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© 2001-2019 John J. Falone

When considering a date in time to mark the so called "fall" of man from the aeons as described in the ancient gospels, the contemporary relevance of the language of the stars transcends time. When we gaze at the cave painting of the Grotto, are we staring at the face of destiny? Is that face staring back at us through the illusion of time's past fulfillment into a future of hope?

Or are we to emerge from 2000 years of deception under the tutelage of Neptune, lord of the sea, the deceptive power of the boundless deep only to swing recklessly on the wild pendulum of nature's balance into a future of techno-babble and a godless, computerized techno-death?

This 2000 year cycle of the Age of Aquarius may not see us in its future if we do not connect the dots in the starlit sky. The dots are time portals and the lines are the continuity of man's lifetimes on earth. The Age of Aquarius can only be fulfilled if we reconnect with the treads of light leading back to the source of its radiation which coalesce into material worlds.

The mathematical abstract of astronomy is nested in the subjective, the personal symbology of the astrological archetypes handed down through the millennium from soul to soul and incarnation into incarnation.

The individualized human spans rivers of time over the bridge of generations. Casting aside the ancient language of light has cut us off, one lifetime, one incarnation to the next. The result is the enslavement of man as he spirals backward into amnesia and endless repetitions of karmic slavery. When shall we take back the reins of our freedom? When shall we dust off the keys to open the star gate and step into a hopeful future?

Those who think that the Age of Aquarius is a savior - that in and of itself it will auto-evolve man in spite of his ignorance into a techno-bliss are pathologically deluded. A probable future annihilation is awaiting the misuse of powers never dreamed of by millennial man if he remains ignorant of (ancient) cosmic law.

Remember, the last rule of Aquarius was 24,000 years ago. Many great seers and scholars such as Edgar Cayce and Aristotle, reading from the akashic records to the ancient tablets, explain the ancient civilizations of Lemuria/Atlantis and date their disappearance 24,000 years ago.

What are we to learn from this so called legend of Atlantis? Are we reliving past lives? Are the voices in our heads simply the echoes of man's screaming as he realized his failure to constructively and selflessly use the gifts of Uranus poured upon the souls of man to prosper together or die an ignominious death in ignorance of God's true purpose?

As collective soul, the human creation has suffered all manner of deception of a spiritual myopia for over two thousand years only to stagger in drunkenness and amnesia into the blinding light of mushroom blasts born of heavy metals of uranium. Is this the age of Atlantis again? Will the outcome be the same?

Alas, it cannot be the same. The Cosmic Cross of space and time is a spiraling dynamic and if we slip into our past mistakes the outcome is amplified, the stakes higher, the fall deeper, the outcome final. Only a language that transcends time can spiral us through the finality of extinction, the result of ignorance of God's law burning in the space of mind, pulsing its message to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

If we use the energies and gifts of Uranus, the Aquarian planet, to declare war on the past 2000 years of dogma and deception, we can only recreate the past in ever more devastating cycles. Each entity, as individual sovereign soul, walks the tightrope of time toward its individual and collective destiny only if one walks in balance and uses the balance pole of Aquarius and Leo (complimentary opposites).

As a specie we find harmony through the balance of the individuated/collective soul unified through the frequencies of Aquarius, and individually, through that of Leo's frequency of children, creativity, art, love and romance.

This means that each soul must pull its own weight using the subjective, subconsciousness - lessons imposed by 2000 years of Neptunian rule in the giving of life to others, rather than death. The life giver, Leo, must be in balance with the electronic circuits of shared knowledge of Aquarius so we can move forward into a real future of hope.

In the age of Pisces, Virgo forms one arm of the cross that balances water and earth, astral dreams and earthly reality, drunkenness and purity as the temple of the human vessel. The collective and individual karma of each and all hinges upon this point of the fulcrum of God where the balance of Pisces/Virgo in the past age predicates the correction needed in the balance of Aquarius/Leo in this present era.

We are, as collective soul, currently experiencing that over correction as we wobble on the tight rope, taking many short steps backward, struggling for balance to avoid spiraling into the abyss of consciousness death. The energies of the planets and Signs are dispassionate, indiscriminate in their bestowal of frequencies that influence events within the mind/body complex of each sovereign entity.

We are in control only of the balance of forces acting upon and within us at any given moment in the eternal now. In our present condition, we are not able to change the energy patterns imposed upon us. We all have, however, the consciousness tools, superseding the energy patterns within our souls to govern the balance of forces. Everyone is endowed with a gift built within the Heart of Hearts to choose balance or to fall into the downward spiral of the past.

Through education, understanding the Cosmic Cross is the beacon shining through the fog of ignorance to guide our way through balanced energies and the forward motion into the Light of a grand future of freedom from the limitations imposed by a chosen density of annihilation. This cannot occur, however, unless each individual, sovereign soul gains the knowledge, makes the effort, and takes responsibility for its evolution.

God can only help those who help themselves. The map of our lives, the message God sends to us individually and collectively, is "written" in the stars and has always been there waiting for us to take the initiative, to gain the understanding and free ourselves from the relentless and enslaving laws of the material realms.

How else could the message of God be sent to us. What other method of transmission could be used to reach us deep in the space of matter and across vast chasms of time. The message is first written in light. It not only shines through the timeless firmament but is impregnated within our souls, imprinted in the very cells of our bodies, copied in our minds and reflected in the heavens.

For 2000 years great teachers have taught that the truth required to set us free, the Holy Grail Cup presented to each of us, lies deep within the time-locks of the Heart of Hearts. Indeed this is true.

But how far have we come? Why, after millennia , are we still trapped in suffering, still crucified to this cross of space and time? If the answers lie within, why haven't we found them and freed ourselves from karmic slavery?

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?


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