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As stated in earlier chapters, the new Aquarian transitional phase we are now undergoing will not tolerate secrets. THE AGE OF SECRETS IS OVER!! The old guard, of course, is frantically trying to "keep the lid on things." Old habits die hard. Such efforts are futile and pathetic. The vaults are opening in every quadrant of this planet and beyond.

The current flood of information is overwhelming, however, as our consciousness expands, so too will our discernment. Many theories and teachings will fall by the wayside. The New Astrology of the Aquarian Age will be among the survivors, as has been the case for over 50,000 years or more.

But what of the future of astrology, of our future using this ancient science, now evolving at such a rapid rate? Where is it all headed and what does the future look like after we finally incorporate the knowledge and wisdom we have gained form it? These are questions I would like to address in this chapter because the scenario, as I envision it, is wondrous, indeed.

So let us penetrate the veils of time and peek into our future to glimpse a vision of true freedom through the scientific high art of astrology, God's Message written in the heavens for us to use in our sovereign liberation as beings of Light, within the Universal Mind of THE ONE.

In our vision we see all the libraries, all the vaults of earth open to all its citizens of Light. There are no secrets. The Divine Art of astrology is the scientific language of choice and all children learn of its teachings and techniques as a matter of course in their education. Their parents, of course used it to understand the new soul they helped bring into the world and provided the proper nourishment, experiences and understanding for them to blossom into the highest form of their purpose in their current incarnation.

There are no wars or dictators to sell them because everyone knows of the cycles in advance and the wise leadership plans for such energies and channels it into constructive projects to enhance life, not to destroy it. Accidents are so rare as to be non existent because schedules are planned within the laws of nature and all events are harmonious with natural law and the seasons of every purpose under heaven.

As we move forward, we discover new vistas of opportunities where ever soul lives a karmic free existence. This is so because the soul has mastered this realm and being a master of it may live in perfect balance. Masters may come and go from any respective system they choose because they have mastered its laws and act accordingly.

In this future/now scenario, there are neither rituals, nor seances, nor cults, nor shamanistic practices, nor witchcraft; not even astrological charts are needed. For as a master musician needs no sheet music to assist the body, the music of the stars is built into the wisdom of the soul. We become the perfect instrument by which God's Laws are apprehended and manifest as designs of co-creation in perfect harmony with THE ONE.

Every thought-form, every action, every deed is a fractal perfection, a unique expression unlike any other that has come before, yet fitting perfectly into the whole, the sacred fabric of life. Each thought and each life a perfect stitch in the elaborate textures of infinite creation, each dynamic and changing yet fitting with all other changing things within the Changeless ONE. The astrology of the future is the Law of THE ONE embedded in the soul of higher self and communicated perfectly throughout the dimensional gates. 

For all gates will be finally opened so that we may gain ultimate freedom. This is the process of becoming. This is the result of sovereign being for which we were created. It is our heritage, our reason for being and for this temporary isolation. In that time, we have no need to look up or down, outside or in, for the wisdom of the Aquarian age will have united all that only seemed separate and far away. One will know the cycles of life because they are a part of one's very existence. 

There will be no need for computers or crystals or amulets or gemstones or any such material crutch upon which to lean, for the strength of one's wisdom will effortlessly tune into The Genius Frequency where the information flows continuously and everywhere. The Universe will be to us as the Internet is now, an open source, unlimited, exciting and available to all.

There will be no need for telescopes for the revived and perfected pineal gland will blossom like the lotus flower, the perfect crystal receiver through which all distance collapses upon itself and what we need to know we become and by living it we enhance our wisdom to greater and greater degrees. The planets are part of our consciousness as is every celestial point of power and Light.

This is a never ending process, one that must be so because we live in an infinite universe. Therefore the joy of knowing, of experiencing is never ending. Know that the nature we see, its profound beauty, complexity and awesome symbiosis is only a fraction, only a small facet in a diamond of which there are countless more waiting to be experienced. Only this experience will not be for suffering, it will be for ecstatic joy. Every adventure will be a victory and its experience will be added to the soul's sacred library of wisdom.

The language of the stars will be one with the language of man and all who meet know every other by the vibration of their experiences. For all knowledge will be felt as well as known through the connection with all, yet each is sovereign and stands as a complete creation, and as such, is a living affirmation of the power of THE ONE to bestow life to all in every conceivable expression of beauty of form and purpose.

Thus all knowledge becomes wisdom through living that which one desires to know. All knowledge, perforce and ultimately, is subjective and Spirit is the overarching TRUTH that ceaselessly clarifies that which one is experiencing. In this dimension of existence, there are no lies, no deceptions because there are no secrets by which an entity may mask the Power of THE ONE.

