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the great shift

"crumbling walls of ignorance"

© 2001-2019 John J. Falone

The educational propaganda of existential isolationism is one of the primary waste-products of the material dialectic and is a primary filter by which beliefs are shaped into the sophistry of collective victimization. Clearly, the notion of isolated celestial bodies, and, by extension all life-systems therein, is a useful fiction by which the general public is kept in ignorance of a profound set of hidden natural laws governing an interconnected universe, otherwise termed the occult (secret).

However, the astute observer is forced to consider the centuries of pathological hypocrisy behind massive efforts to deny that which should be common knowledge to anyone who applies their conscious-awareness to understanding universal Truth. Here, the so-called elite are simply stooges, initiated into so-called secret orders of science, politics, and religion to engineer and control a fantasy hive-mind of their own delusional lust for power. The hypocrisy of this "dis"-order is everywhere evident by the fact that their are two sets of "books," as it were, theirs and ours.

And while such duplicity appears to the senses as some natural duality, it is actually used as the primary strategy of control by which to gain some advantage over the greater percentage of humanity, trained to rely upon the "experts" to interpret their reality. Such a strategy is found in the relentless, centuries-old campaign to indoctrinate the public with the pseudo-religious (scientific) philosophy, "to see is to believe?"

And yet, every day the "authorities," who mock the "primitive" understanding of the masses, boast of their superior knowledge of "UNSEEN" realities. Of course, such realities are the exclusive territory of the counterfeit-hierarchy. Clearly, this blatant hypocrisy is inherent in their efforts to isolate, obfuscate, and occult their own attempts to construct a global control mechanism by manipulating the the "unseen forces" denied the so-called collective. By such manipulation, they establish institutionalized gatekeepers of knowledge that is deemed occult by their own efforts to conceal same.

Word Games

Here, the so-called gatekeepers are not actually capable of totally controlling the dissemination of occult-knowledge within their ranks. They do, however, vigorously attempt to  limit your right to know, use, or in any way have a valid, much less respected, opinion about same. This is accomplished by the simplest of methodologies, i.e., the encoding of knowledge in a new, hybrid "secret-language" by which to share among themselves the very knowledge they desire to withhold from others.

Clearly, an astrophysicist studies the same universe we live in, yet the insights of those who do not speak the convoluted, symbolic, hybrid language of their inner-circles are mocked, ridiculed and ostracized. It is rather like visiting a foreign country and not speaking the native language.

In other words, it is the language of astrology that is attacked and ridiculed by the so-called elite, not the astrophysical reality to which it refers. They very well know the efficacy of interactive, systemic, planetary resonance—one definition of astrology in "their" language—yet, since they invented the language of science, they are deemed the default proprietors of the knowledge-base it symbolizes and the "authority" by which such language is permitted to be used and/or "officially" interpreted.

Clearly, such control allows the counterfeit gatekeepers to simultaneously deny the knowledge of astrology, even as they translate its principles of solar/planetary/galactic resonance into a new language, and proceed to "secretly" use it as another aspect of weaponized social engineering. Hence, their use of a hybrid, parallel language serves as their plausible deniability, if not outright derision regarding all knowledge-bases of ancient celestial knowledge.

Thus, in this simple scenario, the language of astrology has been the conveyor of "common" knowledge of the resonant archetypes embedded in the scientific observations of planetary motions for tens of thousands of years. In other words, astrophysical laws and principles are incorporated into and shared by all metaphysical disciplines, forming an holistic knowledge-base, which blends both objective knowledge and subjective experience together in order to uplift humanity at large.

And this is precisely why the counterfeit-hierarchy who, for centuries, have controlled the dual institutional pillars of science and religion have joined their considerable forces to declare war on such "uncontrolled" knowledge; for the intent and actions to empower themselves with knowledge they withhold from others is the actual definition of the "occult," and the counterfeit-credo of the betrayers of human sanctity.

Shift Of the ages

And yet all of the above is more or less a history lesson in what is otherwise termed mind-control, by which knowledge is weaponized, withheld, manipulated, corrupted, controlled, etc. Yet, we live in a dynamic universe, not a static one, a reality that astrology has always revealed in its applied knowledge as it exhibits brilliant and liberating insights into the dynamic cycles operating within a given time-wave dynamic.

As covered in previous essays, the so-called Age Of Aquarius is a prime example of a long-wave of celestial resonance predicted by many cultures using their own versions of astrology as their primary, holistic, meta-science. Clearly, the predictive power of astrology is one that is jealously guarded by those who seek to sequester truth for personal gain at the expense of others.

Yet, such control over any area of knowledge is a futile fantasy, since the universe is an infinite, open-ended, living system. Nevertheless, within the realms of human empowerment, the meta-science of astrology continues to be a crucial understanding available to all in order to enhance the human experience in this life-zone.

Ironically, the very name "Aquarius" references the archetypal resonance that facilitates the dissemination of ALL knowledge to ALL the masses without limitation or discrimination! Quite a dilemma, indeed, for the occult gatekeepers who horde and obfuscate universal knowledge behind stone walls of secrecy. For the sheer galactic scale of such archetypal resonance is utterly beyond the reach, much less the control, of the counterfeit-elites who have sworn their oaths to seize the opening of the metaphysical gates of knowledge in a futile attempt to block the awakening of a galactic phase-shift of human awareness, and to hijack its effects for their own aggrandizement and global control—good luck with that!

one might think that at least a semblance of sanity would prevail to accommodate the widely anticipated resonant shift on a galactic scale. And yet, we see the doubling and quadrupling down of the continued corrupt desires to recreate and relive the medieval delusion of a two class system of "haves and have-not's." Imagine the absurd magnitude of arrogance needed to persist in the utterly futile game of controlling awareness even as the galactic flood-gates of same have opened, as predicted by the meta-physicians of old.

Clearly, the inbred, fossilized intellects of a bygone elite are melting down in the face of the great shift of the ages. It is for this reason that their efforts are utterly doomed to failure as the veils of the altered-ego are lifted and Truth illuminates all dimensions of the current time-wave. Of course, the futile attempts to exploit the great awakening shall not abate, since such is the only option permitted the delusional stooges of a fictional global control-grid.

That which is currently being exploited is the shock of unmasking over five-thousand years of illusions which has a nightmarish effect on the psyche of those who have come to believe in the collective promises made by their captors. And so it is that their modus operandi is to exploit the fear of facing their own enslavement by triggering an ego-defense for same. Thus, by all the powers of the media-campaigns of violence, the enslaved are shown the imagery of those internal fears as external manifestations that need to be destroyed.

In Truth, the Great Shift Of The Ages is the opening of the gates of knowledge to all so that even the enemy within can be recognized and dismissed as another illusion. For all the techniques of manipulation are simultaneously exposed by this great galactic time-wave and there is no power, earthly or otherwise, that can control, distort, hijack, or dominate its effects to awaken the long-dormant seeds of human-mastery.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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