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incomplete astrology

"versus self-knowledge"

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The short answer to the question, "is astrology a complete system?" is an unqualified NO! This is true for any astrological system, or technique, at any time in historical memory. In fact, this is true for ANY system of knowledge on this planet at any given time. However, in this contemplation, we will focus on astrology as a knowledge system, why it is incomplete, and some ideas about what a complete astrological system would require.

since all systems of knowledge are constantly in flux as spiraling time cycles unfold to reveal new "relative" values, it is clear that the underlying premise of astrology, as with any world-view, must inevitably change. Such change will always reflect the polarities inherent to the perceived material world. In other words, all revelations will be comprised of "new discoveries" that will validate some existing knowledge, while also invalidating same.

in fact, the polarized phase-shifts along time's spiraling arcs are such that even the fanatical acceptance of an inexorable evolution of a system of perception is, itself, a gross assumption. For, history is replete with examples of a newly "evolved" perception that proves to be a step back into a less accurate understanding of the nature of reality, even though it appears as "new."

however, if we simply take a more moderate approach, dismissing the fanatical glorification of evolutionary changes in our perceptions of reality, it is reasonable to assume that any change is likely to be of value. That change can be a new understanding or one that is ancient, yet comprehended in a new context.

astrology in time

given that the cycles, timing, and energetic qualities of planetary bodies within our Solar System is of paramount importance in revealing accurate and important correlations to the human condition and circumstance, the most obvious change to astrology, as a system of knowledge, would be the discovery (realization) of a "new" planet. Clearly, the introduction of a new planetary body into an existing system would have profound implications—indeed, it has.

Thus, for example, over 4,000 years ago, during the Babylonian times, even though the same 12 "Signs" remained consistent, as a fundamental structure of their system, only 5 planets were known to exist outside the Earth and Moon. As such, the awareness of 7 planetary bodies was considered to be a "complete" system, from which reality might be properly understood. Obviously, that system had to be used to comprehend the near-infinite complexity of human circumstance, behavior, and potential. Therefore, all the variants of life were, by necessity, ascribed to the only planetary patterns available for observation.

The perfect analogy for this forced limitation would be the optical resolution of a camera. In other words, with a low resolution camera, the picture would certainly render reality well enough to be recognizable as a useful reference, however, a significant amount of detail would be missing. Therefore, if one desired to "zoom-in" to see the finer detail of the observed pattern, it would simply become an incomprehensible blur.

it is important to understand that the human observer does not create or invent astrology as a system of knowledge. Rather, it is the awareness frequency of the existing time-arc that reveals greater and lesser "resolution" by which to perceive (discover) patterns and connections via greater or lesser detail. Therefore, subsequent to the Babylonian era mentioned above, more "resolution" was made available by the changing, resonant frequency of the times.

jumping ahead to more recent times, we find that "resolution" was increased by an order of magnitude with the discovery of Uranus, in 1781. It is crucial to understand, as mentioned above, that the discovery of a new planet does not manifest outside the context of its signature influence. In other words, in its historical context, Uranus was "coincidentally" discovered in the year that the 13 colonies were declared "independent," which is why independence is one of that planet's attributes. That same time marked the beginning of the industrial revolution—machines, automation, flight, etc. Thus, Uranus is known to "rule" or catalyze all such "technological advances" that "change society."

Then, Neptune entered the human awareness matrix in 1846. It's "discovery" was inexorably nested within the invention of mass electrical distribution, oil as a mass-energy source, the light bulb, mining new elements, etc. Thus, Neptune "rules" or is associated with all these things. You might notice that its qualities overlap, somewhat, that of Uranus. However, the difference is that the latter emphasizes the "changes in society" brought about by new ideas, and the former emphasizes the act of invention and the actual materials involved in such inventions.

in terms of "resolution," in our camera analogy, Neptune and Uranus could well have sufficed as a reference to the subsequent unfolding changes of nuclear power as a world-changing discovery. However, the timing of that new, devastating technological power was synchronized to and heralded by the unveiling, as it were, of Pluto in 1930. At the time, as the most distant planet known, and given its 247.68 year solar cycle, Pluto's resonant connection to multiple generations that form societies and the raw, destructive, nuclear power, etc., became its affiliated characteristic.

