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" A f f e c t  O u r  L i v e s"

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 "We Are Children Of The Stars; 
and by them we shall find our way home" jjf

Let us turn our attention to a deeper discussion of the longest held question in the vast chasms of time. The question of how the planets could be the agents of human change. The issue of a cause/effect relationship has been the topic of more recent scientific studies with its attendant ridicule born of arrogance and ignorance of ancient teaching, not to mention the convenient denial of scientific fact within the political arena of tenure. 

Modern day arguments are the most absurd, for they are based upon the crudest, most superficial application of the elementary physics of gravitational effects coupled with the obstinate refusal to admit to the realities of action at a distance. The calculations are based upon the mathematics of inverse squares as applied to escape velocities, mass and momentum in a so-called vacuum. Although such computations allude to action at a distance, the equations of inverse squares predict effects of forces so weak as to be laughable, particularly where astrology is concerned.

Indeed, the scientific high priests would like to continue with their worn out and superfluous arguments based upon inverse squares and gravity. But given that scientists, in general, readily admitting to their lack of understanding of the very nature of the gravitational forces they use to argue such points, we will quickly depart from this useless distraction and approach the already proven fact that astrology is a real science from a more useful view. 

The first consideration is that of so-called "ether theory" or the 'aether as a universal force inherent in and forming what science regards as "empty space." This ancient concept predates Egyptian cosmology and serves as the corner stone of metaphysical and alchemical teachings. The second relates to what some term as the electric universe theory. While hardly a new concept, cutting edge research (certainly not main stream) has revealed powerful scientific evidence based on plasma physics. That is, the science of space as an electrically charged field in which all matter is, in turn, charged and suspended (and connected!).

The striking thing about the electric universe theory is that it COMPLETELY substantiates every ancient mythological record in existence. It also substantiates the work of Emmanual Veilokovsky, author of Worlds In Collision, a turn of the century preeminent scientist, who was shunned and ruined by his mainstream peers. One of Veilokovsky's theories was that the planetary bodies interact with each other electrically. However his work lives on and is now being validated by cutting edge plasma research.

I mention these two theories as a backdrop for a dual understanding of the planets, from an observational viewpoint of our ancient ancestors and as a modern scientific quantum view of astrophysics. Both of these unlikely views are in fact, very closely related. However, for purposes of this chapter, we will not not make the case for each supporting the other. Rather we will look at each one for different reasons.

Briefly, let us give some thought to the universal mythological accounts of catastrophic events in the sky dating back over 50,000 years. Why is this important? Because the validation of these planetary observations so close to earth as to dominate the entire sky gives us a clear picture of how and why the record keeping of astrology began. 

The common glyphs of the circle within a circle within a circle found in societies scattered about the globe are references to a perpetual conjunction of these "giant" planets that were literally "in their face." In ancient times Saturn was in fact the Sun, the life giver, occupying over 30 percent of the observable sky, and from earth views, Jupiter was positioned in the center. Stop and imagine such a sky for a moment.

When planets are that close together, tremendous electrical potential, a Tesla field reaches critical proportions. The lightening bolts of Zeus were not stupid fireside folk stories. They were actual accounts of stupendous discharges that could wipe out an entire country, even a continent, in a split second of electrical fury. Just the thunder clap of such an event would render entire populations deaf for many months or years.

In Veilokosvky's work, the introduction of a giant comet that we now know to be Venus stirred up such a terrifying series of cyclical events that man's eyes were glued to the sky and astrology was born by the sheer necessity of survival. In those days, you had better know when Venus was due back because your world, THE world, could change in a colossal catastrophic heart beat.

Arguably, 50,000 plus years of observation of the same set of phenomenon qualifies as a high science. With a few moments of contemplation, one can see how such vast cumulative knowledge would yield additional repeatable patterns. After the most recent catastrophe, when Mars was blown almost in half by electrical discharges from the interference of Venus and other cosmic forces, the planets were scattered to the heavens in roughly the positions we now observe in what is supposed to be great distances. More on that later.

After the "New Heavens" were established, it is rather obvious that humanity was not about to give up watching the stars, given the trauma of the previous experiences burned into the very genetic code of man's experience. As the immediate threat of catastrophe receded into myth, astrologers of old were now free to notice other, very useful patterns. They clearly saw the connection between human behavior and the permutations of the repeating cycles of the planets.

This very, very brief synopsis of the origin of star gazing (our second consideration of the two) yields a very pragmatic view of the earliest science on earth. What is not so obvious is explaining how the planets and stars can affect our lives when they are so hopelessly "far away." And this is where the first consideration, the ether/plasma theory, stated above comes into play.

As mentioned earlier in this chapter, the ancient 'aether cosmology and the modern plasma cosmology are parallel scientific views. The altered-ego of science hammers our intellects against the anvil of a Darwinian paradigm in an attempt to brain wash us into thinking that old is stupid and new is the pinnacle of creation. In fact this is the very reason why science turns against its own colleges who present compelling and undeniable proof that at least the observable universe is electric in nature and NOT gravitational!

The notion of space as an electric potential, in fact a field effect composed of flux lines forming magneto hydrodynamic currents, is not only a profound revelation for science, but a humbling verification of what so-called primitive man has held as truth for millennia. Now, what does all this have to do with astrology? Plenty. 

When we begin to understand matter as a field effect in different states of interaction within a plasma or ether, it becomes clear that the concept of distance is a primary illusion. If one desires to draw two figures on paper, one uses "size" to convey distance. Hence, the smaller figure "appears" to be farther away. Yet it is on the same piece of paper.

In a field effect universe, distance is not proportional to the inverse square calculations to determine action at a distance. On the Electron and Proton level, effect is not diminished by distance. Since everything is an interconnected circuit, the movement of planetary bodies are constantly disconnecting, reconnecting and modulating the field in which we all have our beings.

Now we can begin to understand that the planets, yes, even the stars are not really "out there." They are IN HERE, in you. The current within our very beings change in intensity and quality with the ever changing angular velocities of the matrix of planetary and solar forces. We are constantly adjusting our perceptions to the ever changing flux lines, psychic tides ebbing and flowing within us.

So we do not need to struggle with the worn out argument about how some tiny round reflection, so far away in space can have an effect upon us here on earth. Rest assured that such distance does not really exist. What exists is the symbiotic internal and external resonant field effects that make up our awareness aura. There is an in depth discussion of this auric effect in The Genius FrequencyTM. When we understand the interactions of field effects within field effects are all resonating nodes, beating notes within a cosmic symphony, we can begin to understand that the planets and the stars are within us as we are within them.

For the most part, man walks in ignorance of the internal prompting and compulsions of the stars and planets within. Is it any wonder that we have entrapped ourselves in the fields of karma, blindly reliving our limitations. When we begin to realize that to remain ignorant of God's message written in the stars, the heavens, is to delay our return to the higher dimensions. For it is by such means that we may navigate from the imprisonment of limitation and denial of our responsibilities to help free ourselves from the cycles of time, to the mastery of the forces in which we have our beings on this plane.