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The answers to the mysteries of life are obscured by the illusion, the deception of the Neptunian influence for the past 2000 years distorting, reinterpreting and misinterpreting, the teachings of light.

We have been led into an ocean of deception, a distorted lens through which we see only a vague, watery similitude of our true natures mixed with the reflections of a thousand others, shifting and morphing within an aquarial view. We have been taught not to leave the water, not to surface, not to see with clarity the true reflection of ourselves.

We have lived life on this planet as in a house of mirrors, all distorted in one way or another. Yet the removal of the surfactant barriers is the very energy by which life may be experienced as a flowing without obstacles, a unified field theory of feeling that all life lived is all life shared.

The Age of Aquarius has given us the opportunity to surface and see clearly our true reflections. But the waters must be calm. We must utilize what we have learned from the Piscean wisdom of the deep. We must use our skills and knowledge of balance and calm the waters in order to see a true reflection in the mirror of God's mind. What else will we see in that mirror of calm waters? We will see the stars.

In this age, for the first time in 24,000 years, we have the opportunity to see with clarity, without distortion, our past and our future direction. We now see the night sky in the surface waters of our past deception as well as our unity and the stars of our destiny shimmer their truth, calling to our souls for a deeper understanding of our destinies in the stars, the dimension of our true homes, our true natures in the universe, the pristine, infinite mind of God.

As we gaze into the dark waters of our past, we see patterns of light, shapes of energy fields that form the primal alphabet of life, the original 22 Hebrew letters (reflected in the symbology of the Tarot). These shapes are imbued with life, the combinations of which form the DNA codec containing the potential combinations to create life anywhere in the universe!

The patterns of light are moving, they are not static, they are dynamic. They have always been shining for us, shaping and marking the signatures of our souls at the moment of conception in a pattern that we can see first with the physical eye, then with the spiritual eye. Star patterns are the exterior reflection of the soul in the space of the universe. The stars are part of us and we them. How could it not be so?

The sky is a giant lens focused upon the face of life. One is a reflection of the other. If we look into the cosmic mirror of existence we will see ourselves, maybe for the first time in many lifetimes. Seeing ourselves as we truly are is the first step to claiming our freedom as sovereign entities with the powers to co-create any life we desire within the laws of creation.

We have never stopped creating our lives. Over and over again we have come back only to be lost in the deception of warped mirrors in the hands of our religious and scientific leaders who are loathe to have us find our power and earn our freedom to return to God's vibratory glory and ultimate joy.

The only impediment to our freedom is the ignorance of who we really are. Think of the first time you looked into a true mirror of your physical body in the remote past of your incarnations. You may have emerged from the mountains or the desert and gazed into still water.

What a moment of revelation! What a moment for the consciousness of the soul! What an exquisite meeting of self in nature. And what is behind that image? A sky full of stars speaking a language of light. The stars, as a backdrop of your image, frames, contains and reflects your very nature.

Our ancestors have seen the face of life in the alphabet of the stars and they have taken great pain and utilized hard earned skills to etch and paint the image of our true reflections on the stone walls of caves and tablets of clay and papyrus.

They left them for another time and other souls who would follow and would know not their true natures. Perhaps they left these timeless truths for themselves, knowing they would be back and would need to find themselves and save more time to evolve in each succeeding cycle. But who were our ancestors, if not us — then!

The timeless relics of the zodiac are found everywhere upon earth, spanning time from a few thousand to many tens of thousands of years in the history of our round trip journeys. The answers to what is life and what are we to do with it has stared back at us with the eternal gaze of the Sphinx into the horizon where space meets time, the Cosmic Cross.

The teaching of the stars in the form of the Zodiac has been in the lost and found department of the human psyche from time's beginning. But we must reclaim our lost pearl of wisdom. There are a few on earth who have and they are unearthing, dusting off the relics, reviving the teachings buried in temple stone in the bowels of the earth, laying them once again upon the table of the human awareness to be claimed by those who recognize Divine Truth.

First we must wake up to the fact that the truth that would set us free has been carefully guarded by those who would have us as their slaves forever. But the powers have been withdrawn from those who have vowed to manipulate others through withholding the truth of God's message of the stars.

The power of karmic freedom has been returned to the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind so that they may release themselves, lift themselves from the cross of space and time. In this age, we have rediscovered the Cosmic Cross, the key to unlock the mindless pre-destiny of karma as we move into a future of hope through freedom from karmic slavery.

Through the clarity of vision gained through the Aquarian lens of knowledge of the stars, we can peer into our new destiny of liberation. On an individual level, cell by cell, soul by soul, we can calm the deceptive waters of our past. Our faces become clear in the waters of the deep and star patterns behind the face reveal the codes of life spiraling into a future of sovereign freedom.

The cosmic DNA traces a spiral, like Jacob's Ladder, into a future of infinite potential. This is not a boring future by any means. It is the endless repetitions that are boring and predictable. For the true art/science of astrology is to transcend the predictability of mindless repetition.