This is what we are here to achieve. It may seem far, far away. But it is not so. It is here, now, has always been and will always be. But we must take the steps, make the effort, put one faltering foot in front of the other and soon one looks back to see how far one has come. Yet true wisdom has no need for such a view for there is no distance, no past and future, only the NOW of desiring the ultimate freedom from all limitations, all systems of confinement, all cycles of madness born of ignorance.

All that has come before has been in preparation for this age, for this time, born of mind so tired of its limiting views. The astrology we use today will help us to gain the universal understanding, the knowledge of our connection to the stars and all forces in totality. The freedom we gain will be that of victory over the veils of time that led us to believe we must fail, that we must accept our fates, that we must worship some strange false master, and ultimately that we must die.

We have been deceived into believing we are worthless, unlucky, stupid, sinful and diseased because it is our lot in life. We are taught to accept our fate so that others may gain the advantage of the secrets cloaked in the dark corners and caves of man's consciousness. The secret cults, once formed to protect and preserve sacred knowledge from the profane, have dissolved and come forth into the light of a higher Aquarian consciousness. In there place, the scientific/industrial/banking cults took their place for very different reasons.

The new power cults have fostered a carrot and stick approach using promises and the control of information as a means to retard the consciousness development of the souls on earth. Technology is held before us as the new sacred cow to which we must bow down in hopeful worship.

We are programmed with endless promises that the same technology of poison and death will save us from our headlong destruction. Yet the picture they paint is one of the survival of the machine used by a select handful of the elite who have designed the machines to replace us.

But in our true future scenario of light filled consciousness that resonates with The Genius Frequency, it is the technology of God, not man, that will liberate us from our suffering. One such technology is the true science of astrology where we learn of our individual and collective natures in one body of knowledge. The planets and stars are part of our consciousness while we are here and to ignore this message is to deny that part of us that holds the key to our true freedom from the cycle of madness.

Each of us who still contain the spark of Light from the Ultimate ONE have all the technology we need to visit the planets and stars, to heal any wound or disease, to solve any problem, to experience endless joy, to express Genius. It is you and I in the form we now inhabit. The secrets are within us and the study of astrology is the study of our own facets of consciousness. The Human form is one of the supreme technological achievements of THE ONE.

There is much propaganda pushing the absurd notion that some rogue alien civilization zooming around in high tech space ships are our creators. This is absurd and insane. For these are interlopers who tampered with the life they found for their own self glory at the expense of other souls. They are responsible for removing parts of our circuitry to cripple our consciousness and enslave us to their ultimate ends and there is not doubt that theirs is a plan that will, indeed, ultimately end.

For the Alpha/Omega is a cycle no life form may escape. The hideous experiments mocking life and those who claimed to be gods of such abominations will not and cannot survive it. And it is the study of the stars that gives us the forewarning, the knowledge and the hope that the time is at hand.

The stars are our dependable and infallible computers powered by the life force of THE ONE. Without the knowledge of the stars to remind us of our heritage and destiny, we would be hopelessly lost and utterly enslaved to the machinations of those who seek to be served by others at all costs.

Our future has always been in the stars because that is the one place where the message of our liberation could not be hidden, edited or destroyed: right there, right above us, always there silently shining, moving, radiating their timeless information for us to grasp like lifelines to the safety and freedom from the limitations of this existence.

And what is above is so below. As we mirror the stars, the stars mirror us. To study the stars in earnest is to study self and to study self is to explore the stars in a voyage greater than any saga staged upon some metallic ship, some traveling space tombs looking for other worlds to contaminate.

The study of self is the ultimate tool for our liberation. For when we find THE ONE Creator within, we will be free to explore endless worlds that await our Wisdom gained from our exploration of a self in this dimension.

Therefore, astrology is one of our primary sciences, a gift from THE ONE used by all the Biblical Patriarchs and other Masters known and unknown in the ancient saga of liberation of our souls from the limitation of a trapped consciousness longing to be free.

This is where our study and the application of that knowledge will ultimately lead us. When we realize that the message of the stars is the message of our liberation, we will celebrate the victory over our many forced returns as the trillions of solar systems, of which our bodies are comprised, connect one to the other with those in other dimensions. As we do this we are building a garment of Light which has neither limits of time nor space, nor distance.

We are sovereign beings destined to discover our uniqueness as a facet of THE ONE Life Giving Power. And with that rediscovery, we will be liberated from this limitation that we have endured for e'r so long in our lost journey. But we must takes the steps, make the effort and when we do, we will join with those true Masters who seek only to liberate. Only then can they help us. For only those who make the effort are worthy of the gift of Life.

May your journey be filled with the joy of rediscovering the ultimate, sovereign freedom to join the infinite source of ONE where the karmic mirrors of time are shattered and the true reflections of our Divine timeless Natures are before us.


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