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linguistic empires

"behind the masks of language"

© 2001-2019 John J. Falone

it is important to understand the nature of astrology as a resonant process, rather than wallowing in the superficial media-language of entertainment, gossip, and personality cults. As mentioned in the previous essay on the Great Shift, it is a common mistake to think that, because one knows the popular meaning of a word, one knows the essence of its reference by default. Yet, what is one to think when the entire metaphysical language of astrology has been manipulated into a false meme designed to disqualify it as a viable study by which to understand the reality of this dimension of experience.

The false battle of the scientific/religious dialectic locks the intellect and the emotional body into a simplistic true and false death-battle. In other words, their collective gaming strategy is to distract from the implementation of Truth as a centering principle with true and false legal arguments about the meaning of weaponized words used in the rhetorical wars of control. For words are most vulnerable to the disease of sophistry, since they are only a symbolic reference to realty, not reality itself.

Therefore, the real battle is not about whether the word "astrology" is true or false, it is about preventing its effective USE as a beacon of truth in the navigation of our lives. Thus, the counterfeit-hierarchy of religion and science campaign tirelessly to discredit and violently oppose its widespread use because such use would rapidly evolve into ever-more sophisticated systems by which the general populous would be empowered to achieve greater goals to enhance their lives in this dimension by freeing themselves from the ignorance and victimization of the political game of thrones masquerading as social justice.

Therefore, it is in the interest of the counterfeit-hierarchy to convince the general populace that astrology is a frivolous pursuit at best and a superstitious fantasy at worst. However, few stop to consider that such a relentless campaign to discredit astrology, implies that it is a fundamental, deep, and important body of knowledge; for if, as they say, there was "nothing to it," why would its acceptance as a viable tool of applied knowledge be such a terrifying prospect to the counterfeit-hierarchy?

In an effort by the gatekeepers of esoteric teachings to remove the deeper insights of astrology from the collective reality-narrative, the word, itself, has been relentlessly ridiculed and its implied meanings marginalized to reference only the superficial, meaningless, and absurd aspects of life. Of course, this is all by design. For if a truthful study of astrology would yield game-changing revelations by which humanity could advance to a higher level of cooperation and love, it would certainly explain the obsessive attacks by the counterfeit-hierarchy to demean, malign, and suppress it by every means at their disposal.

axiom of truth

In order to penetrate the veils of "popular" disinformation, one must focus on the true nature of astrology through the lens of the most important primer of metaphysics: As-Above-So-Below. By employing this one simple premise in one's exploration of truth, the superficial veils of ignorance begin to evaporate and a profound realization of the life process is revealed like a 4th dimensional crystalline city of Light.

Clearly, the idea that the depth of astrology begins and ends within the specter of social parlor-games, no more or less important than any fashion to be worn, is truly a manufactured hoax, perpetrated by those who profit from pedaling mass fantasies. Ironically, astrologer's detractors conveniently fail to acknowledge that the tightly guarded monopolies of psychology and psychiatry are rooted in the archetypal-profiles handed down in various bodies of metaphysical knowledge, such as astrology, for thousands of years.

Moreover, those psychological influences, hidden in plan sight, are the primary tools by which the entirety of consumerism is fueled by the multi-billion dollar advertisement industry. Here, legions of PHd's in psychiatry, psychology, sociology, and the countless related areas of the "behavioral sciences," otherwise known as "social engineering," are schooled in the archetypal variants embodied by the metaphysical sciences. Although loathe to admit it, numerous components of astrology, numerology, the Tarot, or the equally derided body of knowledge known as myth, are camouflaged within the institutional linguistic facades of science and religion.

battling tongues

it should come as no surprise, therefore, that if so much metaphysical knowledge is hidden in plain sight, yet its origins violently denied by so-called secret societies, or gatekeepers of so-called occult knowledge, the reality is an intellectual masquerade covering something far deeper than one is led to believe. When we cease to relegate astrology to a trite amusement and open one's mind to the reality of a vast, complex, oceanic system of resonant field-effects as cyclic time-waves through which the earth traverses in its orbital journey around the sun, the study of astrology reveals itself as a profound, fundamental knowledge-base of human wisdom.

And yet we witness the corrupted, institutionalized, branding of weaponized science as a battering ram to destroy the veracity of the ancient sciences, only by disguising them with a new "language" of science. Here, the high-paid high-priests of religion and science ride their horses of arrogance, trampling any system of knowledge or truth beyond their control with ridicule and denial, while using their legal armies to patent same for profit.

for the above reasons, the educational system backed by the media, arrogantly promote the propaganda of "new," or "progressive" knowledge possessed by the elites, never before "dis"-covered by any heretofore primitive minds outside their own "evolutionary" circles of inbred genetics. Thus, with great fanfare of boasting egos, it is announced that the apparently weakest, most subtle forces in the entire atomic structure of the universe are responsible for its massive gravitational coherence.

Of course, such a theory is implausible on its face, since the only realistic premise to explain such coherence is that the celestial systems are electrical in nature, not gravitational. But we will leave that for later. For now, given the fact that such gravitational fixations still rule the scientific roost, as it were, it can serve as the launching pad for this contemplation.

Thus, we must ask, if scientists concede that the weakest atomic forces are the strongest (go figure), and our earth is locked into a time/space field with other planets, some of which are many hundreds of times the volume of earth, not to mention the sun's colossal volume, (it contains 99+ percent of the entire mass of the solar system!!!) then how can the astrological premise, that the motion and positions of the planetary bodies influence life on earth, be ridiculed and mocked?

Of course, one would be remiss to overlook the most glaring assault on all rational thought: the "official" denial of the moon's influence on all life upon and within the earth—too close to home, perhaps! Notwithstanding, it is a "scientific" fact that the moon governs the tides (its motion is responsible for lifting entire oceans out of their resting positions!!!). And yet, any other influences, not officially sanctioned by the gatekeepers of occult knowledge, are forbidden any serious discussion, since they tread dangerous territory privy only to the inner-circles within the counterfeit-hierarchy.

Yes, these are very old arguments, yet they remain illustrative of the hypocrisy, irrational mockery, and sheer propaganda used to vindicate the perceived anathema to scientific "reason." Such is the obvious nature of the futile attempts to control the knowledge of earth in order to create a class of ignorant victims who depend upon the self-proclaimed intelligentsia to liberate them from their suffering, guilt, and self-loathing.

Far more than serving as a rational argument to expose such treasonous babble, their glaring irrational arguments are actually a testament to the corrupt adage: if a lie is repeated often enough, it will eventually be accepted as truth by the non-thinkers, asleep in their hypnagogic states of denial. And it is this "acceptance" of the great lie under the auspices of "freewill," that the counterfeit-hierarchy exalt themselves as the great accusers of human weakness.

Clearly, the empires of control are built and maintained upon the shifting sands of a linguistic facade and nothing more. For language itself is not real, but rather a reference, or pointer, to some aspect of reality which we are meant to use to uplift all life. However, when one penetrates the enforced implication of the words (the translation) and uses one's powers of discernment to resonate with the essence of truth behind the facade of language, a grand reality is revealed.

It is then that one realizes the scalar magnitude of Truth that can neither be compartmentalized nor weaponized by concealing its holistic, universal connections to life. Here, astrology is another facet of Truth in the great crystalline city of life that we share.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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