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One TwoGether TOGETHER? One TwoGether

When the energy fields of two entities combine through relationship, be it a romantic, friendship, partnership, marriage, or business, a THIRD PARTY IS FORMED

This "third party" phenomenon is what I term, the Astro-Relationship Dynamic. This Dynamic has its own personality, its own combined strengths and weaknesses. This is a living dynamic, a constantly shifting set of internal forces which react to psychological and environmental circumstances.

The individual components of this dynamic mind/soul /body/spiritual matrix, taken as a whole, form the "balance of powers" in the relationship dynamic. When the balance of powers are too lopsided, the relationship dynamic will work (oftentimes this manifests as extreme attraction and excitement) until external forces eventually stress the combined weakness of both entities. In the extreme, one can determine which areas of stress will likely cause the relationship dynamic to collapse.

This type of reading can be of inestimable value to prospective, intermediate and binding (such as marriage or business) relationships. You can know, in advance, what to expect in the long term and what the overall chances of success will be.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Since there are no "perfect" relationships (even soul mates are karmic in nature), this astro-analysis can provide critical understanding in how to "make it work." You will learn exactly the strengths to lean on and the pitfalls to avoid. For example, you may learn that the astro-dynamic strengths are biased toward physical action and not verbal communication. In this case, suggestions are given for "demonstrating" constructive intent rather than "talking" about problems.

Whatever the level or type of relationship in which you are involved, this type of reading can provide a significant advantage in understanding the astro- dynamic of the combined forces of each party. Why continue to experiment blindly, wasting precious time on impossible situations or risking failure of a worthwhile relationship simply because you lack knowledge and understanding. Act now! Choose the level of astro-analysis most appropriate to your situation and gain a level of understanding critical to your mutual success and individual fulfillment.

Of course, valid birth dates of both parties are a requirement for all analyses. At the very least, an accurate Date Of Birth should include the month, day and year. The Place Of Birth and the Time Of Birth are always helpful and should be included if such criteria are known. A Relationship Analysis for a company can be very revealing if the date of incorporation or the date of the founding of the company are known.

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