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"the epigenetics of astrology"

© 2001-2019 John J. Falone

in the previous essay entitled "The Astrologer's Stone" the foundation was constructed upon which to reveal a deeper understanding the metaphysics of astrology as a process, using terms that reference universal laws and principles. Thus, the word/concept 'resonance' was the focus of that contemplation as a point of departure. Of course, there are many other concepts to consider; and even as the intellect is a linear language-based program, the higher-mind remains free to grasp multidimensional realities.

Thus, the point is made that the mind of a metaphysician naturally perceives the holistic nature of all realities in all timelines. Here, the idea of our solar system as a resonating body, a model for the atom, or a cell, and so forth, opens the mind to connect the dots, as it were, of our linear linguistically-based intellectual analyses.

Therefore, one is wise who seeks to understand the subjective connections to our parent solar system, rather than suffer the disenfranchising effects of the current paradigm of isolation from one's own physical nature. Historically, it is quite clear that both political institutions of religion and science have worked in concert to isolate humanity from its connections to a greater scale of reality in which it is embedded. Thus, to be disconnected is to be alone, and to be alone is to be a victim dependent upon those who falsely claim to be connected to some greater power.

now, moving from the general to the specific, it is clear that resonance, as a universal law or principle, is inherent in every level of matter, and beyond into the actual fields, termed "energy-templates." In other words, in terms of biological life, every life-form is also a matrix of resonant nodes which harmonically form other nodes, and so forth. And just like a fractal or a hologram, all of the information contained in the whole is also represented in the part as a codified energy template—as-above-so-below.

Since all universal principles and laws are scalar in nature, it becomes obvious that its presence cannot be ignored simply because the fragmented intellect is attempting to isolate a concept for clarification. In other words, it is crucial to simultaneously contemplate that the same universal laws of resonance responsible for the solar system's interactive coherence also extend into the micro-scales of organic life, inclusive of the mind/body complex as an informed component of its greater body in which it is embedded.

Here, the mind/body complex is able to perceive the connections that are common to all self-informed systems. And it matters not that the intellect may judge one system as alive, sentient, and interconnected and another lifeless, inert, and isolated. Therefore, since astrology maps the dynamic forces of resonance that are inherent in the motion and positions of celestial bodies, as well as their geometric relationships, it is a foregone conclusion that the same dynamic forces are interacting on molecular and cellular levels within the life forms embedded in the greater resonating field of effects, otherwise termed the solar system.

Keep in mind that the universal laws and principles of resonance are only one of many such universal laws inherent in all planetary and life-systems. However, the power of metaphysics as a process of understanding is IN-clusive rather than EX-clusive. Therefore, the metaphysician perceives connections, rather than reductions, that help the mind to grasp the holistic nature of our life-zone, and of astrology as a discipline with the potential to reveal profound secrets of life to those who seek the expansion of truth, rather than the fragmentation, compartmentalization, obfuscation, and control of same.

Scalar circuits

with that said, it matters not which conceptual tool one chooses to analyze a circuit, as long as it focuses its vision through the lens of universal laws. Therefore, one may contemplate the functioning of the solar system as a solar-circuit in terms of resonance, electrical potential, plasma charges, gravitational waves, quantum values, astral planes, psychic fields, time-waves, or any other language referencing that facet of reality as a universal process, as long as the same rules apply to all fractal scales comprising the nested systems. For there is no conceivable system that is not nested with another and, therefore, sharing the same interactive laws and principles, albeit in varying proportions.

again, since astrology acknowledges the solar system as a circuit of interactive, resonant forces, and maps the dynamic interactions of their various components, both seen and unseen, (planets also combine to form harmonic energy nodes) by extension of the scalar nature of the universe, it must, by default, be mapping and referencing (charting) the mirrored energy dynamics of biological life on multiple levels, from cellular, energetic, to psychological influence.

Such is the nature of scalar circuits and the reason that the dynamic forces of our sun, through resonance, as well as all other universal laws and principles, creates a parallel effect many orders of magnitude smaller, yet mirrored in the microcosm of all similar structures. Now, when we consider the importance of the so-called "weak" atomic forces recognized as foundational to the study of physics, the parallel effects of resonance on various scales of interaction are not so far fetched.

