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"A g e  O f  B a b b l e"

© 2001-2019 John J. Falone

Human language is subject to mutation over time as it reflects the ever changing human condition through epochs. Moreover, the elite have always known the power of controlling perceived reality through manipulating language.

In the story of Babylon, the continuity of an entire civilization was laid waste through the "babbling tongues" of race-gods who wanted autonomy of power. Thus, a language of Light was reduced to partial equations of artificial languages and the war of deception took a turn into greater darkness.

A language is nothing more than a matrix of thought patterns built from an alphabet of archetypal dynamics recognized, refined, documented and used extensively within the mental framework shared by individuals to form a society. The seed of all war is in the distortion of language. Those who control the language, the meaning of word/symbols, control the reality game.

For example. if you are in a position of power to implement fundamental change, and if you invent a new language then you are totally in control of the agreements necessary for referencing reality, which is actually just a reference to another definition. Because of this we live in the age of lawyers. The babbling tongues are in our face, spewing out new definitions by the truckload reinforced through the hypngogic media blitz upon society at large.

Techno-babble is a new term coined by those cursed with the job of reporting (translating) incomprehensible, soulless concepts and dressing them in terms of human interest stories. Human interest?!! How is it possible to use a language so convoluted, so abstract, so specialized, so microscopic to explain the universality of the life we all share? The answer is you can't.

Look at your society. Do people really understand each other? Are people really using the same language — a language of life? The answer is no. The break down of the archetypal language of life leads to fragmented consciousness and eventual ignorance of universal law resulting in confusion and enslavement.

Science has created specialists to facilitate the reductionist paradigm and in so doing has produced thousands of sub-languages, specialty languages incomprehensible not only to the general public, but to other members of their own scientific groups of mindless calculators.

Before science it was the church that obsessed over what terminology to admit and what not to admit in their constant (over seventeen hundred years) translating from other languages and editing which names of God would be used and deliberately confused. Direct references to astrology, of course, were surgically removed in the interest of the power elite of the saturnine political institutions known as the church.

Yet there still exist today, in extant texts, references to astrology. You may still find references in the modern Bible, albeit in fragmented and incomplete statements. It is little wonder, since all religions were originally founded on or intimately connected to some variation of astrology, that the ancient language of light leaked through into present day consciousness. As such, it can not be deposed because it is part of the continuity of the human creation and its journey through the density of time and space.

A very interesting sidebar is the recent discovery of an underwater cavern in France with a wall painting of a zodiac wheel, the constellations superimposed along with artifacts all of which dated well over 35,000-50,000 BC! This language of the stars transcends all previous notions of recorded time in human history.

The language of ancient astrology is perhaps the most widely (through time) recognized symbology in the history of human existance. On a cellular level, we posses a universal language of light. This language gives all men of every cultural division a common historical reference point and a shared point of departure to build a future based on true consciousness evolution through the knowledge of nature in this dimension.

A star map, drawn from the universal bank of knowledge, is the medium of exchange between generations. The language of man's written word can be corrupted, scrambled, edited, embellished and misinterpreted. Calendars have suffered the same fate.

For those still in possession of the universal language of the stars, there is immediate recognition of the symbols which cut across all cultural barriers, indeed across time itself. Show a star map to a soul of any country, culture and language and you have instant recognition of a language structure with the depth and breadth of mind required for true spiritual communication.

Even star maps change, however. The night sky of ten thousand years ago was a different story, a different epoch. And there were eons before, separated by ancient time but simultaneously present, harmoniously coexisting in the space of mind with infinite memory.

In archeological terms, spanning the vast chasms of time, we can regard ancient wisdom through the language of the stars as contemporary to so-called modern times.

Yet, universal language is not based upon time, nor is it changed by it. The twelve areas of the human life drama, as Shakespeare well knew, has not changed in thousands of years.

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