There are infinite star combinations waiting for our attention to reveal itself and in doing so, realize infinite possibilities for fulfillment within the grand scheme of Natures law below and God's Law above and beyond.

Through balance, vision and understanding of the periodicity of time, we unwarp and polish the mirror of our souls. The meaning, the encoded knowledge within the stars-fields becomes clear. Just as the warped mirrors of the Hubble telescope yielded interesting, but inaccurate visions of the true nature of the star fields like a reflection seen in rippling waters, the still, balanced, polished mirror of the Aquarian soul will see with accuracy and clarity its reflection and its direction into the pre-existing futures of infinite potential.

We have the tools now. They have come back to us. We have the tools to polish the mirrors of our souls. In truth, we have always had them. They were lost in time but not in space.

But the time has come again. The vaults, the time locks have opened and inside we have found a celestial mirror. In the past life residue of 24,000 years of repeated incarnations, we formed many deluded fantasies of what secrets might be locked inside the vaults so closely guarded by the gargoyles of time. What a stupendous surprise to find the image of ourselves staring back through those vaults.


After 2,000 years of Neptunian dreaming, it's time to wake up and face the dawn of Uranus' call to arms of knowledge unclouded by the deception imposed by vested interests using the energies of the stars, whether through intent or ignorance, to further their purpose.

The cycles are preordained by the power and design of God — Our decisions are not. The universal plan patiently waits for man to wake up to the reality of universal purpose through sovereign liberation. Fortunately, the alarm has been set with this in mind.

There are some who do not need the rude clanging of suffering's alarm to shock them from their slumber. Those who abide with nature's obvious and purposeful cycles awaken naturally with the dawn. No alarms are needed for the self realized to see the beauty of the dawn that so many others miss. For the children of Light are awakened each morn' by the song of birds in God's mind.

In the infinite wisdom of the creator of all that is, the stars became the consciousness songs, the periodicity of Light that bind all life to their rhythmic, cyclical structure. The universal structure of Light requires a language that can embrace and articulate its true values (universal truth) across the chasms of time and space as experienced by beings living in various dimensions of existence.

Time, space, gravity and the myriad physical laws that define their function are realities that form an illusion. Life as we know it is only an illusion relative to other realities. Thus within each illusion is reality for the being who exists within its dream. Evil is nothing more than the attempt of one life form to impose its illusion upon the reality of other life forms.

The language of Light, as written in the stars, is designed to unite the many realities within local illusion. By its function as a universal language, Light bears the multidimensional glue that binds all life to a common purpose of experience.

Like gravity, the language of Light crosses individual, localized space and time with a universal pull, a common attraction that unifies the chaos of infinite creation into a coherent message, a common goal for all life, in any form, to touch itself.

In the language of mathematics, the concept of infinity poses a threat to all local calculations. Quantum mechanics is the latest attempt to integrate the equations of mathematical abstractions with the fluid dynamics of infinity. The quantum calculations of physics quickly render concrete, local reality as mere probabilities of existence within an infinite flux of possibilities.

But the language of quantum mechanics simply transfers what was once regarded as concrete reality to what has become virtual reality. And so it goes. Language after language upon language has attempted to describe, to articulate reality for the purpose of control over other life forms.

Each type of energy wave that washes upon the shore of human consciousness brings with it a peculiar view seized upon by a few who dangle the carrot of its shifting power beyond reach of the masses. And like the endless waves, these languages wash upon the shore to rearrange the sands, claiming its veracity until the next wave crashes upon its seeming reality to erase yet another of man's sandcastles of ignorance.

We are in the midst of a grand ending and beginning — Yet another wave crashing upon the shore of our reality game replacing the last with yet another crash and roar of truth to rearrange the sands of time. But this is not just another monotonous repetition of the past. The age of Aquarius marks the ending of dreamy deception previously under Neptune's tutelage.

The so called New Age is much more than a new wave, just another wave of relativism upon the shore of short term, self-centered sophistry. It is a wake up call. It is a wave of consciousness that requires our eyes to look up to the stars and there see the reflection of ourselves where it has been all along.

We have walked the earth, eyes cast down through watery lenses for far too long. Those who control the reality game on earth have seen to it that we remained near sighted. The myopic vision of religion and science has blurred the horizon of space and time so that we remain ignorant of the gifts each of us posses to free ourselves from the endless repetitions of karma, the past life residue. In our sleep we dream of life rather than live it to its fullest awakening.

The stars burn like crystals, punctuating the black velvet night with patterns that mark our soul's journey into this material dimension. Let us open our minds to the brilliance of our true heritage. For we are more than mere interstellar travelers, we are interdimensional beings affecting and being affected by every thought-form in the universe and beyond.

Let us now board our consciousness ship and journey into a universe of self where the universe reveals itself as a counterpart to our very being.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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