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The use of astrology can, indeed, reveal important clues regarding one's career. The primary source for career information is, of course, the natal (birth) chart. Here, when the proper techniques are used, we may glean a very accurate profile that suggests certain areas of the soul's strengths in terms of talent.

We begin our evaluation with the karmic considerations found in the chart, as well as energetic restrictions indicated by planet placement and geometry. In many cases, one is attracted to a career in order to strengthen a weakness or to satisfy an obsession. The former can be useful up to a certain point in one's life. Once the challenge is overcome, one can move on to a more rewarding and enjoyable career path.

The latter is a true waste of time, as one is simply repeating some trait subconsciously programmed as a result of past life residue. Obviously, there is little to gain from repeating such programming and a Destiny reading can provide important clues to recognizing such patterns.

There are exceptions in regards to past life programming. Although rare, the position of the planets by house and sign, and the relationship to karmic influences indicate a continuation of previous, interrupted efforts to complete certain cumulative efforts. Examples of this include child prodigies in the arts, science and more esoteric, spiritual pursuits. Although there may be the continuation of a life theme, the lessons learned from the new timeline, however, must be recognized and mastered in this life scenario.

The next major indicators to consider in a chart are found in the geometry created by the angular relationships of the planets. Analysis of the planetary geometry is refined by considering which planetary influences comprise each geometric formation. Here, the chart "speaks" quite specifically regarding the quality and strength of certain talents.

The overall balance of the planets involved in multiple angular formations reveals a theme which narrows the list of professions to a realistic choice assuring a high degree of success when efforts are made to attain a career in said areas. This is simply a result of harmonic resonance with one's internal field effects at birth.

Included in every Destiny Reading is a special section entitled "Talents and Powers," which contains a detailed interpretation of your chart's geometry. This requires a very different approach than the typical "personality" profile. The results are quite revealing. When one is aware of their true "Talents and Powers," a far more accurate course of action can be mapped.

Here, many discover talents of which they were not aware. At any rate, this knowledge is indispensable when formulating a career plan. It is truly surprising how many souls have missed the boat, as it were, toiling in an area of life in which their true strengths are diminished rather than enhanced.

With a detailed analysis of one's "Talents and Powers" clearly delineated, we can proceed to other techniques such as progressions. Here we simply take the natal chart and advance it one day for every year. While the reasons for the efficacy of this technique remain, for the most part, a mystery, astrologers of all ages have come to respect its predictive nature in terms of future trends and influences upon the entity in question for the long term. With a progressed chart, we can see which "Talents and Powers" found in the natal chart will increase or diminish over time.

The progressed chart can also reveal a change in direction. In other words, certain talents can strengthen over time and another new one can form at a certain time in one's progression, indicating a possible change of career that would be most beneficial at a later stage in one's life.

With the above knowledge as the foundation upon which to build a coherent plan of action with the highest probable degree of success, we turn to a different set of charts which help us in the practical, day-to-day decisions which we must face, such as deciding "when" to embark on specific actions. The date one chooses to go on a job interview, the date one actually starts a new job, and the relationship of the employer/company chart with your own are critical to the success of a career.

This last set of parameters may seem a bit daunting for some to grasp as viable criteria by which to guide the timing of one's actions. We need only to remember that the official beginning of any major event, whether it be a new job, a marriage, a first date, etc., is initiated within a wave-form of resonance patterns which strengthen or interfere with your efforts from that point in time into the future.

Thus, when we embark on any new endeavor, we are literally surfing a time-wave and, as any surfer will tell you, there are good waves and not so good waves to ride.

From another view, we have also heard the phrase, "timing is everything," and everyone has witnessed, at one time or another, the seeming inequity of a choice job falling to the undeserving or ill-equipped.

Returning to our surfing analogy, we know that timing is critical to mounting a wave -- wait too long and it will slip by before one can gain momentum as the wave builds strength; move too soon and tremendous energy must be expended in building up the speed required to synchronize with the wave's mass and momentum. Either way, one is not maximizing the potential of the moment. At worst, bad timing can actually set up a traumatic circumstance.

Choosing a good day to initiate an important endeavor is one of the oldest practical uses of astrology. There is no doubt that those who avail themselves of this special knowledge have the advantage gained by maximizing the timing and momentum of certain quantitative and qualitative energy fields. Although circumstances do not always permit.

The third and final consideration we will touch upon in this contemplation is that of relationship. As mentioned, the quality of a relationship between any two entities can be ascertained through the proper interpretation of a composite chart, the chart of both parties superimposed and combined into one chart.

The angles that form between the planetary alignments of both natal charts give a clear indication of harmonious areas as well as discordant and conflicting areas. It is important to realize that one not only has a relationship with other people, but also of a company, a corporation etc. Here, we find crucial knowledge and insights into the long term results of a relationship and whether it will be mutually complimentary or antagonistic and full of power plays and control issues.

The most difficult part of this last technique is acquiring an accurate date of the other party in the relationship. Finding the date of a company's incorporation can be daunting and some cannot be found with any assured accuracy.

It is interesting to note that the date of birth of the boss or CEO of a company can be quite revealing. Alas, such a date can also prove to be difficult to determine. However, when such dates are available and verifiably accurate, significant insights may be gained into any career endeavor.

Clearly, there are many angles from which to view and evaluate a chart for career information. In the most general terms, the techniques used depend upon the time-frame one is interested in. For example, looking for the karmic indicators in a natal chart will yield important clues regarding major career categories; progressed charts will reveal changes at certain points in one's live, such as the infamous and ubiquitous "mid-life crises."

Transits reveal the intricate timing of potential. Understand, the use of transits to "tell the future" is an debilitating notion. Transits gives us only the keys to probable outcomes for a given set of parameters. For example, there are good times to ask for that raise and there other times when the resonant energy fields are blocking the reception to such an idea -- this has been proven through very sophisticated, statistical analysis.

We see then, that the proper use of astrological techniques can not only help one's career, it can yield excellent insights into the type of career most suited to one's temperament, character and karmic attributes. It is always recommended that one start with a foundation of some type of life reading. I have developed what I term the Destiny reading which includes all of the information needed to make an intelligent career choice.

There is no substitute for knowing one's archetypal profile on some level of detail when making career decisions. After one grasps this basic profile, one can use the more immediate advantages of critical timing of events for which the astrology of transits is particularly adept.

Ideally, one's career should provide the soul its maximum creative expression as well as potential. Of course, this asking a bit much for most job offerings. It is important not to confuse a job with a career. The former is generally a stepping stone to the latter.

Thus, a career is a general category which each job description supports or destroys to one degree or another. Ultimately, one desires to merge job and career, sufficiently to produce the most fulfilling channel of activities and just compensation for one's efforts.

As always, "know thyself," is where the primary emphasis should be. Then, one can make sense of information regarding the "outside world," which translates into environmental factors and the combined Astro-Psychology of multiple individuals as a, shall we say, system dynamic affecting the individual responses.

To use a familiar analogy, we are simply learning about the type of ship we have and setting an appropriate course to maximize its true purpose.


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