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If you have read the previous chapters, you should have a good idea of the power of astrology and what it means to us on our journey here on earth. In this chapter, we will examine the overview of this gift and how the use of it, the knowledge of the stars within our nature and the ultimate purpose of this tool, beyond the mundane advantages so stated.

Although much of what you will read in this chapter was stated in so many words in the last chapter on Astro-Psychology, we will view our positions from the lofty heights of the Eagle as we soar toward the freedom that is our Divine Heritage.

It is said that knowledge is power and we must first address why there is truth to this statement. We quickly realize that although there is much truth to this, it is not the whole truth. Because life as we know it here on earth is a process of becoming; it is not an end result. So too is knowledge part of a process that leads to, "becomes" wisdom. Wisdom, in turn, "becomes" Mastery and so on.

So how does knowledge become wisdom? Through application. Through experience. Observed and intuitive facts form a body of knowledge. The current scientific institutions of man have absolutely NO monopoly on the gathering of facts that form the basis of knowledge. Neither does the latter have a monopoly on the application of such knowledge. We all know from living our lives that certain things are true because we lived them. We need no self imposed authority to verify the reality we know to be true.

But unless we apply the knowledge that we have gained, we cannot pass go, as it were. What good does it do to realize that there are repeating cycles in life if we do not adjust and apply that knowledge. One can read a thousand books on how to play the piano. Another person will not read even one book, but having tried to play will become far superior in playing the piano. 

This is so because of the power of experiential knowledge. However, the person who both studies AND applies such knowledge will go farther in their mastery, and with great rapidity. We would think a farmer who plants his crops every winter, complaining that nothing grows for all the efforts, is pathetic. Why? Because the farmer is not applying available knowledge of the cycles of nature.

Yet, in life, we do exactly what the farmer does in the above example. We suspect there are cycles, we sense that we are out of synch, yet we repeat ourselves ad nauseam. We plant the seeds of our desires at the wrong time, over and over again, cycle after cycle. Therefore, the knowledge of astrology is a meaningless parlor game if we do not USE IT, by applying it in our lives. Only then can we reap the rewards, harvest the happiness, the prosperity and the peace of mind we complain of not having. We are quick to blame. We blame our partners, our friends, our employers, our government and even God. Yet we keep planting our dreams in barren fields of time because we are ignorant of God's laws.

Everyone is fascinated by astrology and almost everyone, on some level, believes there is something to it. However, most do not want to get to close to the truth for fear that they will have to change their life. Hello? Can we see a problem with this type of thinking. So we hide behind our language which is the encoding of our thoughts, our programming. Our language becomes a filter that screens higher truth. It is the altered-ego that presides over the use of language.

In many ways, astrology is a foreign language and we always revert back to our native tongue when we are under pressure. But eventually, by applying our knowledge of that language, we begin to express ourselves in ways that others can understand. There is great joy in this. Some languages are utterly useless for enhancing our daily lives.

Every branch of science has its own language. Such is the babbling of tongues. Suffice it to say, that learning the language of quantum physics is fascinating and full of truth. It is useless, however, as a practical language that we can apply to our daily living. That is what makes astrology the most appealing of all scientific languages.

This is so, because astrology is the science of people, of relationships, of being, of life on this planet. Therefore, the language is based upon the science of life, not of death, not of things. Mercury conjunct Mars Trine Jupiter may sound like useless gibberish. However, this is short hand for tremendous energy (Mars) and good fortune (Jupiter) through and by communication and travel (Mercury); but if one is not careful, this could result in a combative, belligerent attitude.

So you see, what seems cryptic is really a condensed form of poetry comprised of the symbols of life's' situations common to all of us. Just as the Farmers Almanac speaks the language of agriculture, so too do other forms of astrology speak the language of our everyday lives. No other scientific language even approaches the practicality of astrology. We have the tools, the techniques, the language and the knowledge base that can be applied as wisdom. The question remains; What is the ultimate purpose of astrology?

Do we use astrology to learn about self and others, to augment our gifts, to help us gain prosperity, happiness, improve our relationships, choose the right person to be with, invest on a good day, launch a successful career or business by picking a day when the field effects promote and resonate with such activities, know when it is better to retreat, to rest and not to push your luck, knowing when to travel and when not to? The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES! But is it the ultimate reason? No, there is more.

The list above just scratches the surface of how the application of astrology can improve and preserve life. However, there is far more to life than such things. After all, everyone transitions from this place eventually and you obviously can't take it with you. Or can you? We do take the important things. We take the Wisdom gained, the victories won over our weaknesses, we take the cumulative effects of our interactions with all life packaged in a vibratory matrix that becomes part of the soul experience. 

Yes, we take much with us and what we take makes the difference in how we navigate the next realm. In fact, the state of becoming we are at the moment of transition is the key to other gateways. Without the keys one cannot pass go. With them we gain our freedom from this karmic existence. It is our freedom that we gain from using the gifts each of us have. Freedom from limitation and karmic enslavement and freedom toward transcendence into higher dimensional fields of awareness where we may expand our sovereign beings in harmony with Divine Purpose. This requires Wisdom.

Wisdom is the result of the application of knowledge and astrology is the science of life here on earth providing the tools of knowledge which work within the laws of nature, not against them. On World scales, we have the knowledge to see in advance the energy fields that compel so may world leaders in their subconscious folly. We can see the conditions of war years in advance and can take actions to alleviate pressures, conflicting circumstances and mindless trigger events that have devastating consequences. 

On a personal level, each of us has a key to the doors of inner self. Knowing who we are, who we've been and who we can be is liberating knowledge and the primary tool for the development of Wisdom with which we may break the time-locks of dimensional return. 

Such freedom is not only our heritage, our source, but our destiny. Through the judicious use of the signs in the heavens that hold the secrets, we become masters of our past, captains of our present and co-creators of our future. Thus we earn the right to true freedom as sovereign beings sharing the Universal Mind of THE ONE.


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