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The idea that a child is a "clean slate" ready to be written upon is the most absurd and damaging piece of propaganda promoted by the pushers of the Darwinian paradigm. As stated in The Genius Frequency™, "the food-chain-mentality" is designed to imprison man's consciousness in a hopeless struggle that can only be saved by the technological carrot dangling ever before us. True, the infant is loaded with unobstructed potential, but this in no way suggests that such potential is blank and ready to mindlessly absorb all environmental input like the organic sponge modern science has claimed it to be. There is not one attentive parent upon this earth that does not marvel over the immediate "signs" of a well defined personality in the infant from day one of that entity's entrance into this dimension. 

Where does such a ready made personality come from? In the last two decades the so-called information explosion in our culture has popularized the concepts of reincarnation and its attendant concept of past life regressions and the like. An ancient eastern concept, the west has only recently begun to grapple with the true import, the staggering implications of this reality. The scientific high priests have waged all out war against such knowledge to no avail. The real life experiences of every entity provide the nagging suspicion that we are forgetting something profoundly important in our understanding of the purpose of life.

It is time for us to stop struggling with the notion of whether reincarnation is a reality - it is obvious to those who care to look within - and begin to ask the more productive questions about how such complex logistics are orchestrated by the soul. To the casual observer, programmed by the sterility of western philosophy, life is nothing more than a crap shoot in an accidental roll of the genetic dice (singular = die) on the cosmic table of chaos. 

The fact is, that the entity, upon incarnation, enters a complex event horizon matrix. In other words, the soul enters the ordered flux of a time continuum. We are born into a harmonic set of frequencies comprised of various cresting, forming and breaking waves of information awareness. Thus, the birth chart is the score, the written music which set the themes, the chords, the melodic lines and the key in which the entity will conduct its affairs. The imprinting of such a musical score upon the soul is what the instrument we call the body tends to play as it begins yet another journey into the earth's composition.

Such imprinting forms what most refer to as personality. What is yet unwritten upon the child's book of life is comprised of two things: environmental impacts including the sum total of all the behavior, attitudes and treatments by those in the immediate proximity of the child and, later, what is left of the freewill expressions of a soul seeking to fulfill its destiny after the forced indoctrination of a false reality otherwise known as its education. 

It is inconceivable that we can expect to give our children the proper spiritual and psychological nurturing when we have no idea who they are. The being that lies before you in swaddling clothes, bears the imprint of specific cosmic forces complete with special gifts, talents, aptitudes and certain weaknesses. Without knowing the specific needs of the child, we indiscriminately expose them our own biases and shortcomings as the child wanders within its environment, impacted by impressions that may be utterly detrimental to its well being. In the best case scenario the child just happens to receive enough constructive reinforcement or is imbued with a personality assertive enough to force out of its situation what it needs.

This is not to say that most loving parents do not pay attention to their children's needs and adapt to what they can understand. Too often, however, this is a hit and miss approach. In most cases, the parents miss the critical timing needed by the child as they ponder what to do about problems. Loving parents can also force their own projected needs upon the developing child missing altogether the fulfillment of the child's soul and mission upon earth.

Thus, in the critical formative years of the child's upbringing before and during school, if the parents had an accurate profile of their child's true soul needs from day one, think of the tremendous advantage such a child would have. Think about how fulfilling would be the parents role knowing they gave exactly what the young soul needed to maximize happiness, success and true fulfillment. Do we have such knowledge available to us? Astrologers do not even ask this question due to its obvious answer; a resounding YES, of course.

How many brilliant minds are wasted because the young adult is not empowered with their own sense of self, of personal destiny. How many brilliant minds are placed in jobs that crush their spirits. The number of confused and misplaced souls in our society is staggering. From that standpoint it is a wasteful and misappropriated use of personal resources. From the standpoint of the individual it is a travesty of human ignorance. 

We must ask ourselves why the mental wards are filled to capacity; why our prisons now contain more people than most small countries (and the highest proportion per capita of any country). We must ask why the psychologists and psychiatrists are so busy and so rich when they can only begin their endless mental expeditions long after the damage has been done. Parents of child murderers live with the tortured guilt, the relentless question of what they did wrong and what they might have done differently.

So now we ask, can astrology help our children? The answer is an unqualified YES. How? First by giving parents the foreknowledge needed to assist their children, giving tailored, specific guidance to develop their true talents. Second, by knowing the child's inherent weakness, proper steps can be taken to strengthen the child's resistance to such weaknesses. And third, by passing on this invaluable knowledge to the child, thereby building strong foundational character. The key to happiness and fulfillment has always been and will always be, "Know Thyself!"

Now, more than ever, the New Astrology gives us tools with such uncanny accuracy that we now have the ability to know, not only the psychological profile of a newborn child, but we can now pinpoint the exact nature of the child's talents. So precise are these tools, we can now see in a chart an athlete, an artist, a singer, an engineer, a writer, a doctor, an entrepreneur and many other specialties. 

In addition, we now have far more accurate tools that can actually predict the age of a person's life when their talents will peak, pay off as it were. It is not difficult to imagine the far reaching benefits, the blessings that are within our reach. We have the power to give our children the gift of understanding and guidance on a celestial level never before within reach of the so-called average man. No longer is this knowledge secreted away in the courts of the empires to benefit the power elite. All may now have the advantage of providing our children with advantages unheard of on a mass scale for countless millennium.

With the new powers of astrology, we now have tremendous advantage in navigating the sea of forces within us. Everyone can benefit by knowing their inner strengths, talents as well as forewarned of our weakness. But most important of all, we have the knowledge at our fingertips that can literally recreate the future through the perpetual hope of every generation -- the success, well-being and fulfillment of our children.

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