At this point, we can consider the metaphysical reality of our sun as a resonating body affected by its dynamic oscillations within the greater galactic field, which, in turn, affects the planets within the sun's cellular field, which, in turn, are further modulating this field through their orbital geometry, which, in turn, modulate the cellular fields of biologic systems, and so forth and so on, in a complex symbiotic cosmic symphony.

Now, if we substitute our cognitive focus with another universal law of INFORM-ation instead of resonance, we realize why the ancient teachings of metaphysics consider the universe, and all of its components and processes, sentient on various scales and levels by virtue of its shared pulsations otherwise termed the universal heart-beat of THE ONE Creator.

In other words, when we recognize that the resonance of one body in a circuit "affects" all others via its quantum scalar values, we can then realize that all interactive forces are, by their very definition, communicating with, or otherwise informing (affecting) all other energy-fields of the changing dynamics relative to a universal rest state (zero-point). The time-differentials matter not in such a realization because they are relative values of motion. Only the shared effects are important; for they are independent of the given timeline of their inception.

metaphysical denial

Again, that which is universal is applicable to any system, albeit in a modified form and function as a value of its scale. Typically, the scientific dialectic of reductionism is a form of metaphysical blindness by which to occult the true nature of life in our experiential moments in this local life-zone. If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is the fact that there are those who understand and implement these universal principles far more than they are permitted by their captors to admit to their brothers and sisters.

Should anyone doubt this fact, simply consider the work of entities such as Raymond Rife, Edward Leedskalnin, Nicola Tesla, and many hundreds if not thousands more great minds over time who unlocked the secrets resonance as a universal force and law of nature, indeed, of all material manifestations of energy. Such a list goes on for pages, not to mention those Masters of universal laws who, by example, demonstrated great acts of healing and other so-called super-natural feats to demonstrate the potential of human mastery by virtue of its connection to all systems—as-above-so-below-as-within-so-without.

And while the works of such entities cannot be stopped and continues to leak into the conscious-awareness of the collective mind of humanity, the propaganda wars of science and religion continue to plague the so-called educational system with corrupted and biased "interpretations" of reality in order to constrain or simply deny universal truth.

And the greater portion of that Truth is that all such realizations are a result of metaphysical knowledge of the interactive interconnections of all life-systems. Without exception, all such pioneers of the deeper secrets of life claim that their knowledge was derived from extra-dimensional cognition, psychic insights, dream states and so forth. Of course, acknowledgement of such a reality is taboo and anathema to the high priests of the material and spiritual dialectic, acting simultaneously as gatekeepers of knowledge and enforcers of depravity.

Clearly, all the true pioneers of Truth are metaphysicians at their core. For great healers, psychics, mathematicians, geologists, astrophysicists, teachers, farmers, philosophers, astrologists, biologists, chefs, parents, and hundreds more, in all walks of life, who discern the connections herein described, are an integral part of the continuum of human mastery that shall inevitably prevail in the Omega of the counterfeit-hierarchy's demise.

genetic resonance

Thus we return to contemplate the laws and principles of resonance as a facet and function of universal Truth. However, in order to expand our understanding of the functions of nature in our local life-zone, we must relinquish the narrow definitions of resonance that isolate in some cell of an academic prison.

Clearly, the idea that a given force becomes inconsequential with increased distance (time) is a primitive projection of isolated, sensory logic. In fact, this crippling paradigm is so rooted in the educational programming that it required a breakaway discipline, otherwise termed quantum theory, to liberate the mind in order to RE-dis-cover the spiritual principles set forth over ten thousand years ago. Of course, such was not their intent, yet it remains a testament to the universal nature of the Great-Shift of human awareness.

The point here is to realize that astrology is a multi-disciplinary, holistic, lens which can be used to orchestrate and reorganize fragmented knowledge into a coherent view of reality. Therefore, when we factor in universal concepts such as resonance, for example, into our contemplation of cyclical, geometric relationships of celestial bodies, a massive portal of potential knowledge appears before us.

Here, the proper study of astrology is inclusive of all known and unknown interactive forces on all levels. In other words, it implies scalar levels of influence which have a modulation effect on all other energy fields. That is the nature of resonance. There are many more such universal laws and principles, but we are focusing on resonance here. And based upon that one universal, physical law, we can transcend all the pedestrian, even juvenile arguments regarding the exclusive isolation of one system from another.