There are many more such synchronous realizations of our planetary body awareness, such as the near-planetary status of the asteroid Chiron (1977). Now, consider that there have been literally hundreds of new planetary bodies unveiled over the years. The point, here, is that astrology, as a knowledge-system is not static, but rather dynamic, fluctuating in time in a direct correlation to human conscious-awareness, just as any other knowledge-system.

theory of everything

clearly, the "resolution" of astrological understanding has increased exponentially, in what we have come to term the "information explosion." Thus, research, and its increased potential for understanding reality, is not unique to any branch of knowledge, religion, or philosophy, for that matter. With the increased resolution of our conscious-awareness, we are able to perceive more detail, more connections, and more unified understanding of the great mysteries of life in which we interact as co-creators in this awesome multi-dimensional reality.

now, let us step back for a moment and contemplate the ultimate, that is, the point in our astrological understanding where the "resolution" of our perceptual power is sufficient to see the connections and interactions of everything, of every conceivable condition, circumstance, and pattern in life via the knowledge-system otherwise known as astrology. Thus, just as in any branch of knowledge, it is theoretically possible to explain the most minute detail of life reflected in the heavens. Such has always been the dream of all practitioners of every perceptual discipline.

the first question we must ask is: what level of "resolution," i.e., how many planetary bodies would be need to adequately correlate the near totality of life's interactive dynamic circumstances, behavior, and potential? At the very least, we would need a system on the order of magnitude and resolution of DNA.

achieving such a high "resolution" is not so far fetched when you consider that there are, to date, well over 800 astro-bodies being tracked as part of our local system. The position and angular momentum of such a vast number astro-bodies, when factored in as potential astronomical permutations within an already complex knowledge matrix of astrology, is quite profound. (To date, however, only a dozen, or so, of these astro-bodies have been researched to any significant degree.)

Given the high potential degree of predictive and descriptive accuracy through both classical and contemporary knowledge and techniques using only a couple dozen astro-bodies, it is not a stretch to speculate that over 800 or more, properly researched, could approach the resolution of DNA, as a step toward an astrological "theory of everything."


however, the higher, esoteric astrological studies, equivalent to the current complexity levels achieved in the study of DNA, astrophysics, or even quantum physics, is not limited to mere physical objects. For it has long been known that the field effects created between, or as a result of the angular momentum of two astro-bodies creates what is termed a "node," or a class of energetic influences known as "Midpoints."

ongoing astrological research has shown quite convincing results, whereby any angular relationship between two or more physical bodies in our solar-space produces two energetic nodes, like the nodes formed along a vibrating string of a musical instrument. Of course, it is a given that all nodes are not of equal strength or influence in a chart representing a person's makeup. But then every DNA marker is not of equal significance in the makeup of a physical body.

if that is not enough complexity, or "resolution," to equate astrology with DNA, consider that there is no reason to assume that an energetic node formed between any two planets, with all the attributes of a physical astro-body, does not, in turn, create similar angular relationships between the nodes themselves! Thus, the nodes formed at the midpoints of two or more physical astro-bodies, can, themselves, form trines, squares, sextiles, etc., to themselves, as well as their physical counterparts.

Therefore, we are considering the very viable possibility that nearly a thousand astro-bodies, forming twice as many nodes, and all of which produce varying qualitative and quantitative effects, as they form an indeterminate number of angles (yet to be deciphered), each to the other, certainly approaches the "resolution" and descriptive power of DNA.

it is this author's hypothesis that a correlate will be found between the quaternion amino acid base multiples of DNA sequencing and the resonant equivalent of angular relationships between the astro-bodies and their energetic nodal values. It would seem that such mathematical values would be derived from the squaring of a circle, or more holistically, the cubing of a sphere. But such an understanding would require massive computer processing, OR something on the order and magnitude of a Divine Revelation.


now we must consider the fact that it is impossible for any computational power, derived from any computer construct, to exceed the potential power of the human mind at any given time. For any machine, assembled by such an awareness will only exist and function as a subset of the awareness that created it.

