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When astrologers refer to the stars, it is a form of short hand for all celestial bodies noted in traditional teachings, plus those recently discovered my modern astronomy. Although, the casual observer makes the leap of understanding that planets are included in a "reading of your stars," there remains an uneasy vagueness that lends a whimsical value, a surreal mythological distance from purported facts about our connection to the celestial bodies.

The first clue to understanding the use of terminology is in the very definition of perception. Perception, as described in The Genius FrequencyTM, is a trinitized function. Briefly, this manifests in our dimension as the seen, the unseen and the meaning of both (interrelationships). From an historical perspective, to the ancient observers, there was little need to distinguish between the two. Essentially there were stars that moved and stars that were fixed. Later in history, the moving stars were termed planets.

However, the ancient reference might prove to be far more accurate than we suspect. Recent "discoveries" ( a scientific euphemism for reevaluation) in astrophysics has found that so-called planets actually fit the descriptions of a star body more that a planet. The latter has been defined as a collection of space debris formed through "accretion."

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a star body for over a hundred years was the generation of heat, erroneously believed to be from thermo- nuclear physics. Yet remote probing has revealed that the so-called planets generate far more energy/heat that its accretion model would suggest.

For our purpose in examining the need for astrology in our mainstream educational paradigm, such distinctions between planets and stars are a moot point. The important thing to understand is that the "moving stars" are the forces that constantly change the focus and mix of energies (a matrix) not only relative to the other orbiting bodies, but the harmonics or interference patterns intermixing with the background star fields. In my work, this mixing power of the planets and their almost infinite permutations of energies is the preeminent revealer of personal patterns of predilection and daily influences.

What of the fixed or background stars? Of course, they are important. Indeed, we have hardly nicked the surface of this vast potential body of knowledge. Again, for purposes of our understanding, it would be useful to regard the constellations in same way one regards a symphony. The constellations form the chord structures through which we pass and planets are the solo artists that play against this tonal/textural background.

It might also be helpful to consider the clock analogy. A clock with only an hour hand can be generally useful. A clock with a minute and second hands is more useful for specific, incremental reference. Now imagine if your clock had 10 or 12 hands. The potential for precise calculations increase exponentially. In the hands of one trained to use such a clock, an advantage would be gained in many applications.

The clock analogy does not take us very far, however. For we are aware, beyond question, that we are not only dealing with the mathematical increments of time cycles on a quantitative basis, but also on a qualitative basis. Thus, the planetary bodies and their orbital velocities bestow different types of energy as well as the timing of such energies. Some have simply referred to this concept as the "personality" of a planet. Indeed, this is an apt description.

For hundreds of years, skeptics have mindlessly debunked the power of astrology by indulging in their unsubstantiated claims that primitive man simply projects its views upon the essentially dead bodies in our solar system in some superstitious flight of fancy. This groundless accusation is based on the scientific fear of anthropomorphic terms.

In fact, science is the greatest abuser of anthropomorphic projections. They have no problem saying that the "cell KNOWS" when another cell is in proximity to it. But when an astrologer makes such a statement, they are mocked and ridiculed. But that is a subject for yet more books.

It is absolute and undeniable that different planets have different influences. This can be proven through the principle of repeating patterns. It has always been so. Science is the art of accurate observation and no one has observed the patterns of human nature relative to the celestial bodies more than astrologers. 

In fact, cutting edge computerized statistical analysis of planetary combinations, that is, their angular relationships to each other, PROVE that the planets are tied to various qualities and behaviors of man upon earth. The same proof is not forthcoming when applied to the constellations, "Signs." The "Signs" i.e. Gemini, Leo etc. are so general that no significant statistical values can be discovered.

That is why "dime store" astrology, while entertaining, is such an insult to the complexity of the human personality. It also explains why so many are reluctant to embrace astrology as a main stream educational process. You will read that Pisces is a groundless dreamer susceptible to delusion, that Aries are all aggressive and stubborn and that Virgo's are all fanatically picky etc. But we have all met people who do not, in any significant way, represent the ideal character description. I have met more than a few Virgo's that are slovenly and disorganized, Pisces who are brilliant scientists (Einstein was a Pisces) and Aries who are shy, retiring and introverted.

The secret of accurate astrology is not in the Signs of the Zodiac, which is a general background cycle, but most definitely seen in great detail when the proper analysis of the planetary bodies are considered. In fact, it is possible to gain mind boggling insights into the soul by "reading" only the planetary influences and their combined mixtures of energies. This is one of the breakthroughs of the New Astrology.

In conclusion, it is of critical importance for everyone who might consider the power of astrology to bestow massive advantages to self-direct our lives, to realize that the planetary bodies and their angular velocities reveal the detailed accuracy that we seek. Only such accuracy (of a clock with many hands) and predictive power can be of any practical use in our daily lives.

Yet, all forms of astrology have contributed to the immense body of knowledge amassed over millennia. It is not the purpose of this educational essay to challenge existing methods of analysis. That will be posted on a date in the near future. It is my intention to use this web site to further the cause of astrology on all fronts. I encourage all of you begin to examine the various systems. Surely, you will discover the depth of such a study and appreciate the future potential that The Aquarian Age pours out for us to release us from our past limitations.

We shall move into vistas of human potential never before experienced on this level. The transcendence of our souls depends upon our willingness to explore our inner natures. "As Above So Below," what is outside is inside and astrology is a major key to our fulfillment as individuals and as a collective force in the universe at large.


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