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"electional astrology "

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The first principle to understand, regarding the use of astrology to plan events, is that EVERYTHING HAS A CHART! Therefore, used properly, astrology is an effective tool for planning any type of event in life.

At first glance, this principle may not seem viable. While it is much easier to conceptualize that the planetary and celestial matrix of charged, geometric forces can affect the human and even animal psyche, it is not so easy to apply that understanding to an event. Some would argue that only an organic living-being could be affected by the subtle planetary forces.

The limited space of this essay precludes an extensive examination of the many metaphysical reasons to explain the interaction of solar system field effects upon abstract events. However, for our purposes, here, we shall contemplate a very obvious reason to support the idea that the astrological permutations of forces can have a profound bearing upon a new project or event. And the reason is simply that all events planned by humans are affected by human interaction with said forces.

So even though a planned event may be viewed as an abstract, inorganic concept, the fact is that all such events are conceived and launched into future-time by one or more human beings (even animals). Immediately, we see that there are two primary factors involved with the launching of an event. The first one is that the day something is made official (born into time), the person(s) involved in the timing of that decisions are influenced by the real-time, transiting planetary forces that influence said decisions. And the second one is that the day of the event, itself, forms a "chart" of a pattern of forces going forward with its own time-matrix of forces, independent of the people involved with its inception as an official entity.

The latter point is somewhat more complicated to understand. But this is clarified when we use the "weather" analogy. Here, the launching of an event into time is not only affected by the astrological weather of that day, but it also determines the future trends or "weather" going forward from that point in time. Therefore, the day of a wedding, a real estate purchase, a new business, meeting a person for the first time, a product launch, or virtually any conceivable event manifest in a given moment, embodies the imprint of the qualities of that day.

This also means that, just like a natal (birth) chart of an actual person, the event, itself, not only has a dominant characteristic built into its inception (like a personality), but that dominant characteristic is subject to all the future influences upon it. In other words, the event itself is also affected by the real-time transits, going forward, just like a person. In fact, just like a person, an event is also subject to its Progressed Chart, another tool of astrology.

Statistically valid

While all this may seem like a plausible theory, the fact is that the cutting-edge research into tens of thousands of charts for the launching of businesses, products, relationships, or any officially declared beginning of an event or entity, has revealed astrological correlations beyond chance by orders of magnitude.

for example, leading research by the Magi Society uses the same algorithms and protocol as developed for the Genome Project in genetic research. In other words, instead of analyzing thousands of random charts to reveal common patterns which determine certain outcomes (which become statistically irrelevant), charts are chosen based upon their exceptional qualities. Thus, the patterns revealed by this methodology yields a statistically relevant proof.

in other words, analyzing ONLY the most exceptional charts of successful businesses, marriages, movies, books, or any conceivable project or event launched on a given day, we can see certain astrological patterns of the planets common ONLY to those types of charts that are NOT found in other charts. This is quite profound, and gives astrology a potent criteria by which to predict which days are better than other days for beginning a new event.

This same methodology reveals the opposite, as well. In other words, we can also analyze the most exceptional failures, and unmitigated disasters in all of these areas, including the stock market, and other world events, which prove to be equally instructive and valid. Knowing which dates are NOT conducive to success, are every bit as important as knowing which dates ARE conducive to a successful/happy outcome over time.

Therefore, in this type of research, the results are statistically relevant far beyond chance, ranging from ten thousand to one, to even millions to one probabilities compared to random chance. Since we all have come to agree on the veracity of such statistical research in all other areas of science, it is a foregone conclusion that the same applies to the analysis of astrological charts.

predictive charts

what all of this means is that astrology has a new arsenal of potent tools by which to make intelligent choices and decisions about what energetic influences are embedded into a given event that is officially accepted as the moment it exists in society. Therefore, all events that are planned and launched on a particular day, are "born," so to speak, on that day—ALL EVENTS. And by that same reasoning, all events have a chart of that "birth."

all of this takes astrology to a new, verifiable level of predictive efficacy. In other words, if we can verify which planetary patterns are conducive to successful or disastrous outcomes of existing events in time, by that same criteria, we can now predict with certainty, the probability of success or failure of a given event, going forward, BEFORE it becomes an official entity in society. It means that we can intelligently CHOOSE the most appropriate day on which to give "birth" to any event or socially sanctioned entity.

Again, It also means that by the same criteria that determines a successful or unsuccessful chart of any chosen day, the idea of predictive power is implied, and inherent in that chart. Given that the planetary orbits can be calculated at any point in past, present, or future time, we can analyze the chart formed on any day. Therefore, we can see the influences upon that chart at any point in the future time of its progress.

setting the bar

Thus, armed with the latest, cutting-edge tools of analysis, establishing a database of effective planetary patterns (angular relationships), simply involves compiling a list of charts that reflect the success of failure of any enterprise for which we have a reasonably accurate day of its recognized existence. We only need the day, not the exact time. (please read the essay on this site, entitled, "Do I Need An Accurate Birth Time?)

as it turns out, this is very straight forward, because there are copious records of all dates of incorporation, weddings, product launches, movie and book releases, divorces, government laws, the formation of countries—anything in society that is recognized as an official day of its existence. From these literally millions of charts created on their respective days of "birth," as it were, we simply choose the most extreme examples of success or failure in order to set the bar for rules and principles that govern outcomes for these events.

for example, we can create charts for the days that certain super-successful corporations, such as GE, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, etc. We can do the same for famous or infamous marriages, divorces, business partnerships, literally any legally sanctioned or personal experience for which we have a date.

