, immortal, or supernatural power.

And it is precisely its ubiquitous nature that causes us to unquestioningly accept that which appears to be so obvious as to not require investigation. After all, everyone has a personality, for better or worse, and it seems natural enough to simply project one's hopes and fears into some other version of oneself that more powerfully externalizes the power we believe we lack.

Clearly, until we seriously ask the question, what exactly is a personality, we will remain trapped in a house of mirrors, perpetually losing ourselves in the superficial reflections of something we have come to falsely regard as our identities, or the lack thereof, in this life.

the archetypes

Not surprisingly, the answer to the question, what is a personality, is hidden in plain sight — it is an archetypal expression. But, what, then, is an archetype? Again, there is a ready-made answer to this concept, as well, found in the pantheon of mythological gods. Here, we are confronted with the likes of Zeus, Aphrodite, Chronos, Demeter, Persephone, Uranus, Athena, Mithrus, Maya, Shakti, and countless others, not the least of which include the 12 signs of the Zodiac and planetary bodies which circumscribe the sky of the human mind.

While, understanding the archetypes leads us closer to the answer to our question, it stops short of fulfilling our quest. Why? Because, it is a form of circular logic, whereby, a personality is an archetype, which is defined by a mythological personality. One thing we can learn from this is how deeply entrenched and addicted we are to the notion of personality as a means to identify who we truly are in this life.

In order to throw off the shackles of this circular logic, we must contemplate another dimension to this understanding: an archetype is a vibratory construct, an intelligent, energetic field effect within our local life-zone. It is a primal catalyst forming kingdoms of life-forms, each nested within the other — but, it is NOT a conscious sovereign entity. Suffice it to say, an archetype is NOT a personality. Rather, it is the precursor to that which biases the behavior of complex organisms.

That which we perceive as a personality trait is a secondary effect, a behavioral bias influenced by an accentuated archetypal field. In other words, a personality manifests only as a reaction to dynamically changing conditions in which the archetypal energies are embedded. This is much easier to see in nature, particularly in the animal kingdom. So, every culture chooses different animals to express one or more combinations of archetypal influences, depending upon which ones thrive in a given environmental condition.

Thus, we see in the animal kingdom the most pure or most exaggerated manifestation of certain archetypal energy dynamics. These energy dynamics appear as certain behavioral traits, or personality, ONLY AS A RESULT OF being animated by the Life-Force, itself, which is entirely independent of the archetypal energy-fields. (notice that the words "animal" and "animate" share the same root).

At any rate, different cultures use the animal kingdom to convey knowledge about life in this zone of expression. Thus, Lions, Bulls, Scorpions, Crabs, Eagles, Horses, Rats, Fish, etc., all convey their respective qualities as specialty attributes, or archetypal powers, which they express through their behavior within dynamic environmental conditions and circumstances.

enter the human

The point of all this is to reveal that an archetype is NOT a personality, nor can the reverse be said. Again, when the Life-Force animates an archetypal energy field within a dynamically changing environment, the resulting life-form expresses behavioral biases as a secondary expression of its dominant trait.

Such traits are simply the form and function that an archetype manifests in a given life-zone. Thus, the archetypes are not personalities, and they are most certainly not gods. They are simply energetic, intelligent awareness templates through which the Life-Force, itself, animates a given form and function provided by archetypal constructs.

Therefore, in the higher frequencies of meta-knowledge, we gain the realization that we are NOT, in fact, our personalities. Although behavioral biases of archetypal influences are perceived in unfolding time as personality, a sovereign human spirit they do not make.

The human, as a sovereign expression of THE ONE, is of an entirely different cosmic order of creation. The confusion manifests in the obvious sharing of dominions, principles and powers within a local life-zone, i.e. our solar system. In other words, to experience the intimate levels of a world as a participant, i.e. to fashion a body suitable to house a human essence, soul, or spirit, the archetypal energy templates must be used, albeit in a more rarified, less exaggerated, and far more spiritual form.

archetypes & astrology

So what does all this mean in terms of astrology? To answer that question, we must first acknolwedge that astrology is an ancient art/science. As such it is a blend of observational (i.e. astronomy) and interpretive (i.e. archetypal) complex of techniques. Clearly, all astrology systems are not created equal, and each is influenced by the archetypal template which dominates a given culture.

Therefore, in order to attain the highest frequency understanding of its true potential, we must properly utilize the archetypes for what they truly represent, i.e. templates in nature animated by the Life-Force. Only then will astrology yield the wisdom contained within its function as a tool of perception, rather than an extention of the very archetypes it seeks to rise above.

Here, astrology is used as a timing device by which to reveal the rhythmic, temporal influences of the archetypal energy fields as animated by the Divine Life-Force, not as a judgment upon the nature of a human incarnation within this realm. Thus, equating a sovereign human spirit with a local energy field, or archetype, is a gross distortion at best, and at worst, a subconscious enslavement to a lower order of creation.

Therefore, the true purpose of astrology, as a meta-science, is to provide a roadmap for the soul in this dimension of experience. The analogy of psychic weather, used throughout this work, holds true in every respect regarding the archetypes. Here, the archetypal patterns of influences are in every way part of those field-effects we term the  celestial weather, dynamically affecting the atmosphere and our awareness of life in the context of that atmospheric condition.

Perceptual tools

In summation: the common misconception that personality is a definition of one's being, or essence of being in this dimension, must yield to the reality of our sovereign journeys through time. In other words, the personality is a perceptual tool, a biased lens through which each of us experiences our Sovereign Life-Force in ways unique to a local creation.

In truth, we all have experienced the personality biases of many different archetypal influences through multiple incantations in this realm. Therefore, a significant portion of  our subconscious memories contain the imprints of all the archetypal awareness experiences inherent to life in this particular zone of creation.

Thus, the purpose of a sovereign human is to use its current archetypal biases, otherwise termed personality, as a tool by which to co-create and enhance the life in which we participate. One is wise who realizes that the archetypal structures of this realm are temporarily borrowed energy templates with which to bestow the blessings of life to all other lives. As such, they do NOT define who we truly are, nor have they ever.

The true purpose of astrology is to enhance that journey through time by providing additional, navigational tools by which to aid the human time-traveler, and ultimately to gain a new level of mastery by which all life may be uplifted in the process of that experience.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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