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If you have read the previous articles, you may understand more of astrology's place in history, those who used it successfully, those who have secreted it away and those who have downplayed its role in your life.

In this article, I would like to direct your attention to how astrology has been successfully used by countless people in positions of power throughout millennium. In addition, we will examine how the New Astrology of the Aquarian age will enhance our chances of success in every area of our lives and how this new knowledge will open your mind, connect your soul and put you back in the flow of life.

In the previous articles, the distinction was made between traditional astrology and the New Astrology ushered in by the recent influences of the Aquarian Cycle. To examine the question of "how" astrology can help you, we will not separate the two since astrology has been used with amazing success for millennium.

It is said that those who do not learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them. By the time we reach puberty, we begin to suspect there is more to the repetition of cycles than birthdays, Christmas, New Years and the like. In my view, the infamous mid-life crises is the sudden fearful realization that one's life is set to repeat only what has been experienced to that point, with little or no hope of change.

Of course, the so-called mid-life crises is standard fare for astrologers. One of the terms they use to explain such a cycle is the dreaded "Saturn return," which is the return of Saturn's orbit to the same sign it was in at the time of birth. It occurs at mid-life, around age 40 and almost always represents major changes from accumulated mistakes made during that cycle. There are other "returns," but Saturn represents the most distressing of the completed cycles.

This is just one of hundreds of insights gleaned from astrological cycles. Some refer to this as "Astro-Psychology" and in many ways it is far superior to academic psychology. Astro-Psychology is far more sane and humane because personal problems are never referred to as diseases. Thus, at any given time in one's life, astrology can make sense of developments and give constructive advice.

The Farmers Almanac is nothing more than astrology applied to growing crops. Our personal lives are no different. In each moment we are planting seeds of thoughts and actions which will live or die or succumb to infestations which preclude their proper growth. Some thought-forms eventually manifest as the infestation itself due to the growing cycle in which it is planted/conceived.

One example is the moon phases which are critical cycles for timing one's desires to achieve a constructive outcome. Just as the farmer plants certain seeds during a new moon under a Mars influence, so too should we synchronize our actions and intentions, the seeds of our desires, with the proper growing cycles well known to astrologers.

The New Astrology, which includes all the most recently discovered planetary bodies and cutting edge techniques, gives even more accurate projections of the proper times for planting, i.e. starting a new relationship, launching a business, getting engaged or married, going for a job interview, etc.

In our time, the once cohesive family unit is in utter chaos. Divorce, violence, misunderstandings and repeated traumas are a plague upon our culture. We cannot expect to correct this debilitating trend so long as we remain ignorant of God's "Signs," written in the stars and marked by the planets. We have more answers now than ever before.

When a child is born, do the parents really know what being, what type of soul lay before them, the type of personality and the aptitudes of that new life? The popular notion of a "clean slate," is utterly absurd and ultimately catastrophic to our well being, personally and as a society. Imagine the power and stability of a family that knows the true psychological dynamics of the child and the talents and weaknesses in advance!! What a different world this would be if we really understood each other. Well, we have the knowledge, but we must use it.

The population of our prisons now exceed that of many countries. Most inmates are completely ignorant of what drives them, what their true gifts are and how they could be realized. The mental hospitals are overflowing with confused people with exaggerated views of rather mundane problems coupled with a lack of spiritual knowledge.

The stars and planets are markers of the cycles. Your birth chart is the moment you entered the cycle and subcycles of time. It is a clock face with many hands moving at different speeds. Each area of your life has its own timing and therefore influences that bias the soul toward certain predilections. Nothing is carved in stone. We all choose to be the captain of our destinies or helpless stowaways deep within the ship of life.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?


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