There is ample evidence that, throughout the ages, various astrologers were able to use their discipline to astounding effect. Whether it involved uncanny predictions, or the applied use of electional astrology to select dates on which to initiate every manner of activity, resulting in extraordinarily high degrees of success, all such remarkable achievements were performed with an "incomplete" system of knowledge. So how did they do it?

the answer is that the human mind possesses the innate ability to synthesize subtle forces to a "resolution" that defies all objective computational power. Thus, on a psychic level of perceptual knowing, one has no need for gross matter, such as a dense planet or astro-body, in order to perceive dynamic cycles on different timelines. Here, we see that astrology serves as merely one's personal tool of preference by which to trigger the Higher Mind to perceive that which the gross senses fail to resolve.

It is for this reason that a genuinely skilled, intuitive, palm reader, numerologist, tarot reader, crystal gazer, or other similar practitioners of the so-called arts of divination, can potentially reveal knowledge about reality that is otherwise unavailable. Consider the widely accepted skill of remote viewing. Here, the skilled practitioner can successfully perceive objects and places on other planets that even a 1.5 billion telescope is unable to resolve.

However, such human potential is not the exclusive domain of the so-called divination arts. It is a function of Self-Knowledge that transcends the mundane senses. One can be a mathematician, a farmer, a quantum physicist, a cab driver, or any conceivable field of endeavor, and the potential for Self-Knowledge, inherent within one's spirit, can perceive some level of hyper-dimensional reality.

In our age of information-tsunamis, there is much loose-talk regarding the concept of "interconnectedness," yet it is presumed that only a "specialist" sanctioned by some agency as a "proper authority" can participate in the reality of an interconnected universe! On one level, this is simply another form of hypocrisy, while on another level, it is an intellectual non sequitur Clearly, an interconnected universe means that all minds, all being, all intellects, all branches of science, all areas of metaphysics, all in all, are facets on a unified crystal, otherwise termed the Mind of God.

future illusions

as we experience time as participants in the cyclic motion of material worlds, we are incessantly mesmerized by the prevailing, albeit temporary, powers-that-be with promises of a future, or, perhaps more accurately stated, a future of promises. However, by such promises, we are lured into a perpetual abyss, an existential vacuum adorned with empty gestures of progress.

are we really "smarter" than we used to be? Is astrology more "complete" than it used to be? Are we more "civilized" than we used to be? To the clear-minded, possessed of some Self-Knowledge, these are debatable questions, indeed. For the accepted linear timeline, forever believing the future to be superior to a so-called "primitive" past, is really a closed loop, a circle of confusion.

Lofty futurists pontificate on the eventual "discovery" of a complete system of knowledge that will liberate us from our fragmented existence. But is that a truth or is it another future illusion? Consider that we have, and will always, exist in a complete universe, and each of us is a fractal replica of that completeness nested within one or another timeline at any given moment in the material dimensions.

since the theme of this contemplation is the concept of completeness, the most important question might be asked: Are we complete beings? The answer is YES—in the Mind Of God. Thus, from this universal reality comes the principle axiom of all higher metaphysics: "as above, so below; as within, so without." Since the universe "outside" is mirrored inside, from whence comes incompleteness?

Thus, if we say that astrology is incomplete because we are not currently aware of that which already exists within and without, then yes, it certainly is fragmented and in need of competition. However, if we recognize that we are fractal replicas of the universe in its greatest and least components, then astrology is, indeed complete. We can only state with accuracy that our perceptual "awareness" of astrology is incomplete.

And so it is for all knowledge systems, not just astrology, that the existential crises we face in any future context is predicated upon the fact that a pure, conscious state is not something that we do not possess, and must acquire. It is a state that has always, and shall always exist within our core essence. In the same way, all knowledge systems are limited by denial of our Divine Endowments and a myopic fixation upon a narrow range of fluctuating awareness frequencies at any given moment in an isolated time-arc.

Obviously, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and thousands of other astro-bodies existed before the sensory-shackled mind acquired the awareness of their existence. For the lower, awareness-mind can only detect that which vibrates on its current frequency range. Therefore, no computer or any other technological machine can ever exceed the current awareness state of the sensory mind.

in the final analysis, it is only our Self-Knowledge that is incomplete, which is to say, the limitation of sensory mind to perceive its totality.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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