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The power to predict has always been the most celebrated and hotly contested feature of astrology. The fact is, that prediction of any outcome is the very purpose of every scientific, metaphysical and religious discipline from the beginning of time itself. 

For what use would science be to us if it could not predict the speed of a falling object, the outcome of chemical mixtures, the resistance of electric current through a wire, the ability to emulate flight conditions for planes or the buoyancy of a ship yet to be built? To name a scant few. Is it not an obsession of the science of meteorology and seismology to predict hurricanes or tornadoes forming in the gulf and their destinations or the next earthquake that might devastate our heavily populated and beautiful coastal areas?

Prophesy has been the cornerstone of every religion that now dominates the mindscape of humanity for thousands of years. The prophets of old and new have captured our very souls with information so compelling as to sway the beliefs of millions of minds with visions of salvation and apocalypse. Almost all these famous historical figures were known to be astrologers. The ancient Hebrews, the Egyptians, the legendary Atlantians and those civilizations yet to be discovered, prove to be deeply involved in the predictive "signs" embedded in the matrix of forces we call the stars.

The argument that all predictions must be proven true one hundred percent of the time is an absurd and myopic display of ignorance. The intelligent investigator would say that if even ONE of these prophesies proved to be true, we should seriously admit and include such visionary information from any quadrant of human experience as a potential that MUST be pursued. When hundreds of predictions prove to be true, it would be criminal not to embrace such potential and accept it into the mainstream consciousness of mankind.

In our dimension, it is also true that there is nothing that is one hundred percent predictable. Case in point is the simple, mechanical calculation of time or the speed of light. Science, arrogantly thrust before us "laws" that could never be broken and that could be used to predict with unwavering accuracy. The fact is, however, that scientists are having a most difficult time trying to control and synchronize the simple ticking of their clocks. The so-called cesium clocks boasting accuracy rates of one, one billionths of a second in a hundred years are off by many minutes over the last decade!! 

In The Genius Frequency™, written many years before the latest research, it was stated that there were no real speed limits to light or even matter (which is really compressed light). Now science boasts that it has "discovered" that light can actually travel faster than its presumed speed limit!! It also now admits that light can be slowed to 23 miles per hour!!

Having stated the above, we can dispense with the absurd notion that validating predictive powers of a discipline must be based on one hundred percent accuracy at all times. It is far more realistic to recognize the ability of a any science to predict high probabilities - and astrology does that with flying colors. To attempt to refute the predictive powers of astrology is to lay waste to over fifty thousand years of successful use by every major leader of every country, empire, and religious persuasion. 

What can astrology predict? Given that every dynamic force of the human mind, every living organism and the raw forces of nature are influenced by the cyclical rhythms and resonant field effects of celestial mechanics, the ability of astrology to predict high probabilities of virtually any outcome are not only feasible, but statistically provable. To date, we have a wide range of predictive models from psychological predisposition's to actual outcomes of financial, relationship, earth changes and career outcomes, to name but a very few.

Imagine the advantages we can enjoy, knowing in advance a realistic range of dates for the highest probability of success and, conversely, the highest degree of resistance to our desires and potential failure. There are now statistical proofs that certain planetary combinations and angular velocities virtually guarantee that a certain type of energy will predominate a certain time frame, thereby increasing the probabilities of success by a thousand fold. That is significant!

Moreover, equally in importance to a time frame, is the ability to actually predict the type of energy. In other words, we now have cutting edge tools to pinpoint areas of life affected by the probabilities given above. Therefore, we not only know how to predict financial peaks and valleys, but whether such cycles will effect communications or banking or transportation etc. That is not to say these are predictions never before available to astute astrologers from even ancient times — the breakthroughs are in the form of the accuracy of the timing as well as the refined type or quality of energy, the area of your life the energy can affect.

The power of prediction is nothing more than the ability to project high probabilities of outcome to a time cycle, not only in the quantitative sense, but in the qualitative sense as well. If you recall our clock analogy, you can now understand that the many hands of the clock have double meanings. That is, what time it is in a calendrical reference and the quality of time which references an area of life that is more receptive, more attuned to the resonance of the combination of harmonics. 

Astrology has always been a powerful predictive tool used by the most powerful men and women on earth. It is now, more so than ever, opening the gates for our freedom to be masters of our destinies. And in keeping with the spirit of Aquarius, such a tool is no longer the exclusive possession of the elite rulers of this planet. Get ready for the revolution of personal transcendence.

Cycles within cycles, times within times, past within futures and futures within past, the mysteries of the universe are unfolding within our personal universe. To study the patterns and qualities of the planetary resonance patterns is to see deep into self. And to "Know Thyself," is to fulfill the ultimate quest, the very purpose of our existence in the Mind of


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