Therefore, by choosing only the most extreme cases from this vast list of events, we effectively set the bar for the most important elements within those charts. In other words, we can discover that certain planetary positions are found in 90 percent of all super-successful corporations or other planetary positions found in 90 percent of bankruptcies, failed business, etc.

once we have a robust database of these rare and statistically relevant charts, that are orders of magnitude beyond random chance, we can apply that knowledge to choosing the most powerful day to begin a new event, enterprise, relationship, or any conceivable "birth" of a new idea in time. As you might surmise, such a tool has proven to have an exceptional success rate in predictive power to foresee the likelihood of success of failure of a planned event.

applied knowledge

now that we have expanded our knowledge of astrology with these new and potent predictive tools, we can list a few of the many possible areas for which specific techniques of astrology can determining the most advantageous day that significantly increases the chances of a successful endeavor over the long term of its existence.

bUSINESS: The chart of a business is typically determined by its date of incorporation, upon the signature of the state official who approves the application. The same applies to a partnership, limited partnership, or the issuance of any governmental law, contract, etc. In the case of a privately owned enterprise, the chart is determined by the most officially or publicly declared date, or the first day of official business transactions.

pRODUCTS: The day of an official product launch forms the chart of that particular products. Therefore, it is independent of the company's chart. Clearly, many successful companies have created and launched products that were doomed to failure. Thus, if the company chart is strong, such product failures can be absorbed. For any type of product, a "birth" chart is created on the day of its official public offering. This includes everything from books, movies, electronics, food, medicine, clothing, cars, bonds—virtually anything or idea, or concept that is released to the public. A good product chart must have not only aspects of success, but also favorable aspects that resonate with that specific type of product. In other words, a good day to launch a drug is not necessarily a good day to launch a movie or software.

wEDDINGS: The day two people meet forms a chart of that meeting, which reveals the most significant features of that relationship and its potential for success or failure. However, the day of a wedding for a couple also creates a chart that supercedes the initial meeting chart. Thus, a marriage chart is the most important chart of a relationship. It follows, then, that the day of a marriage can either make or break a relationship. A good marriage chart will have more harmonious aspects than conflicting ones. So its importance cannot be overstated.

rELATIONSHIPS: As stated above, the day that two people meet for the first time creates the first relationship chart which is in effect until a day when a more serious commitment is declared. However, there are many types of relationships which include business partners, artists in a band, an employee/employer relationship, a buyer/seller relationship, student/teacher, publisher/author, etc. Indeed, any conceivable type of relationship has a chart created by the day of their initial meeting. And just as with romantic relationships, another chart is created on the day that a deeper commitment is declared, which then supercedes the previous chart and becomes the new one. A good relationships chart will have mutually empowering, harmonious, trusting, and financially beneficial aspects.

eMPLOYMENT: As stated above, every employer creates a relationship chart with every employee. However, such a relationship typically begins with an initial meeting such as an interview, a phone call, or the submission of a resume. Therefore, there are good or bad days to meet a prospective employer and another for the official date of hiring or a contractual agreement for work. A good employment chart has mutually beneficial aspects and a minimum of control issues, as well as financial enhancements for both parties.

fINANCIAL: Here, we stress financial instruments such as loans, stocks, real estate purchases, mortgages, bonds, rental or lease agreements, or any financial agreement that is bound by anything from a handshake to a formal legal document. The day that such an instrument or agreement is made creates a chart for that agreement. A good day for such a financial agreement is one that has beneficial financial aspects and the minimum of conflicting and financial loss aspects.

mISCELLANEOUS: As you might imagine, this is a very short list of the potential uses of astrology in choosing an appropriate day of commencement. Without elaborating, we can add a few more, such as the day that any of the following are formed: sports teams; congressional bills; state and federal laws; the stock market, in general; schools; universities; re-incorporation; launching ships; public announcements; album releases; fundraising initiatives; vacations; treaties; trade agreements; non profit organizations; and so forth.

electional astrology

as stated in the subtitle of this essay, the proper term for the type of astrology that specializes in the study of choosing a most beneficial day for beginning a new enterprise of commitment of any kind, is Electional Astrology. It is so termed because it is the day one "elects" to begin something that represents a binding agreement to act as a new entity or social instrument.

historically, astrological techniques were not so differentiated in their functions. In the most general terms, astrologers have always strived to discover the best day for anything. From time immemorial, queens, kings, emperors, pharos, even religious leaders, employed astrologers for the express purpose of determining the most auspicious day to begin a new enterprise.

however, we make the distinction, here, and promote the use of the term "Electional" in order to distinguish it from the main body of astrology which focuses upon charts that already exist, such as birth charts, the charts of countries, or any chart that preexists at the point where an astrologer uses the craft to reveal certain archetypal profiles inherent in its makeup.

we use "electional astrology" for the purpose of clarity and to properly reference the astrological techniques used to CHOOSE a date in the future in which to "give birth" to an endeavor. Thus, to choose a date for something in the future is something very different than analyzing an existing chart which was formed by generally, uncontrollable circumstances.

electional astrology is the sister technique to all forms of predictive astrology in the sense that choosing a day in the future to initialize an activity requires knowledge and associated techniques with which to understand trends, or psychic weather, or potential future outcomes, etc.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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