Now, consider the possible reasons, yes even pragmatic ones, for the use of the archetypal imagery used in astrological symbolism from insect, to animal, to mammal, to human. Here, true to the holistic metaphysical principles through the Hermetic Axiom, "as-above-so-below," the images represent not only the type and quality of a resonant field in a sector of the galaxy, but also its mirror energy field embodied by a planetary body acting as a field modulator within that sector.

In other words, astrology recognizes the "signature intelligence" of each resonant field, otherwise known as a constellation/sign, repeated within a dynamic solar system of orbiting resonant bodies, all of which are orbiting the galactic core. And given that these resonant, archetypal energy-fields are overlapping and moving through each other, astrology recognizes and delineates the modulation effects of those cyclic permutations.

Thus, there are 12 primary, interactive, resonant energy-fields (tribes) representing the primal influences which function as a template for all local life-forms.The reason they are arranged in a circle should be obvious, given the spherical nature of celestial bodies and their orbits, etc. This also implies that there is NO hierarchy to the 12 primary resonant fields. For example, the crab, scorpion, and human water-bearer are each an integral part of the other in the same way that biology recognizes that all life-forms share various traits in different proportions.

Therefore, in the continuing permutations of these intersecting and interacting archetypal fields of resonance, new patterns form that emphasize one archetype as a dominant trait in a given life-form, yet it by no means equates such dominant influence or trait as "superior" to any other. In nature, which the human creation shares in its experiential journey, said permutations of these resonant fields influence the subtle trending differences in all species. Here, we find seemingly endless variations on a theme, all sharing a similar trait (archetype), yet each differing by the proportions of the archetypal mixture.

Clearly the politics of religion views such archetypal symbolism as idolatry. Of course, this is only a problem when ignorant entities are led to project god-status onto a natural modulator of our life-system. Thus, it is clear that in the language of religious politics, the word "worship" is given a negative connotation, when all it really refers to is the "acknowledgement" of a force or influence (an archetype) in nature.

Then the politics of science steps in to ridicule the vast compendium of astrological knowledge with extreme unscientific prejudice, and spurious, illogical arguments, while it attempts to destroy its potential to expand into a greater, inclusive field of study by which to gain a more holistic language of a greater reality that is not only practical in its application, but can used effectively by the greater numbers of humanity—a prospect that the high priests of science and the counterfeit-hierarchy are loathe to consider.

clearly, such scientific ridicule relies on their Godless and lifeless philosophical premise that creation itself is inert, dead, stupid, and life is a purely accidental confluence of infinite collisions of that lifeless matter. Therefore, one is wise to consider another axiom in this contemplation: religion without science leads to mindless superstition; science, absent spiritual reality, leads to technocratic tyranny; and art without metaphysics leads to spiritual bankruptcy.

In conclusion: the metaphysical discipline of astrology incorporates all known and unknown laws of the universe by which to qualify and quantify its observations and calculations. Yet, the universal laws and principles of resonance used in this exploration are only one of many. Taken as a holistic study, it stands as a major contributor to our understanding of life, as evidenced by the relentless efforts by the reigning political powers to discredit its veracity.

In terms of "life-themes," astrology provides the linguistic and conceptual infrastructure by which to explain not only the 12 major archetypal themes of life in our local life-zone, but it also explains the ongoing, dynamic, and cyclic permutations of those energy archetypes that continually modulate the variations of those themes via the changing proportions of said archetypes in time. Clearly, such a study far transcends the flat-line logic of the material dialectic, the judgmental curses of political religions, and certainly the foolish fixations of personality cults that define the hollywood amusement parks of the collective mind.

The true study of astrology, used for its intended purpose, provides a lens of understanding through which we may be masters of our lives rather than victims of some fragmented control grid. Why? Because astrology levels the playing field by revealing that all archetypal energy fields are shared NOT OWNED, by any other life-form. Thus, a dominant archetypal energy bias does not a superior being make.

Thus, astrology goes far beyond mere superficial, behavioral, human quirks, or even profound profiles of mythological hero-worship used in all studies of psychiatry, psychology, entertainment, and so forth. Indeed, it includes our entire solar/galactic systems as a holistic, living cell that is IN-FORMED by its shared energy fields through all universal laws.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?

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