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To properly discuss this subject, we must first simplify the absurdly complex definitions that have grown like a wild briar thicket around the core values and processes of the so-called scientific methodology. There has been a concerted effort by the power elite, the intelligencia who pass judgment upon that which threatens their superiority, to continually redefine the reality game to support their own agendas.

It is truly an astounding irony that the society in which we live, boasting its scientific prowess, can make such utterly unscientific rebuttals to protect the status quo. The corporate scientific syndicates use their powers of persuasion through technology to blast to pieces any knowledge that might expose their designs to enslave the consciousness of humanity.

The power elite would lead us to believe that science is at the service of humanity. However, the facts speak of a scientific conglomerate synonymous with the military industrial complex. Through endless associations with weapons and technology, among others, we have come to associate science with a hopelessly convoluted system of testing so far beyond the reach of the average man that it is pointless for anyone outside the "club" to admit any evidence whatever. Over time, the word "science" has become a noun defined as an institution with a monopoly on truth.

But the word "science" is not a noun, it is a verb. Science is a process of inquiry. Neither is "science" an institution. Essentially, the scientific method is a system, any system, that fulfills the requirement of acute observation and meticulous documentation of the observed events from which theories may be advanced and eventually proved or disproved.

In the true spirit of science, astrology has fulfilled every criteria. Moreover, it has done so longer than any other system of knowledge on the face of the earth. Geologic discoveries carbon date Zodiac wheels painted on cave walls in excess of 50,000 years. Even if we only consider the unbroken 4,000 year historical records since Babylonian times, such a record stands as the longest scientific study in any field, bar none.

The principles of astrology are incontestable in the face of 4,000 years of observation and meticulous records handed down through the most secret and secure channels of every empire on earth. But advances in astrology, like other fields of scientific research, advanced sporadically and painful slow compared to the technological advances of last hundred years - or have they?

Remember, astrology has operated underground for so long one cannot expect that the advances would appear in mainstream media. The fact is, that astrology has, indeed, kept pace in its own way. The discovery of Uranus in 1781 stunned the astrological community and profoundly changed it for the better.

Immediately after its discovery, thousands of the finest astrologers in the world set to work to integrate and refine their interpretations. Exactly like the discovery of the Neutron by physicists changed their world view and imparted new powers never before, the discovery of a new planet gives astrologers immense new powers of prediction. By the way, almost immediately after the discovery of Uranus, the planet that rules flight, the first manned balloon flight was successfully achieved!

It wasn't until 1930 that Pluto was discovered. Again because astrology is a science and only bases its calculations on observable facts, astrologers immediately began calculating, "back engineering," as it were, all historical dates of import giving astrologers verification of what Pluto influences. In addition, new scientific discoveries always reflect the quality of the new planet discovered.

Orbiting invisibly between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron was finally discovered in 1977. Yet again, astrologers set to work adding to their vast databases this new Planet/Comet. In the exact manner of any viable science advancing through discoveries, astrology research made another quantum leap with the discovery of Chiron. And just like any science, there were disagreements among researchers. But unlike NASA who, not so long ago screamed there was never life on mars nor could there ever be, then suddenly reversed their entire view, astrology has never reserved anything. The principles were sound and have always been the capstone of the astrological pyramid of knowledge.

The meticulous, objective documentation of observable phenomenon is the process, the methodology and the heart of true science. The corporate, military industrial complex enjoyed a monopoly on verifiable protocol by controlling the sophisticated technology they deemed a "requirement" to prove anything. In The Genius FrequencyTM, there is a discussion about the possibilities of Light exceeding the so-called speed limit. Other metaphysical theoreticians predicted similar possibilities. But who among us had 6 billion dollars to build a cyclotron. Who among us found permission to reserve a day to use such equipment to test our theories? What astrologer is granted the right to observe the stars through a 36 plus million dollar observatories in operation around the globe?
The answer is none of us.

Things began to change, however. There was a new wave of consciousness and opportunity building as the tide of information technology, born of Aquarian influence, began to surge toward shore from the oceanic depths of the past. Uranus, the great planet of innovative change, revolution and surprise was knocking upon the door of man's consciousness to give a wake up call, to announce great news of a new promise, to level the playing field so grossly out of balance with the rights of all to partake of a new freedom. Spreading quietly in garages, offices and living rooms was something being called a personal computer. A PC.

Again, behind the scenes, unsung by the monopoly press, serious research was being conducted by astrologers who knew their ship had come in. Cheap computing power made it possible for the first time to analyze not just a few charts per month, but thousands of charts per month. The computational power of the now ubiquitous PC gave serious researchers of astrology a power not seen on earth for millennia. Astrologers now had the key to unlock the sophisticated statistical research on a par with the highest sciences previously in exclusive control of such power.

In 1996, when Uranus, the ruler of Aquarian energies, entered its own sign of Aquarius, something profound occurred, something genuinely Aquarian. The Internet, quietly developing in the womb of our society, was born, exploding into the world of man's mind. The virtually instantaneous transmission of inconceivable amounts of knowledge and information was unleashed. Aquarius made good on its promise to not only level the playing field for the few, but for the many.

The landscape of astrology has changed dramatically in just a decade. The "Prove It" game played by the self-appointed high priests of science is over as far as astrology goes. Astrology can be statistically proven with all the strength and power of the mighty genetic, nuclear, astrophysical and quantum mechanical researchers. The playing field has been leveled by the Aquarian Mandate for universal knowledge.

In the final analysis, it is time for us to stop playing the mind games of the past and lay aside all the superfluous questions about the veracity of astrology in today's world. In no uncertain terms, astrology is indeed a science and always has been. Now it is time for all of us to begin educating ourselves on an individual level as the first major step toward the goal of establishing astrology as a serious mainstream science.

Only when we begin to integrate the science of astrology into our educational system will we stand a chance of achieving the coherence of a productive society in control of its personal and collective destiny of freedom from the limiting programming of the past and freedom towards the goal of transcendence. Only then will we truly be navigators and captains of our infinite journey through the
Cosmic Mind or THE ONE.



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