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The term "Destiny" is one of the most misunderstood as regards astrology. A significant portion of letters sent to me express apprehension about its implied meaning to the point of fear. Such fear is a natural reaction to the fatalistic implications that our lives are predestined to a specific outcome. The belief system behind such fatalism is a false programming designed to imprison the consciousness of the soul, thereby hindering its true progress and eventual liberation from the shackles of limitation.

How does such false programming work? Once we are conditioned to believe in the ultimate predetermined outcome of our lives, avoiding any investigation into one's destiny becomes an imperative. For who would want to know that which cannot be changed. The lame appendage of this body of beliefs is the thought-form embodied in the phrase, "ignorance is bliss." 

Part two of this false programming is to offer a bogus choice of poisons. This alternate belief system states that life is a cosmic gambling casino with Darwin's theory as the dealer. If you choose to believe the latter, you are faced with another form of fatalism. For in this belief system, we are simply mindless accidents in the merciless food-chain mentality.

Is it any wonder that people shudder at the notion that they might know their destiny. For most, the idea of destiny is a double edge sword that creates turbulence and apprehension deep within the psyche. On the one hand, there is the secret hope that one's destiny is to be rich and famous or happily married to the perfect mate etc.. Who wouldn't want to know such a so-called destiny. On the other hand one has a natural fear and apprehension of knowing they are destined to be miserable failures, suffering all of misfortunes life has to offer.

This much maligned term needs to be clarified. Hence, it is the topic of this chapter. First, we need to be precise in our definitions. Our language is brimming with words which carry overtones of conflicting meanings. One such popular mixture of terms is "feelings" and "emotions," which are used interchangeably, but are not at all the same. 

Briefly, "feelings" are the the collective awareness of all environmental interactions from the purely physical to the ultra-physical or Psychic levels in a NOW moment, the infinite present. Emotions, are always "past tense," a collective of associated electrically, highly charged, feelings associated with the memory of events. This is just an example of how our terms must be well defined and our words well chosen. However, we shall confine ourselves to the definition of "destiny" in this section.

The first consideration is to contemplate the difference between the use of the term "destiny" and "pre-destiny." At first this might seem as a subtle splitting of hairs, but this distinction is critical to the proper understanding of the concept of destiny. However, you might readily see the critical importance of such a distinction. Predestiny is the absolute, incontrovertible outcome of a person's future life. 

Such a life is preordained, prescribed, pre-planned and in every way programmed to follow an inexorable course of events. Few people would want to know in advance of such outcomes for it is futile even for the best prognosis. However, such a system cannot exist in this dimension due to the constant magnetic flux of the morphogenetic field, a type of chaos imbedded within a fractal system of a higher order. To successfully operate within such a mixture, freewill is mandatory for the survival of the body and soul.

There is absolutely no evidence of pre-destiny in this system of earthly dimensions. Such a bizarre existence would simply be a cosmic joke played out upon unsuspecting creatures of a system in which they had no say. There is, however, ample proof of destiny in this dimension, a destiny that is unique to each soul, has karmic implications and bears the capstone of freedom to choose any number of probable realities that ultimately fulfill ones purpose.

So what exactly is the astrology of destiny? It is the interpretation of the matrix of celestial forces into which the entity is manifest by choice for the purpose of balancing, learning and acquiring the mastery necessary to gain the freedom to transcend the limitations of the very system it exists within.

One must also consider that this system, this earthly dimension, is a highly ordered matrix of life forces in the midst of chaos. In this system life persists against many odds of entropy, the eventual dissolution of the form in which consciousness temporarily resides. Thus, destiny in such a system is the bias toward victory over limitation and death.

The destiny of the soul is, therefore, the desired progression of the soul out of the limitation imposed by the inertia of the system it finds itself trapped within. Such a system is comprised of time locks build into the physical body. However, the destiny of the soul is manifest on a step by step basis of free will. What we term true destiny, then, is the desire of the soul to succeed in this lifetime to gain our ultimate freedom.

In order to gain this freedom, the soul enters the domain of earth, forgetting its origins, so that it might exercise its free will in choosing and therefore earning its freedom through proper discernment and manifestation of a life that enhances all life, that supports itself and in doing so supports all life. We have all made mistakes. That is the nature of this experimental realm. Pre-destiny does not exist. But destiny most certainly does.

We carry into this lifetime the traces of past actions encoded electronically, that is via the electron. Embedded within the psyche of our soul's records is the desire and the self determined plan to extricate oneself through one's own merits and with the help of God. For no man has the power to attain true destiny without the connection to THE ONE.

It would be cruel, indeed, for a soul to incarnate into a system in which no choice could be made. However, this is not the case. We are given clues, "signs" to follow should we care to look. For the chances of discovering the clues, deciphering the time locks in this dimension without a map would be sheer madness. For the ultimate Creator to perform all the steps for us would be equally absurd. For why would the Great Compassionate ONE allow the soul to suffer without freewill only to save it from something it had no say in.

In the astrology of destiny we find the treasure map of the soul. In its proper reading we see shadows of past lives. We see the past life residue and the new gifts that the soul has been endowed with to overcome such obstacles in this lifetime. This is the true and accurate meaning of destiny. We are destined to succeed. But we must do so by our own efforts. For the rewards are built into the matrix so that the soul is reminded, is rewarded when each step of progress is made through free choice. There are also reminders for the soul when the choices made in this life are not in keeping with its destiny. These reminders are generally painful.

The soul's destiny is its promise to itself, to all the guides and assistants in the other realms who support it and ultimately to THE ONE Creator in which we all have our being. A destiny reading, then, is like finding a treasure map. Oh, we may find our destiny without such a map, but the amount of error and suffering becomes exponential in its effect through time. Simple mistakes can literally cost a lifetime.

The birth chart, or natal chart as it is termed in astrology is that treasure map. In that pattern of planets and stars is the encoded memories past and future plans that the soul has itself designed. Yes, each of us has designed our soul map so that we might rediscover it when we manifest into this time lock, this dimension of density where such plans become hidden, obscured by the veils of illusion. Astrology can help immensely in the remembrance of our goals, our commitments on a soul level.

Knowing how to read our treasure map of freedom will, in almost every case, increase our chances of success in THIS lifetime. We have repeated too many cycles here because we have "fallen" into the magnetic patterns of the past. Each time, each lifetime, we believed that such a repetition was original thought. Then upon our review of our lives from the other side, we are dumbfounded by the reality that we simply acted the same way in a different setting. And the gifts we were endowed with to help us overcome our limitations were squandered in favor of taking the easy, familiar road traveled so may times before.

The astrology of destiny can give the clues we need to remember the challenge each soul desires to attain -- the sovereign freedom from this system of limitation and towards mastery of this dimension. Consider the etymology of the word DESTINATION. The soul choosing its course, its destination, is optional; one can elect to be sidetracked, or to simply repeat oneself, ad naseum. There are also "probable outcomes," but we will leave this term for another chapter.

Consider also the similarity of the words "desire" and "destiny." What is termed destiny is the soul's desire to accomplish its true purpose and return victorious over the lower forces of nature so that all consciousness may be raised to the highest power in resonance with THE ONE.

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