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At any given moment, your psychic field broadcasts a complete gestalt of current potentials as quantum mechanical events. It is for this reason that there are no secrets regarding one's state of mind.

Thus, this field effect is available through special- ized, metaphysical tools and techniques. One such tool is the Tarot Deck of archetypes, a collection of pictographic cybernetic containers, bearing the archetypal energies present in this dimension, and representative of perceptual biases within the human psychological construct. Each Tarot symbol resonates with its corresponding psychological expression.

The Tarot cards act as analogue conduits for quantum states of communication, for and between individuals. Through the act of shuffling the cards, the quantum function of randomness activates the metaphysical links in and through the quantum field, which effectively operates beyond time.

This service is now being offered at the behest of many requests from my clients, who have exper- ienced and received an Astro-Tarot reading as part of their Astro-Delux Destiny Readings. The live telephone readings serve as an excellent update to track their personal progress and examine various challenging aspects encountered in the course of their lives.

The personalized techniques offered in these live readings are the ultimate blend of the power of astrology and the Tarot, yielding a comprehensive overview of every part of your life: Your identity; your finances; your mind; your home; your creativity; your work; your relationships; your life force; your higher self; your career; your dreams; and your subconscious.

Once telephone contact is established, you will be asked to state your name and date of birth in order to open the psychic lines of communication. During this interlude, the shuffling of the cards will com- mence and you will be asked to signal when to stop the shuffling. The cards are then chosen and placed, and the delineation of your psychic overview begins. You will then have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss specific details important to you.

Remember, this type of reading is not what is referred to as "fortune telling." The outcome of any potential future is in the NOW moment and subject to change as you decide to do so. This reading will reveal your innermost vibratory states in each area of your life and will offer powerful solutions to any challenges you are facing, as well as areas of strength that you should continue using. Also, in every reading, there appears a "resolution" card, which is a message from the deepest recesses of your soul.

A recording of your Live Astro-Tarot Reading will be available to you on an audio CD or via direct download from a special web link, for an extra charge, so that you can review and study the entire consultation in depth and as often as you desire. More information about your Live Astro-Tarot Reading is available under the description link below.

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