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"as above so below"

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The endless debates surrounding the efficacy of astrology is only so because the premise of mainstream astrophysics is fundamentally faulty.

By their own admission, scientists cannot account for 90% of the so-called mass of the universe, resorting to absurd linguistic monikers such as "dark matter," and other conceptual paradoxes in a desperate effort to "fit" their comprehension of the universe into a preconceived closet which they have been ruthlessly defending for over a hundred years.

In short, True scientific explorers, those souls who seek dynamic revelation of truth over the stagnant swamp of institutional convention, well know that the fundamental premise of the physics of the universe is ELECTRICAL, NOT gravitational.

This has profound implications, for obvious reasons, chief among them is the central theme of "action at a distance," whereby, gravitational effects diminish in proportion to the square of their relative distances. Thus, a celestial body, regardless its gravitational strength, has almost zero effect on other material bodies once its relative distance exceeds the calculated effect.

With such an erroneous premise, even a planet such as Jupiter, which is about 318 times the mass density of earth! -- is deemed to have no effect on our diminutive planet, much less upon the relatively microscopic size of the human body and its psycho-physiological matrix.

On its face, even by such crippled calculations of gravitational effects, the sheer mass ratios of our Jupiter/Earth example, can leave little doubt regarding the psycho-physiological effects of a massive planetary body upon our lives.

However, logic seems to evaporate when vested interests, tenure, and dominant egos rule to mindlessly defend the edifice of self-interest. But that is a well-known story to all of you at this point.

electrical awareness

It is quite ironic, indeed, that we have come to accept the idea that the electrical power available in our homes at the flip of a switch is generated by a source thousands of miles away. Clearly, one is hard-pressed to argue the "science" or the physics of such a phenomenon.

Yet, few make the effort to understand the nature of such electrical awareness, that is, the actual premise behind or within the "source," the dynamo producing the effects of its power generation that we use. That premise is simply based upon the reality that electricity is an effect created by the "orbital" movement of two magnetic fields each relative to the other -- that's it.

Now, realizing that so-called "empty" space is not empty. It is, itself, a charged field through which other charged fields, be they atoms, molecules, gasses, stars, planets, constellations, or galaxies all move/spin relative to each other!

This is the computational reality that mainstream astro physicists stubbornly refuse to admit -- hence, their dark-matter trickery. It's all just a word-game to protect their self-interest in a world built upon a false premise.


So what does all this mean in terms of astrology? Among thousands of other things, it means that interacting electrical fields, nested within their fractal matrices are instantaneously effecting every component in every other field, since, as a holistic matrix, the entire universe is composed of this cosmic electrical balancing.

Thus, a change in any charge, anywhere in any electrical system effects all charges in all fields everywhere! This reality blows away the false premise of diminishing gravitational effects. In fact, it goes further to expose gravity as a byproduct of electrical, or plasma physics, not the primary source of universal organization as dictated by the scientific gatekeepers.

Now, given the widely known fact that all life-forms function as electro-chemical dynamos, the field-effects into which they develop and function create general biases, as well as the unique imprinting of the electrical profiles within the cell.

What science is loathe to admit is that each entity embodies the same electrical processes in real time and mirrors them in all its forms and functions. And it is a forgone conclusion that all such influences result in corresponding behavioral biases, i.e. personalities, predilections, tastes, attractions, repulsions, etc., that makeup each sovereign being within its dynamic field effects.

Children Of The Stars

All things considered, the idea that we are children of the stars is hardly an empty new age fantasy or philosophical platitude. The fact is that we are a product of all the interacting forces in which we have our beings in this dimension and in this particular time-cycle, or time-wave.

Thus, an astrology chart of a being born into this dimension at a given time-wave and position within its cyclical dynamics, becomes a schematic that represents the primary force-matrix working within that being as it develops in time.

In the biological sciences, there is a rather cryptic term --phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny -- which simply symbolizes the observed transformation of a fetus through various stages of so-called evolution. Thus, the fetus morphs through various primal stages, displaying remnants of gills, a tail and so forth.

Such a recapitulation in the archetypal energy fields, the so-called space in which we develop, traces the same morphing effects that are also displayed in the psychology of a human being. So we see, in the celestial schematic of an individual, past, present and future scenarios.

These scenarios represent the psycho-physiological atmosphere built into each individual so that certain behavioral traits, and probable outcomes can be intuited. This is not so mystical as many believe.

Using the "weather" analogy, one's actions are generally predictable to a fairly high degree of accuracy. For example, it is rather self-suggesting that when it is cold, we can intuit/predict that an individual will wear extra clothing, and so forth.

Thus, archetypal influences, induced by charged plasma fields, are modulated into cyclic calculations, so that one's psychological "weather" is represented in their unique celestial schematic, i.e. chart, just as a meteorologist uses radar patterns to forecast various conditions which routinely manifest.

The electrical nature of the univers is undeniable to those who are willing to recognize and admit universal realities that fly in the face of main stream ignorance. None of this changes the efficacy of astrology as a whole. It merely confirms the nature of a reality well-known upon this planet for tens of thousands of years.

The purpose of this understanding is to open others, who have been struggling to overcome the crippling educational programming that has led humanity into a dead end. Knowledge of the stars within our beings can help to free us from the prevailing ignorance and open our world to greater possibilities to master our condition in this dimension.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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